Signed With Noon Company

In January 2019, Dream T Entertainment released an announcement about Girl’s Day’s leader, Park So-jin. They said that Sojin left the agency, the reason for which was the expiration of her exclusive contract with the agency and her refusal to renew the contract. Nevertheless, the agency clarified that this decision is not going to affect the group in terms of disbanding and that they are going to further discuss the details in the future. After she decided to leave the agency, she started working on enhancing and developing her career by searching for a new agency. Finally, on March 19th, 2019, she was reported of joining Noon Company as her new agency, information that was also revealed by Noon Company on the day. Noon Company said, “We are happy to be able to work with So-jin who has shown diverse charms with her various talents such as her performance, acting, and of course music. To continue So-jin’s incredible potential and talent keep shining, we will not hold her and will support her in various ways.”

New Drama On tvN

So-jin entered the acting world one year after her debut as a singer with the group Girl’s Day. This opportunity was in the form of a cameo appearance in one of the popular dramas at the time. After her initial success, she was offered the main role in two dramas, in the same year 2017, which are Hong Ik Super and Oh! Dear Half-Basement Goddesses. Then in 2019, precisely on December 13th, 2019 she got the chance to star in a drama that aired on tvN titled Vroom Vroom Pegasus Market for a total of 4 episodes. Vroom Vroom Pegasus Market is the spin-off web drama of the Pegasus Market drama. In the web drama, So-jin doesn’t play the main character, she plays a supporting character named Jenny. The character that she played is an elite employee, but she has an eccentric personality which makes the others unable to understand her well. The drama centers on Moon Seok Goo (Lee Dong Hwi), Oh In Bae (Kang Hong Suk), and Pielleggu (Choi Kwang Je) who have decided to unite in order to steal trade secrets from the DM Group competitors. The producer of this drama said that Park So-jin used her charm to portray Jenny’s figure to look amazing as this unpredictable character. Sojin also received praise from staff for her passionate acting. Her cheerful and easygoing personality is said to have created the joyful atmosphere on the set and then when she had to start being Jenny, she would be totally immersed and live up in her character. Let’s check out Sojin’s scene in Vroom Vroom Pegasus Market below!

Enjoying Her ‘Me Time’

After Park So-jin decided to no longer be part of Girl’s Day, and take a break from her activities as a singer, she started enjoying her free time, namely, she has been traveling, eating out at places she always wanted to visit, etc. She shared updates of her activities on her personal Instagram account under the username @ssozi_sojin: she really enjoys her ‘Me Time’ as seen in the photo below! In the photo above, So-jin is a sitting in a café, she is holding an insect in her hand that is a butterfly or a grasshopper that was perched on the lid of her tea or coffee drink with the caption: “안녕 여치야.” So-jin’s casual outfit with a warm blue sweater and natural makeup made her look very comfortable! And it seems like she didn’t go by herself to spend her time, but rather with her friend. In the photo above, So-jin doesn’t wear any makeup and is wearing a T-shirt with the cartoon character Cookie Monster, she can be seen holding a delicious slice of pizza that is about to be gone. So-jin wrote a caption on her photo: “치팅데이 며칠째냐구요? ………….😳🍕💬💬 저는 피자좋아해요😳🍕.” Which means: “What’s the date on the cheating day? ………….😳🍕💬💬 I like Pizza!😳🍕.” In the photo above, So-jin posted a photo of her from head to toe on her Instagram in a simple outfit style but looking quite fashionable. She wears a black knee-length dress with a warm outer, and she added black shoes which are combined with black socks. In the photo, she is standing up on a hill with reeds and fairly high grass, also with strong wind.

River Surfing

After she officially left Dream T Entertainment and signed a contract with Noon Company, So-jin had enough free time before she started a career with something new. On that occasion, she found her new hobby in sports that’s surfing, but the difference is So-jin chose to do surfing on the river. River Surfing is a surfing sport involving standing on the waves, tidal holes, or upstream waves in a river. So-jin chose this sport to spend her time with productive activities, she also shared a few moments of her surfing experience. Here are the moments that she posted on Instagram! In every photo or video that she uploaded on her Instagram @ssozi_sojin, she seemed so happy and enjoying the sport that she took as her hobby. So-jin stands on her surfing-board to survive the swift-flowing river water, this challenging sport turned out to make her very happy! Those are some of the activities she’s currently doing, from joining a new agency, getting offers to play in dramas to enjoying her time by doing many things that she likes. Even so, many fans still hope that So-jin and Girl’s Day will make a comeback as soon as possible. Do you also want something like that? If so, kindly share your opinion in the comment section below!

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