It’s no secret that YouTube can become a good opportunity for video creators. They can gain fantastic amounts of income from the video-sharing platform. Anyone can make money worth tens to hundreds of millions per month. Many of you may know famous YouTubers like PewDiePie, he is the owner of the most subscribed account on YouTube who can make money up to 6.5 million pounds per month just from his gaming and meme videos. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Korean idols now are on YouTube. Nowadays, people watch YouTube more than television, it’s also a good place to gain more popularity and get closer to one’s fans. In this article, Channel-Korea will be providing you a list of K-Pop idols who are also active as YouTubers! So, stay tuned!

뽐뽐뽐 by Apink’s Bo-mi

뽐뽐뽐 or Bbom-Bbom-Bbom is the name of Apink’s Bomi’s YouTube channel! She has made a personal YouTube channel to get closer to her fans. Bomi posted a teaser video on YouTube on April 19th, 2018, titled “Hello, This is Bbom-Bbom-Bbom Bbomi,” showing her choice to open her own channel. “In my daily life, I really enjoy watching YouTube and I wanted to try it,” tells Bomi in the brief video. While Apink has shown their skills in multiple areas such as acting, singing, variety shows, and advertising, Bomi is the first member to open a private channel on YouTube. At the moment this article was published, Bomi’s channel, 뽐뽐뽐, had over 800,000 subscribers. “We came to open a personal YouTube channel, respecting Bomi’s desire to interact more with fans,” said Apink’s agency Plan A Entertainment. She has a lot to demonstrate in the future because Bomi has infinite energy and different skills. Bright energy will be provided through 뽐뽐뽐. Please look forward to it and show lots of love. The Bbom-Bbom-Bbom channel maintains the notion that it is “of Bomi, by Bomi, for Bomi.” Several contents will be published in the future, including the daily life of Bomi, travel videos, covers, and reviews of various products. Check out her first video!

She’s been active on YouTube for more than a year now and has made and posted many videos. From daily vlogs, mukbang, beauty videos, covers, and a lot more! Here’s one of her dance cover videos:

So sexy and talented, Bomi! Here’s what her subscribers comment: [+461] Bbom’s sexy dance is like a bomb. I luv it, yoon bomi! [+333] Play m need to give her a solo debut! [+268] I’m always falling in love with her again and again. People seriously don’t really know what she is capable of. What do you think about her channel? What content do you want in the future from Bomi? Don’t forget to support Bomi and show her love by subscribing to her channel 뽐뽐뽐!

DARA TV by 2NE1’s Sandara

Sandara Park, or just Dara for short, started her career on YouTube a year before Apink’s Bomi. On July 5th, 2017, the singer and actress confirmed the launch of her long-awaited YouTube channel, Dara TV, and official “Dara” goods in the Instagram post, written in both English and Korean. The channel opened on July 7th, 2017, and she plans to use it as a way for her many fans to interact better. Check out her first video!

In this episode, during her typical day off, Sandara Park shows what it is like to have a day off. The video opens with Sandara Park going to the solo concert of G-Dragon. At the concert, Sandara Park is singing with her buddy along with G-Dragon’s Crooked and enjoying the performance of G-Dragon. Also, when CL appears on stage, she shows love to her former band member, stating, “I am so proud of my lil’ sis.” In the next part, Sandara Park drives her vehicle for a workout to the gym the next day. She jams to 2NE1 songs during the drive! Check out the full video of the first episode of Dara TV!

Blackjacks who miss 2NE1 are so happy with the news of Dara TV, they flooded her channel with comments: [+1.4k] This is making me so emo… She’ll never get over 2NE1, I’ll never get over 2NE1, Blackjacks will NEVER get over 2NE1. [+625] A space where all blackjacks can reunite themselves. [+323] Dara unnie, can you feature Bommie, Cl and Minzy just like the old times, please. I miss 2ne1 so much. If you miss 2NE1 as well, don’t forget to support Sandara Park on her channel Dara TV!

Luna’s Alphabet루나의 알파벳 by F(X)’s Luna

Luna’s Alphabet is the name of f(x)’s Luna’s personal YouTube channel. She made her channel to connect more personally with her fans. Her YouTube career also started long before Bomi and Sandara’s, back in 2016. SM Entertainment announced on August 12th, 2016, “Luna began her personal YouTube channel today. Luna’s channel will have an ‘Alphabet’ system around which she will expose her private interests, not live broadcasts, but pre-recorded footage.” From the sound of it, this is certainly an opportunity for fans to get to understand Luna on a personal level apart from her appearance as a skilled on-stage singer. Every Wednesday and Friday at 8 PM KST, a fresh letter from Luna’s Alphabet will be published. See her first video below!

Currently, Luna has more than 200 thousand subscribers. Since f(x) went on hiatus, each member started to do an individual activity. Luna herself chose to spend her time in the world of YouTube and several other activities. Luna started her YouTube because according to her, talking in front of the camera alone was very fun, she began to take off her beautiful girl group image and show the other side of Luna. Luna herself claimed that her agency was not so strict regarding the personal YouTube accounts of their artists. Still, SM Entertainment is taking advantage of her YouTube channel income. However, this does not make Luna stop, she will continue to develop her YouTube channel; with interesting content. In her YouTube channel, there is a variety of content. There are makeup tutorials, how to keep your body fit, QnA, trip vlogs, and other activities in the backstage. For those of you who are interested in Luna’s activities, don’t forget to subscribe to Luna’s Alphabet!


PRODUSORN is the name of CLC’s Sorn’s YouTube channel. If you’re interested in CLC and want to know them better, or if you want to know more about the K-Pop industry from an insider, this is the perfect channel for you! The 2018 Produsorn is called Produsorn Diary, an internet reality show in which CLC’s Sorn films her everyday life, previous experiences, and her band and idols. Fully edited and shot by Sorn, Produsorn Diary started airing on April 2nd, 2018. This Produsorn, PS Diary is quite distinct from Produsorn in 2017. 2017 Produsorn was a live stream that lasted seven episodes, beginning on April 27th, 2017, each addressing a different subject, while Produsorn Diary is sitting at eighteen episodes. Check out the first episode of Produsorn Diary!

Since January 2nd, 2019, Sorn finally has a personal YouTube channel after two years of uploading her videos on Cube official channel. Check out her first video on her brand new channel!

There’s also a video where she made a reaction to CLC’s MV “Me,” check out her funny parody!

Don’t forget to subscribe to PRODUSORN and show her your love for her!

찬우살이 by iKON’s Chan-woo

One of the members of iKON, Chanwoo, has also joined the bandwagon and launched his personal Youtube channel in July 2018. The name of his YouTube channel is 찬우살이 or Chanwoo’s Life in Korean, which to date has gained more than 400 thousand subscribers. Chanwoo became YG Entertainment’s next idol who has a personal Youtube channel, after Sandara Park and Suhyun Akdong Musician. While launching the channel, Chanwoo uploaded the first vlog to show his various activities and interactions with iKON members. This channel was also launched less than a week before iKON made a comeback with the mini-album New Kids: Continue on August 2nd, 2018. Check out his first video!

“Gudok. Choayo.” Meaning, “Subscribe. Like.” Those are the words that will greet you every time you open a video on iKON’s Chanwoo’s YouTube channel. Once uploaded, iKON’s maknae can give videos of two to ten minutes in length. In the first video he uploaded, Chanwoo was asked by B.I: “What is your content?” Chanwoo could not yet give a definitive answer. He plans to create a variety of content on his channel. That’s true. The Chanwoo’s Life channel now contains its vlogs while traveling, trying food to playing games. You can see a variety of Chanwoo’s activities outside his busy life as an idol on this channel. Subscribe to Chanwoo Life and give your support to Chanwoo!

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