From an early age, G-Dragon has worked hard to reach his dreams. His 6 years of training at YG Entertainment before debuting in 2006 was one of his first commitments to reach the step of professional success. From then on, he kept working hard and reached big success in the music industry, from being one of the most successful solo artists in Korea to become, finally, one of the most successful businessmen in the industry. With all the successes in hand, it is understandable that people become curious and dying to know about his net-worth. Are you also curious to know about how much net-worth G-Dragon has? If so, scroll down this article and prepare yourself to be stunned!  

How Rich Is G-Dragon As A Celebrity?

It is estimated that in 2019, G-Dragon’s net worth is over 40 million dollars. While his earnings mostly vary based on his record releases and tours, he has made several solid investments in businesses and earns over $7 million a year. As a musician, much of his earnings, of course, come from his albums and singles sales, as well as tours. His singles downloads have reached a number in the millions. Aside from that, he also earns a percentage of revenue from his music being played on Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube advertising revenue. He also produces and writes music for himself and others, earning additional money from this. Outside of his music career, he is also an endorser for several major brands. He endorses several brands online and in commercials for a rumored $1 million per endorsement. He has promoted Airbnb, Hyundai, Nike, and several European and Asian fashion brands. He was also a brand ambassador and model for a worldwide fashion brand, Channel. His endorsement deals are probably due to his insane popularity. In 2019, he has over 16 million followers on Instagram.

G-Dragon first began his musical journey at the age of five, when he joined the music group Little Roo’Ra. They only released one album, and then split up. He was later scouted by YG Entertainment, who helped develop his singing and performing skills. His record label set him and four other young men up and form a group under the name of Big Bang, who later became the best-selling K-Pop boy band in the world. Their first album Big Bang Volume 1 featured a solo song by G-Dragon and was somewhat successful. They released several EPs in the next few years, for which he wrote and produced many of the biggest hits. In 2009, G-Dragon began his solo career by releasing his first solo album, Heartbreaker which sold 300,000 records. The first single, also titled “Heartbreaker” has been downloaded over five million times. The next year, G-Dragon collaborated with Big Bang bandmate T.O.P to release the album GD & TOP in 2010. His first EP One of a Kind (2012), was critically acclaimed and yielded three singles: “One of a Kind,” “Crayon,” and the chart-topper “That XX.” It resulted in three top ten hits, a Best Male Solo Artist Award, and a Record of the Year Award from the Mnet Asian Music Awards. He embarked on a tour of 8 Asian countries in support of this album. In 2013, he embarked on his first worldwide tour as a solo artist, making him the first Korean solo artist to tour Japanese dome arenas. G-Dragon was also awarded Artist of the Year at the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards following the success of his second album Coup D’Etat (2013). His 2017 EP, Kwon Ji Yong, yielded the number one single “Untitled, 2014,” and the supporting concert tour Act III: M.O.T.T.E became the largest tour ever conducted by a Korean solo artist. Over the years, he has proven to be a successful solo artist with the release of his solo music and collaborations. His immense influence on youth culture, fashion trends, and music in South Korea was rewarded by Forbes’ 2016 list as the most influential person under 30 in Asia’s entertainment and sports.  

From Idol To Businessman

Aside from his musical career, G-Dragon has also branched into the world of business. His investments in the business are ranging from cafés, hotels, and bowling alleys to his own clothing brand. His first investment in the business industry was made in 2012 when he built a pension hotel as a gift to his family; fans can also stay at this hotel which is now run as a business by his parents. On October 20th, 2015, he then officially opened his first café on Jeju Island, under the name of Monsant Cafe.  Not stopping at that, in 2017, he opened his second cafe named Untitled, 2017, inspired by the title of his most recent single. It is built alongside a bowling alley, both designed by him. It is located within YG Entertainment’s YG Republique building complex YG Town of Jeju Shinhwa World resort, for which he is an ambassador. He also collaborated with brands like Ambush and 8 Seconds to release his own clothing and accessory designs. His own brand Peaceminusone has a few stores around Seoul and London.  

Café The Monsant

Café the Monsan, located just in front of Aewol beach in Jeju island, was G-Dragon’s first investment in the business industry. He opened the café back in 2015, and since then the café is full of fans all around the world who want to relax and see the beautiful scenery from the window. The café has a simple yet comforting interior as well as a strong coffee menu. Not only fans but a lot of celebrities have also paid a visit to the beautiful café. Starting from the South Korean indie band Hyukoh, who was the first artist to play at the café in September 2015, other big names that have visited the café are EXO’s Sehun and Chanyeol, Heize, SISTAR’s Soyu and Dasom, 2AM’s Jo-kwon, Beenzino, and Nam Tae-hyun.

A post shared by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on Oct 18, 2016 at 5:20am PDT Address: 56-1, Aewolbukseo-gil, Aewol-eup, Jeju, Jeju Island 63043, South Korea Phone: +82 64-799-8900  

Untitled, 2017 at Jeju Shinhwa World

During his military enlistment, GD’s fans all around the world could seek solace over coffee and cake in a GD-designed café named after his most recent single, Untitled, 2017. G-Dragon’s spanking new café is located in a neat architectural wonder within YG Entertainment’s YG Republique building complex YG Town of Jeju Shinhwa World resort, for which he is an ambassador. Not only is GD the official brand ambassador, but he was also involved in everything from concept development to simple design details. A representative from the YG Republique Jeju Shinhwa World team revealed that due to word of mouth, more and more international fans are visiting the café. As a result, the café makes an average of over 15 million KRW ($13,900 USD) a day. The rep from YG Republique in Jeju Shinhwa World claimed this is proof that the reaction to Untitled, 2017 has been very hot. Jeju Shinwa Resort is Jeju Island’s first integrated resort that spans 2.5 million sq meters of land. It held its grand opening ceremony in March and is slated to be fully ready in 2019, would be the house of an amusement park, a casino, a movie theater, two theme parks, five hotels, a K-Pop enclave, and more.

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