KCon is one of the examples of the ‘Hallyu Wave’ spreading globally, by inviting various K-Pop groups to travel overseas and do a massive concert. Every year, Kcon has always been held different countries. Today, we will look at some of the KCon events that have been held in different places and years. Are you for it? Without any further ado, let’s get into our topic for today!

KCON in Mexico

KCon has traveled to and held concerts in many countries around the world. But for Mexico, they first landed back in 2017 for two days. All the K-Pop fans across the country were so happy and excited when they heard the news, and the tickets for KCon sold out instantly. Curious about the timeline of KCon in Mexico, and how the show went? Check out all the information below!

KCON in Mexico: Line Up and Performances in 2017

The first KCon show in Mexico was a two-day event scheduled for March 17 and 18, 2017, at the Ciudad De Mexico Arena. Just like when the event has been held in other countries, Kcon Mexico includes various segments during the show. For example, there is the handshake event with the idols, some small bazaars, a random-play dance event, and the last thing is the concert itself. In each country, KCon always invited different K-Pop idols. For Mexico, most of the artists were very popular and had a stable fandom. Here are the artist line-up for the event:

Artist Performances

Now we will review one of the most anticipated artists’ performances, BTS. Are you ready to see their spectacular performances? Well then, let’s check it out below!


The last group on the line-up for Day 1 was BTS, who we can say was the most anticipated artist at 2017 KCon Mexico. The group performed a total of four songs, and had a high-touch session with the fans before the concert began. Before we watch their spectacular performances, let us see the BTS hi-touch and red carpet sessions that happened beforehand! Here is the exciting hi-touch session between BTS and Mexican ARMY; to all other fans in other countries, please prepare your heart!

And here is the red carpet session for the group:

Let’s move on to their performances. The first song they did was ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’:

Next, BTS performed their two 2017 comeback songs, INTRO and Not Today.

for their last performance, they did an emotional rendition of Spring Day:

In addition to their performance, BTS also had a fun session called ‘PINATA TIME.’ Check out their fun moments in the video below!

  For Day 2, the lineup of artists was also very exciting. The idols who were scheduled to perform included INFINITE H, Monsta X, ASTRO, and Red Velvet.

KCON in New York

In 2018, KCON returned to New York City. The event was held for two days, a Saturday and Sunday, with a total of ten artists that would perform on different days, and who would obviously rule the stage. Before we take a look at one of the artists’ performances, let’s take a look at the complete lineup of artists for the 2018 KCON in New York below.

Artist Performances

NCT 127

One of the NCT sub-units, NCT 127, joined the KCON concert in New York City. This time they were no longer a rookie boy group. The group performed several songs, including INTRO and some special stage. But before we see their performances, let us review their red carpet session!

For the performance, NCT 127 opened wtih INTRO plus one of their latest songs during that time, which is ‘TOUCH’.

For the special stage, there were three members who participated, Taeyong, Mark, and Jaehyun. The trio performed one of their iconic b-sidetracks, ‘Whiplash’.

Not only their recent songs, but the group also performed a couple of their previous popular songs, as well. The songs was ‘LIMITLESS’ and ‘Cherry Bomb.’ Here is their performance of LIMITLESS, below.

And here is their spectacular Cherry Bomb performance:

In addition to their live performances, Mnet also uploading some of their unreleased clips during KCON. The footage was of NCT 127 during some live interaction with the fans, such as interviews and playing some games together. Here is the first part of that footage:

And this is the second video of NCT 127‘s unreleased video:

After the whole concert finished, NCT 127 and the other artists did a ‘Self Camera’ ending encore. The groups brought along their cameras, and sometimes interacted with all the fans in the audience.

NCT 127 also had a segment called ‘LINE-UP RELAY’, where each member had to answer a question through body language. Here is the video, below:

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