In this article, we are going to talk about another good song from a famous girl group. The song is titled “Knock Knock” by the girl group Twice. This song was released by JYP Entertainment on February 20th, 2017, as Twice’s lead single for their special album titled Twicecoaster: Lane 2. Here is the teaser video of Twice’s “Knock Knock” that has been uploaded on JYP Entertainment’s Official YouTube Account.

This is the second teaser.

Background of “Knock Knock”

The comeback news of Twice was reported on January 18th, 2017, after their concert in Seoul. The name of the reissue album was released in early February and the title of the album is Twicecoaster: Lane 2 with “Knock Knock” as the lead single released on February 20th, 2017. On February 17th and 18th, JYP Entertainment released two music video teasers of “Knock Knock” at midnight. And the final group photo teaser was released on February 19th at midnight followed by the release of the full music video of “Knock Knock” the next day in conjunction with the release of the album. Here are some of the teaser photos of “Knock Knock” by Twice.

Group Photo Teaser










Story of “Knock Knock”

“Knock Knock” by Twice released in 2017, was written by Shim Eun-jee, Lee Woo-min “Collapsedone” and Mayu Wakisaka. The song is about a group of girls who are having a pajama party, and then they hear a knock on the door that makes them curious to think that the one knocking is their loved one. Unfortunately, it is Park Jin-young, the founder of JYP Entertainment knocking on the door.

MV of “Knock Knock”

The MV of “Knock Knock” by Twice was released on February 20th, 2017, on JYP Entertainment’s Official YouTube Account. The MV was directed by Naïve Creative Production with a stop-motion effect used in some of the scenes. In the MV, after having a pajama party and opening the knocking door, Twice members are having fun in a slumber party and snowball fight. Park Jin-young who is a producer and founder of JYP Entertainment also made a special appearance in the MV as the person knocking on the door. In the last scene, we can see the same ending as in the MV of “TT”. For the YouTube views, “Knock Knock” earned 10 million views within 24 hours of its release. Also, the MV set a new record for the fastest K-pop group music video to reach 30 million views in only 152 hours, making it the most-viewed K-pop music video for the first half of 2017. In 2017 YouTube’s Top Trend Music Video in Japan, the MV ranked number 10 and topped YouTube’s Most Popular Music Video in Korea that year. Here is the full MV of “Knock Knock” by Twice.

“Knock Knock” Performance

As a special gift for you, we have some of the live performance videos of “Knock Knock” by Twice that maybe you want to see. “Knock Knock” by Twice – Live Stage in MNET’s M! Countdown

“Knock Knock” by Twice – Live Stage in KBS’s Music Bank

“Knock Knock” by Twice – Live Stage in MBC Show’s Music Core

“Knock Knock” by Twice – Live Stage in SBS’s Inkigayo

“Knock Knock” Achievements

Through the comeback with the song “Knock Knock”, Twice managed to achieve many awards and get first places in music shows. Here are the details of “Knock Knock” Achievements: Charts and First Places in Music Shows, (Awards), etc. Music Program Awards Weekly Charts Year-end Charts  

Knock Knock  2017  by Twice - 22Knock Knock  2017  by Twice - 13Knock Knock  2017  by Twice - 28Knock Knock  2017  by Twice - 74Knock Knock  2017  by Twice - 43Knock Knock  2017  by Twice - 31Knock Knock  2017  by Twice - 24Knock Knock  2017  by Twice - 9Knock Knock  2017  by Twice - 89Knock Knock  2017  by Twice - 32Knock Knock  2017  by Twice - 74