With the huge popularity that he has, a lot of people wondering who his girlfriend is or is he dating anyone right now? Lee Min-ho has been confirmed dating some actresses such as Park Min-young and Bae Suzy. He also has been involved in some dating rumors. But, as of now, Lee Min-ho is likely single because he is not confirmed dating anyone publicly after breaking up with Bae Suzy.

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Let’s see more details about Lee Min-ho’s love life, dating history, dating rumors, and what kind of girl that he likes in this article!

Not Confirmed Dating Anyone, Lee Min-ho Is Likely Single

Lee Min-ho is likely single because his agency didn’t confirm any of his dating rumors. Ever since his debut in 2003 until now, Lee Min-ho has confirmed his dating rumors with a Korean celebrity such as Bae Suzy or Park Min-young. But, we didn’t hear any dating news about him after he broke up with Suzy in 2017. One of Lee Min-ho’s acquaintances admitted that he is the type of person who doesn’t mind revealing who he is dating at the moment to the public. So, when there is no news about him dating anyone, it is probably because he actually isn’t dating anyone right now. So, let’s explore more about Lee Min-ho’s dating news with his ex-girlfriends, and some dating rumors that turned out to be not true in the session below!

Lee Min-ho Is Not Yet Married

Lee Min-ho, the winner of the SBS Drama Prize, is reportedly out of any relationship as of now. Nevertheless, fans of the promising star are curious to know who Lee’s love interest will be in the future. Well, Min-ho doesn’t seem to want to meet up with a new date and is currently busy with his upcoming film ventures. Due to his acting schedules, Min-ho’s love life seems to be empty. So, it is certain that Lee Min-ho has no wife at this time. Let’s wait for the good news!

Lee Min-ho’s Ideal Type Is Song Hye-kyo

Surprisingly, Lee Min-ho revealed that his ideal type is the Korean actress Song Hye-kyo. Lee Min-ho adores Song Hye-kyo because of her talent in acting, her mature character, and her elegant yet classic style. Lee Min-ho has always been wanting to get paired with her in a drama. You might like: 25+ Facts About Bae Suzy and Lee Min-ho Dating Issue What do you think about this? Will they make a good pair on-screen and off-screen?

Lee Min-ho’s Ex-Girlfriends

Are you curious about Lee Min-ho’s ex-girlfriends? Lee Min-ho has confirmed some of his dating news, but the relationship didn’t last. Who are the Korean celebrities that has filled his heart before they broke up? Let’s check the list of Lee Min-ho’s ex-girlfriends below!

Lee Min-ho’s Ex-Girlfriend, Park Min-Young

Park Min-young is one of Lee Min-ho’s ex-girlfriends. She played in a drama series together with Lee Min-ho. They were stuck in a filming location together while starring in the drama City Hunter in 2011. Lee Min-ho was dating Park Min-young while they were acting together in the drama where they also had the role of lovers. But, unfortunately, the relationship between them ended too quickly since they broke up shortly after filming had finished. After breaking up, Park Min-young deleted all of her tweets related to Lee Min-ho. But, it turns out that there was some good news to follow. Even though their relationship had run aground, it was reported that they frequently meet each other in secret. Even one of Park Min-young’s friends said that they still loved each other at the time.

Lee Min-ho’s Ex-Girlfriend, Bae Suzy

One of Lee Min-ho’s ex-girlfriends is Bae Suzy who is a former member of the girl group Miss A. They broke up in 2017 when Lee Min-ho was undergoing his military service. Their relationship was quite long-lasting, about 3 years. They officially started dating in 2015. Before going out together, Lee Min-ho often asked Suzy’s friend to help him meet Suzy, but Suzy repeatedly rejected Lee Min-ho. However, in the end, Min-ho and Suzy ended up finally meeting each other. That’s when Min-ho immediately fell in love with Suzy, and she was finally melted romantically by Lee Min-ho.

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When Dispatch released their pictures together in London on March 22, 2015, the romantic involvement of Lee Min-ho and Suzy Bae made headlines. The pair had a busy work schedule but managed at least once per month to have a date. On November 16, 2017, after almost three years of being together, reports came that the pair had split. The reason they broke up has been unclear; their agencies announced that the reason they broke up was that they were too busy to see each other. After they broke up, Suzy confirmed dating actor Lee Dong-Wook, but their relationship has also ended.

Lee Min-ho’s Ex-Girlfriend Yoon Ina

One of Lee Min-ho’s ex-girlfriends who is often discussed is Yoon Ina. The actress who is ruled by In Star K Entertainment is a model for Wheesung’s video clip, “Love Is Delicious.” Not only did their intimate photos spread to the public, Lee Min-ho’s message of love for Yoon Ina was also leaked in cyberspace. In the letter, the actor expressed his feelings for his lover with super romantic words. Yoon Ina was the girlfriend that he had before he became famous. Lee Min-ho dated Yoon Ina before he dated Park Min-young or even Suzy. So basically, Yoon Ina was like his first love.

Lee Min-ho’s Dating Rumors

Not only confirming to date some celebrities but there are also some fake dating rumors that revolved around Lee Min-ho. After being caught by netizens or some reporters such as Dispatch, Lee Min-ho’s agency denies the dating rumors by saying that it wasn’t true. So, who are the celebrities that have been involved in false dating rumors with Lee Min-ho? Check them out below!

Lee Min-ho’s Dating Rumors with Ex-Momoland’s Yeonwoo

In August 2021, Lee Min-ho was rumored dating Yeonwoo the former member of Momoland, but the agency denies the rumors. Yeonwoo was spotted joining Lee Min-ho’s car for a date as spotted by Dispatch. They also revealed that the two of them have been seeing each other for around five months. However, Lee Min-ho’s agency MYM Entertainment denied the dating rumor and said, “They are only friends and they are not dating each other.” The agency also stated that Lee Min-ho wasn’t only with Yeonwoo at that time. There were some other friends as well in his car. Unfortunately, Lee Min-ho and Yeonwoo are only friends and not dating.

Lee Min-ho With Seolhyun AOA

Seolhyun AOA is another victim of Lee Min Ho’s leading on. According to Seolhyun, the popular actor of Boys Over Flowers had treated her very well during filming, but then suddenly changed his attitude when filming was over. Initially, Lee Min-ho would make Seolhyun comfortable when onset. Lee Min-ho even had the chance to bring mosquito nets for the two of them to use. Unfortunately, the intimacy immediately changed after the production of the film ended, and soon the news of Lee Min-ho and Miss A officially dating started to circulate. However, the relationship between Lee Min-ho and Seolhyun AOA turned out to be nothing but a rumor, and they themselves have not reported having been dating.

Lee Min-ho With Taylor Swift

In September 2016, an unreasonable rumor that Lee Min-ho and Taylor Swift were dating circulated. This rumor originated from an article by Inquisitr. In the article, the author only expressed his opinion that Lee Min-ho had the potential to be Taylor’s boyfriend after Tom Hiddleston. Suddenly, the matchmaking news made fans disagree, especially those who like Korean dramas. Swift seems to have a bad reputation because she often changes partners. According to an official statement from Lee Min-ho’s agency, the actor and Taylor do not know each other and have never met. Min-ho’s management opened up on the matchmaking between the actor and Swift. “This is ridiculous, and we were so surprised by this,” said one of Min-ho’s management representatives.

Lee Min-ho With Kang Min Kyung

Rumors of a romance between Lee Min-ho and Kang Min-kyung circulated in 2009. At that time, Lee Min-ho was on the rise through the drama Boys Over Flower while Kang Min Kyung was also popular as a member of the Davichi duo. Photos of them being together also spread to the media. However, Lee Min-ho explained that he was not dating Kang Min-kyung. Lee Min-ho and Kang Min-kyung have been friends since childhood. Lee Min-ho’s representative explained, “It is true he was close to that artist, but those love rumors are not true.” After reading this article about Lee Min-ho, did you get all the information you wanted? Have you started getting interested in K-drama? Don’t worry! To fulfill your curiosity, Channel Korea is here to provide all the latest articles and news related to K-pop, K-drama, and the South Korean industry. Whatever you need is here. So, always look forward to the latest news from Channel Korea!

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