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New Zealand actor Born: June 17, 1997 (age 23 years), Auckland, New Zealand Height: 1.8 m Full name: Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa Parents: Tessa Apa, Keneti Apa Siblings: Timēna Apa, Arieta Apa NICKNAME: KJ Apa FULL NAME: Keneti James Fitzgerald “KJ” Apa PROFESSION: Actor, Singer NATIONALITY: New Zealand AGE: 23 years old (in 2021) DATE OF BIRTH: June 17, 1997 BIRTHPLACE: Auckland, New Zealand ZODIAC SIGN: Gemini HEIGHT: 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 m) WEIGHT: 73 kg (161 lbs) CHEST: 39 inches WAIST: 33 inches BODYTYPE: Athletic BICEPS: 14.5 inches HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown EYE COLOR: Dark Brown

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Has Scottish, English and Samoan ancestry Both his grandfather and father have been high chiefs of their Samoan village Recorded solo guitar album The Third Room when he was 14 Was an avid rugby player until he decided to leave it behind for the sake of his acting career Got a traditional Samoan tattoo on his right shoulder when he was 15 to commemorate his father becoming village chief Apa was raised in a Christian family, and has stated that he is a Christian himself, expressing on social media that “I need God [every day].” Apa was involved in a minor car accident in Vancouver in September 2017, but was uninjured when the passenger side of his car hit a light pole. The event was reportedly the result of Apa falling asleep at the wheel after a long day of shooting the previous night. Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa was born on 17 June 1997 in Auckland, New Zealand, the son of Keneti and Tessa Apa (née Callander). His father is Samoan and a matai (chief) of his village in Samoa; his mother is a European New Zealander. He has two older sisters, and is the nephew of former rugby union player and coach Michael Jones. He attended high school at King’s College in Auckland before beginning his acting career. Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa is the handsome hunk who plays the role of Archie Andrews in the CW series Riverdale. KJ’s passion for acting started when he was a young boy. KJ landed the role in Riverdale after the show’s casting crew conducted a four-month search for the cast. KJ knew that part of his role in Riverdale was to be viewed as a beautiful object as soon as he got the script. KJ Apa was born in Auckland on 17th June 1997 to a Samoan dad and a European New Zealander mom. Apa and his father have always shared a tight bond. KJ is also close to his siblings, and he lives with his older sister. KJ landed his role in The Hate U Give after Kian Lawley controversially lost his role. Apa is quite successful as a Riverdale actor, but he feels that he needs to appear in diverse roles for him to grow as an actor. Rumors of a relationship between Apa and Clara started when fans started noticing that they were liking each other’s pictures on Instagram. Apa then low-key revealed in an interview in December that he was in love.

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