Despite his age, Kang Daniel has received a lot of support from his close friends and his fans, both from among WANNABLE (Wanna One’s fandom) and his current fandom, DANITY. His fans and his closest friends gave their support and express their affection for Kang Daniel with small things, such as a birthday greeting or birthday celebration every year on December 10th. What were Kang Daniel’s birthday celebrations like during his career as an idol? Channel-Korea will tell you about his celebrations from the last several years, check it out!


The man from Busan, South Korea joined the survival show Produce 101 Season 2 in 2017, which is the same year he began his career as one of the 11 members of the K-Pop group called Wanna One. By the time he became a Wanna One member, he already had a lot of fans. Even though it was only four months after Wanna One was formed, the idol still received a birthday gift from his fans, WANNABLE. Kang Daniel got lots of sweet greetings on his 22nd birthday. He got a birthday gift from his fans, who put up photos and birthday greetings for him on billboards in Times Square in New York. The message on the billboards read “Happy Birthday to Wanna One Kang Daniel, 22nd birthday.” Because of the surprise, Daniel felt grateful that his birthday was celebrated by people he loved. You can see his birthday gift from his fans in the photo below!

— U.S. Embassy Seoul (@USEmbassySeoul) December 6, 2017 Besides his gift from WANNABLE, he also received the sweetest birthday greetings from the other Wanna One members, which they wrote in the Fancafe. One of the greetings, from Minhyun, said “Happy Birthday to Mr. Daniel! I want to see your charming front teeth for a long time. I with that you will be happy. Don’t be sick and be healthy always! Saranghandaniel” Here are some other birthday messages that the members gave Daniel! Arguably the sweetest greeting came from one of the members, Jisung. In Fancafe, he said: “Our Niel, who is always bright and constantly like a kid. I’m really upset seing you feel tired because of your hectic schedule. When I first saw you, you just look like a child. In no time, you’ve became a cool person and be Wanna One’s proud center. You’ll be forever be Wanna One’s proud center. Thank you for being born. Thank you for giving me strength when I’m having a hard time during the survival show. We don’t talked that much, but your existence bring so much peace to me. Always be a cool person. You’re really a cool person and a good person. Be the happiest person today!”  


In 2018, Kang Daniel celebrated his birthday in a different way. He made a donation to Miral Welfare Foundation. The foundation provides facilities and services for the elderly and people with disabilities, and also works with several countries to provide care for children, health care, etc. In this case, Kang Daniel wanted to give about $10,731. He wanted his donation to be used as an aid for health costs and also to help support children who have a disability. This was announced directly by Miral Walfare Foundation’s tweet on their official Twitter account.

12월 10일, 국민픽 강다니엘이 자신의 생일을 맞아 1,210만원을 장애아동들을 위해 기부했어요오~! #해피다니엘데이 #KangDaniel #Daniel #워너원 #Wannaone #기부미남_나야나 #봄바람_그자체 — 밀알복지재단 (@Miral1993) December 10, 2018 In that tweet, the Miral Walfare Foundation said “On December 10 is Kang Daniel’s birthday. And he do a donation amount of 12.1 won for our foundation to help the kids who have a disability.” Kang Daniel is a person who is very socially conscious. so he also told his fans that he only wanted gifts in the form of donations made to people who need help. Beside that, on his 23rd birthday (international age), his fans from all over the world offered birthday greetings by using the hashtag #Kang_Daniel. The hashtag became a worldwide trend on Twitter, placing at number eight. His fans also sent him birthday messages on Twitter with some sweet words, as below!

— El (@umbrelllaaaaaaa) December 9, 2018 On his birthday, Kang Daniel prepared 400 warm drinks for fans who came to the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).


Last December was Kang Daniel’s 24th birthday (in International age) or 23rd in Korean age. In general, if an Idol is having a birthday then their fans put together small or big projects to celebrate it. In 2019, Kang Daniel had become a solo singer, and for the first time, he celebrated his birthday along with DANITY. His International fans give him a birthday message via Twitter, by making a small project using the hashtag when they offer him their best wishes. The hashtags become trending again on worldwide trending, in the 3rd and 5th positions. One of the hashtags was #HappyDanielDay As in previous years, Kang Daniel made a donation to celebrate his birthday. This time, his fans collected money and donated 12.1 won, or roughly @10.000 USD, for the Korea Association for Children with Terminal Diseases. The donation was made by one of Kang Daniel’s fanbase on DaumCafe, with the name “God Daniel.” They donated it to children with chronic illnesses and with the same amount of money as Kang Daniel’s birthday. A representative from the Korea Association for Children said thank you to all the donors, and that they would use the money to help to heal children who are suffering from chronic diseases, so they can recover and continue their future and desires. That’s the celebration of Kang Daniel’s birthday throughout time. In this case, Kang Daniel and his fans show their social responsibility by celebrating birthdays by donating to charity. What do you think about Kang Daniel? What gift will you give for his next birthday? Write your answer in the comment section.

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