After their debut, KEP1ER had a few members with a fixed position. Then, who is KEP1ER’s leader? To answer this question, let’s check out the detailed information about KEP1ER’s leader in the article below.

KEP1ER Announced Choi Yujin as Their Leader

KEP1ER held a fan greeting via live streaming on their YouTube channel. In the live streaming, there were many activities that KEP1ER did, from introductions to QnA sessions. The greeting of fans through the YouTube channel is a series of activities carried out by KEP1ER ahead of their debut in the near future. The live streaming to greet fans held through YouTube also made an important announcement. This is related to the election of Choi Yujin, who is a member from Korea, to fill the position of Leader. As the oldest member of KEP1ER, Choi Yu-jin was lined up to be the leader. Choi Yu-jin managed to get third place with 915,722 points in the grand final event. She was also actually a member of CLC under CUBE Entertainment and debuted in 2015.

KEP1ER’s Co-Leader: Sakamoto Mashiro

There is also a Co-Leader chosen from the KEP1ER members, Sakamoto Mashiro, a member from Japan. Sakamoto Mashiro revealed her response when she was chosen as the Co-Leader of KEP1ER through a post as reported by KEP1ER’s Official Instagram. Through this post, in addition to greeting her fans, she also expressed her nervous and awkward feelings while greeting fans live via YouTube. “Hello, are you enjoying Youtube Live? You’ve seen pretty things that are nervous and awkward. I will try to be Mashiro and make sure that I look good as a deputy leader,” Mashiro said. She also expressed that she would try to be a good vice leader in the future and was very happy because she had been appreciated for all the support and comments from her fans. “I feel very appreciated for all the support and comments. I love you. I will try to show that I am a good leader for the KEP1ER members,” said Mashiro with great emotion. Finally, she revealed that she really loves her fans and will try to show that she is a good leader for KEP1ER members in the future.

KEP1ER’s Yujin Shows Her Leader Side Through Queendom 2

Queendom 2 greeted the audience with the latest episode on April 21st, 2022. In this fourth episode, KEP1ER, Hyorin, and VIVIZ have stepped onto the stage so that all participants officially finish the second round of competition. However, not all the appearances of the Queendom 2 participants ended up satisfying the members. KEP1ER is one of the groups who feel disappointed because Dayeon slipped and fell from the stage and Yujin failed to perform completely because the floor was slippery. The latest episode’s stills show KEP1ER starting the stage with a beautiful melody, and Yeseo’s solo dance is attracting attention. Yeseo changed her clothes in an instant to start a cute and refreshing look. KEP1ER set a different stage by remixing Brave Girls’ “Pool Party” and “Rollin’”. In particular, Hikaru‘s rap is impressive. But Yujin and the other members seemed to show tears as they got off the stage. Yujin felt guilty for slipping due to the soap bubbles that came out as a support and hit her leg. Yujin cried saying, “We practiced really hard, but I feel like I’ve ruined everything.” Huening Bahiyyih and other members seemed to be trying to calm the leader. “No, that’s cool. It wasn’t a mistake,” Hikaru said. They also comforted Dayeon who also felt guilty for falling off the stage.

KEP1ER’s Yujin Shed Tears During a Video Call Event with a Fan

While competing on Mnet’s Girls Planet 999, Yujin struggled through adversity and criticism so that she could shine until the end. As expected, she finally made it into the line-up of the program’s debut group, KEP1ER. Despite just debuting, KEP1ER has a fairly large fan base and recently the members interacted with fans via video calls. During this moment, Yujin again stole attention because she looked very emotional when she heard the affection of fans. In the video, Yujin is seen listening to the fans’ expressions of love carefully. After the fans finished reading the letter, Yujin really looked very touched and tried hard to hold back her tears. The fan said, “I read a long letter to Yujin and thanked her for not giving up on her dreams. And that we were always here for her and she almost cried. I’m sorry, honey.” I was so moved that this 1996-born idol couldn’t say many things. She said, “Wow, really. Ah, thank you so much.” Because this moment is quite rare, fans will usually ask their idol questions or do certain things. Therefore, netizens were moved by @stayujins’ decision to take advantage of this moment to praise Yujin’s hard work.

KEP1ER’s Yujin’s Speech as a Leader on KEP1ER’s 1st Win

KEP1ER made headlines for bagging their first win just a short time after officially debuting. Of course, this achievement is not achieved instantly, considering the hard work of the members who deserve thumbs up. In the second week of their promotions, KEP1ER’s “WA DA DA” competed against IVE’s “ELEVEN” on M Countdown. It was revealed that the points they got were at the top with a score of 6,500 versus 6,046.

Upon receiving the win, the members shed tears and thanked fans for their endless support for KEP1ER. The moment became very emotional for Choi Yujin because this was the second time she debuted and the first time she finally won first place with her new group. Moreover, it only took them 10 days to obtain this feat. In comparison, while she was in CLC, it took her 1,434 days to win first place on February 19th, 2019, with “NO” on THE SHOW. For Choi Yujin, there was a difference of 1,434 that day from today. One major difference is that KEP1ER was formed from Mnet’s survival program Girls Planet 999 and they debuted just 80 days after the final episode ended on October 22nd, 2021. Because of that touching moment, Kep1ian (the fandom name) noticed that Choi Yujin had the same reaction in 2019 as she did in 2022. Choi Yujin is always grateful and emotional after receiving the award.

#CHOI_YUJIN #최유진 #YUJIN #CLC#Kep1er #케플러 @official_kep1er — kaly (@utokkilalisa) January 13, 2022 They also praised Choi Yujin’s hard work for never giving up on her dreams. They noticed that Choi Yujin became the idol of the K-Pop group who took one of the longest times to win first place has now turned into the fastest thanks to her debut with KEP1ER. Well, that was all the information about KEP1ER’s leader Choi Yujin. Let’s continue to give a lot of support and love to KEP1ER’s Yujin; hopefully, she can be the best leader for her group. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more, interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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