And today, in this article, we are going to talk about one of the members of a quite unique K-Pop group. Why has it become unique? Because, in this group, there are both female and male members. Yes, we are talking about KARD. For your information, KARD is a South Korean pop group created by DSP Media in 2017 and focused on their four members, J.Seph, BM, Somin, and Woo. But in this article, we are not going to talk about all of the members of KARD, but we are going to place our focus on one particular member, namely J.Seph, who people call “the other Kim Tae-hyung.” Then, without any further ado, let’s get to the main topic, guys. Keep scrolling down!  

Full Profile of KARD’s J.Seph

J.Seph, with Kim Tae-hyung as his full name, is KARD’s main rapper, lead dancer and vocalist. He was born in Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea on June 21st, 1992, and that makes him a Gemini boy. J.Seph’s height is 178,5 cm and his blood type is O. In KARD, his card name is Ace. He is the oldest member of KARD.

Facts About KARD’s J.Seph

From and some portal news, here are some facts about the handsome J.Seph: – He speaks some English. – J.Seph has an older sister. – He was a trainee for five years. – Originally BM and J.Seph were planned to debut as a hip-hop duo, but plans were changed. – Everyone in the group says that J.Seph is the funniest member. – Somin and Jiwoo picked J.Seph as the member who eats the most and jokes the most. – J.Seph wants to go into acting (KBS’ A Song For You). – J.Seph is friends with Sowon from GFriend (their Reddit question and answer session). – He represents the letter A and the Ace card. – J.Seph was in Rainbow’s “Tell Me Tell Me” MV. – BM & J.Seph were in Rainbow’s “Sunshine” MV. – J.Seph loves to do boxing. – J.Seph the Ace explained: “The Ace can either be the lowest card that supports the team, or the highest card that is sharp.” (during their debut party) – J.Seph’s role model is Cristiano Ronaldo. – J.Seph’s ideal type is someone like Park Si Yeon or Cha Ye Ryun.  

J.Seph’s Official Debut with KARD

As we have told you above, J.Seph, with BM were originally planned to debut as a duo with hip-hop genre as their main genre, but then the plan changed. With KARD, he and the other members released their debut EP Hola Hola. The six-track EP contained their previous project singles, as well as the title track “Hola Hola.” They made their official televised performance, too, in M Countdown, on July 19th. And then, Wild Kard Tour was held in September 2017, with five European dates in London, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, and Rotterdam, and five North American dates in Minneapolis, Washington, D.C, New York City, Miami, and San Francisco.


Speculation on His Military Enlistment

According to some portal news, in the past, Korean male citizens could delay their military service until the age of 30 (Korean age). Beginning in August 2018, however, the maximum age at which service could be delayed was lowered to 28. Male idols who are born in 1992 will turn 28 (Korean age) next year, meaning that they will soon have to fulfill their national duty. J.Seph is in the 92-line, so in 2020 he will fulfill his duty to do the military service. J.Seph will be the only member of KARD who has to enlist in the military since he is the only Korea-born male in the group. Many K-Pop fans have felt kind of frustrated with the new law for military services because it means that it would be hard for their idols to suddenly enlisted in the military service in that age. But, let’s hope for the best for those who would do the military services in 2020, including J.Seph and the other idols.  

Having the Same Name as BTS’ V

Many people talk about J.Seph and BTS’ V’s name. They literally have the same full name, Kim Tae-hyung. But then, they are two different people with different vibes. While you can see BTS’ V as a cool but cute idol, J.Seph has a vibe that is a little bit “wild” and strong. J.Seph has a strong mature aura that makes your body hotter when you see him.  

J.Seph’s Solo Stage

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