JYJ’s Junsu and EXID’s Hani

Both Hani and Junsu were each other’s fans Hani had been a fan of Junsu’s since his early TVXQ days. After she debuted as member of EXID, Junsu watched her videos and asked his friend Lee Dong Hae to introduce him to her. Junsu was the first person to make a move. He seemed to like her easygoing personality and casual appearance. Their personalities are nearly polar opposites, since Junsu has a sensitive and careful character. Their first photo of a secret date could be seen in December, 2015. They had a romantic date night in Junsu’s luxury car, by the Han River. Before the romantic car date, they met several times in October and November as Junsu could be seen taking her for a date with his car. On January 1, 2016, Dispatch spotted Junsu and Hani on a romantic date night around Han River. After the news was published, both of them admitted their relationship and it was revealed that they had been dating since the previous July. The couple decided to end their romantic relationship after only 9 months. As usual, busy schedules were the main reason behind the breakup. Hani said that they could only see each other about once every two weeks. She also said that celebrities should keep their romantic relationships in secret and not expose them to the public. It seemed that their breakup did not come in good terms.

Exo’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal

Kai and Krystal knew each other since their early trainee days at SM Entertainment. Krystal joined in 2006, while Kai signed a year later, in 2007. They were born the same year, in 1994, and also have the same cool character, clothing style preferences, taste in music, and even hobbies. Early in April, 2016, Dispatch published photos of Kai and Krystal on a secret date. Their agency, SM Entertainment, immediately released a statement regarding their photos and stated that what was a friendly relationship had blossomed into a romantic relationship.

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After their relationship went public, the couple could be seen meeting and dating during their busy schedules. Both were performing concerts inside and outside of Korea. In February, 2013, Kai and Krystal were spotted on a dinner date at a restaurant in LA. On August 29, 2016, a photo of the couple doing an Escape Room emerged on the internet. They were enjoying a date like any young. Exactly a year after their romantic relationship was acknowledged, SM Entertainment confirmed the sad news that Kai and Krystal had broken up. Busy schedules were said to be the main factor behind the parting.

Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy

Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy met through mutual friends. An insider said that, initially, Lee Min Ho wanted to go out and asked Suzy’s side to meet him but she denied the request. Lee Min Ho persisted and after several requests, he got the chance to meet Suzy. He immediately fell in love and continuously went after her. Bae Suzy reportedly caught the attention of Lee Min Ho during the preview event for his film Gangnam 1970. He liked her bright and lovable character and that Suzy closely resembled his ideal type. As usual, Dispatch found out about their relationship and spotted them on a holiday trip in London on March 22, 2015. Lee Min Ho was traveling with his family members and Bae Suzy was traveling with her female manager. They both checked in at the same hotel in London, although at slightly different times. Previously, Lee Min Ho had a photoshoot for Dior in Paris and he went to visit Suzy, who was traveling in London at the time. JYP Entertainment and Star House Entertainment both confirmed that actor couple had been dating for about a month. You might like: Who Is Lee Min-ho’s Girlfriend? Before their London date, they started seeing each other in February, 2015. The couple was photographed exiting a bar in the Shinsadong area. On another day, Lee Min Ho picked Suzy up at her house and took her for a ride around Itaewon and Namsan. After three years of dating, Suzy and Lee Min Ho called it quits on November 16, 2017. Rumors had already spread about their breakup before the official breakup was confirmed by their respective agencies. You might like: 25+ Facts About Bae Suzy and Lee Min-ho Dating Issue Reports revealed that Suzy wasn’t accustomed to Lee Min Ho’s popularity status. She wanted to protect her image and her family, and that she was afraid her relationship earned her negative publicity. Another report said that Lee Min Ho prepared a marriage proposal for Suzy before his military enlistment but Suzy wasn’t ready for marriage.

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