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Actor Born: August 5, 1982 (age 38 years), Lahore, Pakistan Parents: Qurban Jilani Siblings: Adnan Jilani Kamran Jilani is a Pakistan television actor who started his career with modelling before stepping in the tv industry. Kamran Jilani is one of the household names of the Pakistani media industry. He was a popular model who started in the late 1990’s. However, his career rose to new heights when he was signed for the drama serial, Mehndi. The drama was a tremendous hit, and Kamran became an instant hit. Since then, he has gone on to perform admirably in various other Pakistani dramas. Another one of his recent serials, titled Uraan was a big hit as well and he is now one of the most famous stars in the Pakistani media. Kamran has recently signed ventures with various popular producers, and will be performing in upcoming drama serials as well. He is the younger brother of Adnan Jilani, a famous Pakistani television artist. In many interviews, Kamran has stated that he wishes to emulate the success of his brother and reach on the same par as him.

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Kamran Jilani, Actors (TV) is famous for Acting, Pakistani celebrity. Kamran is a very famous personality in Pakistan media industry. He was born to Late Qurban Jilani- an eminent Pakistani actor. His family has high association with media, his younger brother Adman Jilani is also one of the most revered television artists. Kamran his self is also a very big admirer of Adnan for being a very intelligent artist. At many television shows he mentioned to emulate his brother so that he would have the same success as Adnan has achieved. He got married with a net friend, he expressed his likeness and simply sent his parents at her place. And, now he lives happy life with his cute family. He didn’t disobedient of his elders, he preferred his family first. When his family got agreed by his decision then went to the gal’s house for his proposal. Various talented stars have corroborated the entertainment industry of Pakistan. Kamran Jilani has been one of them, who are known for his efficacy in performance. He has been lauded for his efforts and he has earned ovation across his fans. Albeit he started his career late but due to his assiduous and pristine efforts, his career boosted to the pinnacle. Kamran Jilani is a handsome and talented actor of Pakistan television industry. Kamran was born in Lahore city and he completed education from the same city. Later he moved to Karachi to pursue his career in showbiz field. Kamran belongs to the family of artists. His father Qurban Jilani and his elder brother Adnan Jilani both are popular TV actors of Pakistan. Kamran is a stunning and heart throb model. Perfect height and body made him famous in short time. Kamran Jilani has done many photo shoots as a model. He has worked in TV commercials too. Kamran started his acting career through small screen in 1990’s. He earned huge fame in starting years of his career because of his charming personality and strong acting skills. Kamran appeared on small screen for the first time in 1998 in TV serial ‘Mehndi’ of PTV Home and he got huge praise for his acting in this serial. Kamran has been part of many hit TV serials of different channels such as ‘Maryam’, ‘Roshni’, ‘Sada Sukhi Raho’, ‘Dil Ishq’ and ‘Uraan’ of Geo TV, ‘Laaj’ and ‘Jhoot’ of Hum TV, ‘Pujaran’ and ‘Aik Haath Ki Taali’ of TV One, ‘Anabia’ of ARY Digital, ‘Dil Haari’ of ARY Zindagi, ‘Ghayal’ of A Plus Entertainment and many more. Kamran Jilani has worked in comedy serials too including ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’ of Geo TV. He has played versatile characters on screen ranging from positive to negative and serious to comic ones. Kamran looks comfortable in every role he plays. He has acted in some telefilms too such as ‘Aakhri Saans’ of TV One and super hit telefilm ‘Zara Theher Jao’. Kamran was also one of leading actors of award winning film ‘Murad’. It was an Urdu Hindi drama film which was aired on Indus TV and Zee TV in 2003. Kamran appears as a guest in many talk shows and he also appeared as a guest in comedy talk show ‘Mazaq Raat’ of Dunya TV. Kamran is married and his wife name is Fatima. They are leading a happily married life and they are also parents of a boy.

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