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Do you want to know more about him? In this article, Channel-Korea will give you everything about Kevin Oh, including his profile, fun facts, and his relationship with Gong Hyo-jin.

Kevin Oh’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Kevin Oh Korean Name: Oh Won-geun (오원근) Stage Name: Kevin Oh (Kebin O, 케빈오) Date and Place of Birth: Long Island, New York, USA, August 29, 1990 Height: 180 cm (5 ft, 11 in) Weight: Unknown Years Active: 2015 – present Nationality: Korean-American (dual citizenship) Label: Stone Music Entertainment (2017), Sony Music Entertainment Korea (2017 – 2021) Occupation: Singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, actors, guitarist Associated Group: AfterMoon Position in the Group: Vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist Instagram: @kevinoh_ YouTube: Kevin Oh

Kevin Oh’s Fun Facts

Kevin Oh’s Background and Pre-Debut Story

Kevin Oh wasn’t originally a singer. He was an economist, a Dartmouth College graduate, as previously written. Prior to officially studying at Dartmouth College, Kevin Oh had received many offers from US’ top universities, including Cornell University, Duke University, Carnegie Mellon University, Emory University, Boston College, and New York University. Even though he didn’t major in musical arts, he had shown his ability to play music from a young age. After he graduated from college, he moved to Manhattan, New York, and he started making music there. He formed a band with his high school friends, and he became the guitarist and keyboardist for the band. After he was actively making music for the band, Kevin Oh quit and moved to South Korea in 2015. He then joined Superstar K7, the seventh episode of the talent show Superstar K, broadcasted by Mnet. During the show, he arranged, composed, and wrote several songs and covers. He ended the show beautifully by performing Blue Dream Again. At that time, audiences watched him in awe and praised him for his musical genius. He eventually made his way as the winner of the show, which earned him even greater recognition.

Kevin Oh’s Debut Story

Due to his growing popularity, Kevin Oh decided to pursue a serious music career in South Korea. To date, Kevin Oh has debuted twice: first as a soloist, and second as a member of the Korean rock band AfterMoon.

Kevin Oh’s Debut as a Soloist through Single “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”

Following his success in Superstar K7, Kevin Oh made his way as a soloist. He then debuted on November 24, 2016, with the release of the single Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, under Stone Music Entertainment. He performed the song on many South Korean music shows.

Like his performance in Superstar K7, Kevin Oh earned praises for his debut single. However, his debut single wasn’t as successful as one might think. Many people regretted Stone Music Entertainment for not promoting him more. His fans also emphasized that if the company promoted him more intensely, his debut single would be more successful and easier to recognize by the public. Two months after releasing his debut single, he released his first extended play (EP) album, Stardust.

Kevin Oh’s Debut with AfterMoon through Lead Song “I Want It All”

After he went solo, Kevin Oh later became a contestant on an audition show Superband. The show was broadcasted by JTBC from April 12 to July 12, 2019. During the show, especially in the semifinal round, Kevin Oh has already formed the band AfterMoon (mostly written as Aftermoon) with DPOLE, Lee Jong-hun, and Choi Yeong-jin. In the semifinal rounds, AfterMoon competed with five other bands. AfterMoon performed one cover and one original self-composed song. The members had performed well, but they weren’t getting a good score. As a result, the band was eliminated in the semifinal round and couldn’t make it to the final round. After Superband finished, AfterMoon signed with Sony Music Entertainment. It was finally official that there are three members of AfterMoon, the original members without DPOLE. The agency introduced Kevin Oh as the guitarist, and as the first and oldest member of the band. AfterMoon officially debuted on November 23, 2019, by releasing their first single album I Want It All, with the lead singer of the same title.

Kevin Oh and Gong Hyo-jin’s Relationship

On April 1, 2022, Kevin Oh publicly confirmed that he was in a relationship with Gong Hyo-jin. He also mentioned that he has been dating Hyo-jin for about two years. The rumors about their relationship have long been heard by the public, due to so many unintentional signs made by the two of them. Although this rumor has been circulating for a long time, Kevin Oh only confirmed his relationship recently.

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