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Full Profile of Kim Dong-han

Stage Name: Donghan (동한) Full Name: Kim Dong Han (김동한/金東漢) Nicknames: Hodoo, Donghanie, Dongenye, Podoo, Maknae On Top, Kim Moo Min, Kim Move, Pro Bullpanreo, Gogi Fighter, Misik-ga, Heutsik-ga. Date of Birth: July 3rd, 1998  Birthplace: Dalseo-gu, Daegu, South Korea Nationality: Korean Star Sign: Cancer Chinese Zodiac: Tiger Blood Type: O Height: 182 cm (6 ft 0 inches) Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs) Shoe Size: 275 mm Occupation: Singer, Solo Artist Associated Acts: JBJ (2017.10.18–2018.04.30), WEi Debut Year: October 2017 (with JBJ), June 19th, 2018 (as a solo artist with lead single “Sunset”), October 5th, 2020 (with WEi) Agency: OUI Entertainment Education: Daegu Jangdong Elementary School (graduated), Bonri Middle School (graduated), Dalseong High School (transfer), Kyungsung High School (graduated) Official Instagram: kimdonghan.official, don9_han Official Twitter: KDH_official Official VLive: 김동한 (KimDongHan) Official YouTube: donghankim_official Official Facebook: kimdonghan.official Official Daum Café: kimdonghanofficial

Facts about Kim Dong-han

Dong-han participated in Mnet’s survival show Produce 101 Season 2. Unfortunately, he was eliminated in episode 10 in rank #29. In the 1-minute Produce 101 Season 2 promotional video, Dong-han appeared in a Hapkido uniform. He performed swordsmanship and back dumble. He also did the forward rolls, and sang EXO’s “Call Me Baby” as “There are many shiny things in it, so look at Donghan.” He was trained for about a year and a half before joining Produce 101 Season 2. Dong-han’s position in JBJ is sub-vocal and lead dancer, meanwhile his position in WEi is main dancer and lead vocal. On the filming set of JBJ’s music video for “Fantasy,” he accidentally set his hair on fire. He has an older brother with a 12-year age gap named Donggeun. His specialties are Hapkido (Korean martial arts), Aikido (Japanese martial arts), and cover dances. He was doing Hapkido for 10 years since he was six. His hobbies are watching movies, doing entertainment, and dramas. Before his debut, Dong-han was quite famous as a member of the Daegu Dance Crew “THE FACE”. Because of that, there are plenty of pictures from the past (pre-debut era). He also was a part of a dance group called DOB. Dong-han is friends with Golden Child’s Jibeom, ONEUS’s Seoho, Keonhee, and Hwanwoong, MXM/AB6IX’s Donghyun. Dong-han is a fan of BTS. His favorite BTS member is Jungkook. Turned out Jungkook is also one of his role models. Taemin of SHINee is also one of his role models. Taemin is one of the reasons why Donghan debuted as a solo artist. He got the nickname Kim Moomin because fans think he looks like the character Moomin. If he wasn’t a singer, he would definitely have become an athlete. He is really athletic. He likes bowling, ping pong, swimming and hapkido, basketball and soccer.

Hardships as a Trainee on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2

In the first ranking announcement, Dong-han won 175,170 votes and survived at 37th place. Dong-han was in EXO’s “Call Me Baby” group. Dong-han’s position was sub-vocal 3. Later, when a mentor, Ga-hee, evaluated the group, Dong-han showed off the choreography at the center seat as the recommendation of Ga-hee, and got a review saying, “It’s great that Dong-han is in the center.” After that, by communicating with the team members, the center will be replaced by Kim Dong-han. That marks his first ranking as a trainee who revealed his presence as a center in the group battle evaluation. In Episode 10, with a total of 120,594 votes, Dong-han’s final ranking was 29th, up 6 positions from the previous ranking announcement. After the elimination, Dong-han posted a post and a handwritten letter on Instagram. It said, “Hello, this is the trainee Kim Dong-han. How are you..? I want to get closer to the national producers. I’m going to tell you, and I’m going to write you a letter. I’m putting it up. I ranked 78th at the first ranking ceremony. When I gave up thinking I was going to fail.. Thank you for supporting me day and night. As a result of your interest and love, I came in at 37th. Thank you so much for letting me do the next mission. Although I was ranked as 29th in the end, I’ll try harder in every way. I’ll try to be number one. Don’t forget me, Kim Dong Han. Please remember me. 😬❤️❤️ Thank you.” Here are some clips of Dong-han in Produce 101 (Season 2):


Debut With JBJ

Kim Dong-han debuted with JBJ on October 18th, 2017. JBJ is a South Korean boy group whose line-up consists of those who participated in the 2017 Mnet survival show Produce 101 Season 2. JBJ itself is named as an acronym for Just Be Joyful. It also means Really Desirable Combination. JBJ consists of six members: Taehyun, Kenta, Sang-gyun, Longguo, Hyun-bin, and Dong-han. The group was made under FAVE Entertainment. They debuted with an EP titled Fantasy with the title song “Fantasy.” Check out the music video, here:

Dong-han was in charge of sub-vocals and lead dancer. Check out Dong-han’s focus fan-cam, here:

JBJ officially disbanded on April 30th, 2018, because of the members’ contract expiry.

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