In this article, there’s detailed information that you should know about one of LAPILLUS’ members, which is Chanty. Let’s get more up-close about LAPILLUS’ Chanty in this article below!

LAPILLUS’ Chanty: Full Profile

Real Name : Maria Chantal Videla (hangul: 마리아 샹탈 비델라) Stage Name : Chanty (hangul: 샨티) Korean Name : Lee Heejin (hangul: 이희진) Birth : Manila, Phillipines, December 15, 2002 Star Sign : Sagittarius Position : Vocalist, Face Of The Group Height : 169 cm (5’6″) Nationality : Filipino-Argentinian Official Site :

Instagram ( @chantal ) TikTok ( @chantalvidela_ ) Youtube ( @ChantalVidela ) Facebook ( @itsmeChantalVidela )

LAPILLUS’ Chanty: Fun Facts

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