Speaking of talents, they won’t be satisfied with just mentioning one. Besides being arguably a musician, each member of BIGBANG also has a highly emphasized artistic soul and has demonstrated his talent even in composing some of their latest songs. The singer, whose real name is Dong Young-bae, is already one of the BIGBANG active members with a solo career. He also has carried out several solo concerts on a world tour. Taeyang is indeed one of the most talented male solo singers in the South Korean entertainment world. So, in the current article, we are going to discuss how much BIGBANG’s Taeyang has collaborated with other singers and what songs they have made together. What are you waiting for? Let’s check out all the details in the article below!

Zion T

In one episode of Infinite Challenge, which aired in 2015, the event invited Zion T and several other singers to sing and just chat about a particular topic in the episode. Because BIGBANG was also invited as a guest star in the same episode, Zion T was asked to sing with one of BIGBANG’s members, Taeyang, and they collaborated by singing “I Need A Girl” in that episode of Infinite Challenge. They both look very lively in the performance of the song and change their parts.

Although they didn’t sing this song in full, the guest stars of Infinite Challenge seemed to really enjoy the guitar and the melodious sound of BIGBANG’s Taeyang and Zion T. “I Need A Girl” is a solo song of Taeyang which was released in 2010 and was one of the best hits of Taeyang because many people liked this song. After seeing the collaboration of Zion T and Taeyang, many hope that the two of them will soon run an actual project and release a duet song together.


There is also a member of BIGBANG who is an old friend of Taeyang, G-Dragon, who from the beginning had often continued collaborative projects together. Some solo songs that they did together have also become their initial project for collaboration. Since 2002, Taeyang and G-Dragon have performed together as the featured songs from Unfold at a Higher Place and they both performed together before debuting as members of BIGBANG.

Both of them have really loved Hip-Hop songs from childhood and the GDYB duo looked very energetic on stage even though they were very young at the time. After their first collaborative project, GDYB also continued to feature them as a duo on one of Masta Wu’s songs, “Bad Guy,” released in 2003. Although Taeyang and G-Dragon are still very young, they have often featured and appeared in music programs, on television. They also collaborated with Se7en for the song “Run” which was released in 2006. The following year, GDYB and T.O.P from BIGBANG also collaborated with Lexy with the title “Super Fly” which was released in 2007.

In 2009, GDYB released another collaboration project for one of G-Dragon’s solo albums Heartbreaker. This song is titled “Korean Dream” and got lots of praise from many people because they always look good and are suitable when featuring together. In the same year, Iris chose GDYB and T.O.P to fill the K-Drama soundtrack with the title “Hallelujah.” In 2010, BIGBANG started becoming more famous and Taeyang released his first full-length album with one of the famous songs titled “I Need A Girl.”

However, their collaborations do not stop here, GDYB began collaborating for other songs, but this time with a song released as one of the tracks from Seungri’s 2nd EP, Let’s Talk About Love. This song made the fans very happy, especially V.I.P because they could see their favorite members in a collaborative project together for this song. Especially, because they could also see 3 BIGBANG members performing together by singing “Let’s Talk About Love” which was released in 2013.

The following year, Taeyang released his 2nd studio album titled Rise. Surely he didn’t forget to invite G-Dragon to one of the songs that will feature the rapper whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong. One of the tracks that became their collaboration project is titled “Stay With Me.” This song also has quite an emotional meaning and tells the story of someone who asks her lover who wants to leave to stay beside her. In this song, we can listen to a collaboration where Taeyang sings the hook, while G-Dragon takes the portion as a rapper.

Taeyang and G-Dragon can be said to be true friends who always go together. Even in the matter of work, they did not hesitate to invite collaboration in one song and made fans immediately praise their talents and skills in composing songs that became very addictive. GDYB has also made a big project as a duo by releasing “Good Boy” in 2014 which managed to get the highest position on Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart and sold over a million digital units in South Korea.

The eccentric hip-hop style of Taeyang and G-Dragon is quite strong when combined with songs that have easy listening beat. “Good Boy” is the result of the genius of G-Dragon’s writing to the arrangement of the lyrics. The reaction shown by fans to this song was quite good. “Good Boy” sounds like a neat house music boom, G-Dragon ensures clear beats combined in all parts of the song. “Good Boy” presents the sensation of several layers of music that are complicated but neatly packaged and successfully won awards, such as the YouTube Music Award in the Honored Artist category and the Melon Music Award in the Hot Trend Award category.


In 2011, Tablo who was one of the members of Epik High released a video clip of “Tomorrow” as the second single from the album Fever’s End. In the song, he collaborated with a member of BIGBANG, Taeyang. Taeyang said that he did not personally know Tablo. He only knew about Tablo as part of the hip-hop group Epik High. Nevertheless, Taeyang was happy to be able to work with Tablo. “This is our first time working together in music. But I know he talked about me on television when he was with Epik High. I love Epik High and I’m glad we are now in the same agency,” Taeyang continued in one of the interviews when “Tomorrow” was released. Tablo has indeed joined YG Entertainment, which is the same agency as BIGBANG. After working together on the Tablo album, does Taeyang plan to invite Tablo to collaborate on the album himself? “I can’t say anything yet, but I’m working on a lot of things with Tablo for my solo album. I work hard for good material. Just wait!” Taeyang replied. According to agency representatives, the quality of Tablo’s music is very consistent with their standards. Therefore, YG Entertainment sent Taeyang who is loyal to the concept of RnB for a duet with Tablo that makes hip-hop music. The music video also featured Tablo and Taeyang in the desert. Two cars and a rotating helicopter accompany them throughout the video. Drum booms and piano tunes sound wonderful in this video.

Beside that, they also did a different project, and this time, Tablo got an opportunity to sing Taeyang’s song titled “Eyes, Nose, Lips.” There are many singers who joined to sing this song with the style of music and their respective singing characteristics. But this time, Tablo chose to rewrite the lyrics of the song “Eyes, Nose, Lips” with a deeper version of the condition of a man who was injured and became a person who was betrayed by the affair committed by his lover if we look at the lyrics rewritten by Tablo. Tablo performed the emotional ballad song with the predominance of rapping and the English version written by Tablo himself and re-arranged by DJ Tukutz. Not alone, Taeyang also appeared at the end and sang his chorus in English, which made a beautiful and unusual collaboration.

After the video was released, Tablo also said, “The original song was so great that it made me think that it would be meaningless to make a normal cover. I want to give Taeyang a new song that he will like, which will make the original song shine.” About changing the song from slow to rap version, Tablo said, “I’ve made songs that focus on vocals and rap, so I don’t feel any difficulties. Also, I’ve collaborated with Taeyang for the songs ‘Tomorrow,’ ‘Love You to Death,’ and ‘Throwaway.’ So this is very fun.”


Not only that, but Taeyang was also one of the singers appointed by WINNER’s Mino to showcase the performance he had to do on the Show Me The Money Season 4. Mino and BIGBANG’s Taeyang released their first collaboration single titled “Fear.” The music video for the song was finally released via YouTube on August 24th, 2015. The second collaboration of YG Entertainment’s idol is a project that was worked on in the search for hip-hop music talent Show Me the Money Season 4. Thanks to this collaboration action, Mino finally qualified to become a finalist and went head to head with Basick. The music video released by Mnet shows Mino’s recording process in the studio. Various pieces of the video in the event were also included. Meanwhile, the Taeyang action was taken from the stage action that they had previously brought.

This song is made by Block B’s Zico and Poptime. Mino’s unique rap style blends with Taeyang’s powerful melodious voice. Light music also played to complete the single. This attention-grabbing single made fans ask YG Entertainment to make Mino and Taeyang collaborate officially. They also expressed a lot of praise for the musicality of the two musicians. “I need YG to make this collaboration official. Taeyang and Mino deserve to be the center of attention!” said one of the fans. “The mix of sounds from Mino and Taeyang is really pretty. This single is so beautiful,” stated another fan.

This song is a good collaboration considering that Mino was at the peak of his career and he also showed himself to the public that he is a rapper who has a strong passion for Hip-Hop music and wants to show his talent to many people. Beside that, the lyrics contained in “Fear” have a very deep set of words and become very emotional when sung by Mino and Taeyang.

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