One of them is Kep1er’s Yeseo who had previously debuted several times and is famous for her reputation as a former member of Busters. In this article, there’s detailed information about Kep1er’s Yeseo’s full profile, fun facts, career journey, appearance through the survival show, and her recent debut. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more in the article below about Kep1er’s Yeseo!

Kep1er’s Yeseo: Profile

Real Name: Kang Ye-seo (Hangul: 강예서) Stage Name: Yeseo (Hangul: 예서) Birth: Incheon, South Korea, August 22, 2005 Star Sign: Leo Height: 157 cm (5’2″) Weight: 42 kg (92 lbs) Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Position in the Group: Maknae Education:

Eungye Middle School (Graduated) Lira Art High School (Department of Video and Music Contents / Attended)

Kep1er’s Yeseo: Fun Facts

Kang Yeseo Left Busters

On August 6, 2019, Busters‘ management announced on their official fan cafe that the group would be taking a break and reorganizing. In one of the captions written by Marbling Entertainment, they wrote that after finishing promotions for the album Paeonia, the members received sufficient rest time, but they were unable to recover and began to lose joy and questioned their career as singers. As a result, members Jisoo and Yeseo lost their will to promote themselves as singers, and Chaeyeon also previously revealed that promoting as a singer is no longer fun. In the next point, Marbling Entertainment also wrote that as of July 31, 2020, Jisoo, Yeseo, and Chaeyeon will conclude their promotions as singers and were planning to focus on acting and other broadcasts in the future.

Kep1er’s Yeseo: Journey on Mnet’s Girls Planet 999

When she first appeared on Girls Planet 999, it wasn’t very good. However, as the missions progressed, her vocals grew, and now she has developed enough to handle the sub-vocal role well enough. However, apart from the vocal ability itself, the pitch is good. Her coaching other participants to match the correct pitch was caught on screen several times. Pitch is innate, and vocals are a part that can be trained with practice, so she practices consistently and was able to grow to the point where her vocals can be evaluated as Yeseo’s strength. She is still young so there is room for further development. She was the main vocalist of Busters, where she belonged before. Looking at that, it seems that she has some talent for vocals. Despite her vocal weakness, the microphone fell during the stage, and she handled it well without panicking. Additionally, her powerful dance skills recorded a high ranking. After that, she also showed flashy steps as if a conveyor belt was spread on the floor, proving her dance skills once again. Kang Ye-seo also has a very long dance career. She has been dancing for over 10 years from the time of CutieL, and only CLC’s Yujin, who has been an idol in a team for a long time, has this kind of experience. That’s why, along with her acting skills, her dancing skills are unique. At the Girls Planet 999 audition, she placed 2nd in the Top 9 selected by experts. Her dance skills played a major role in this. Maybe it’s because she started her social life at a very young age that she’s matured mentally. If you listen quietly during an interview, evaluation, or to your debut impressions, you can see that she speaks so calmly and accurately that it is hard to believe that she is a 17-year-old girl. She also shows consideration and support towards their colleagues and younger siblings. When she appeared on Girls Planet 999, she also showed herself taking care of her younger sister, Guinn Myah. When Guinn Myah, who had no experience in broadcasting, asked any questions about the camera, she would kindly explain, and when she could not remove the masking sticker on the leaderboard before the stage, she even took it off herself. This aspect was also reflected on V Live. Next to Hikaru, who lacks Korean understanding, she continued to try to interpret and explain conversation topics and content in English with hand gestures so that Hikaru could understand them. She showed an attitude of looking and paying attention. These actions are signs that show Yeseo’s maturity and consideration. She also has an aegyo that makes older brothers and sisters smile and the ability to play tricks, so she uses such a cute charm to the max at the right time and shows her other side. The ability to perform this kind of talent can be seen well through the V Live during her promotions with Busters which were recently discovered by fans, and there are overflowing points. This is the reason why many Yeseo fans are looking forward to Yeseo’s solo V Live in the future.

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