This is also true for one of the contestants of Boys24, Kim Jinsub, who is now better known as Kim Riho. This contestant who was born in 1996 was able to show his talent and debut as a member of IN2IT. But, unfortunately, Kim Jinsub had to leave the group due to an illness that required him to take a break from the glittering entertainment industry. To get to know Boys24’s Jinsub more closely, let’s read the more detailed information in this article by Channel-Korea!

Boys24’s Jinsub’s Full Profile

Real Name: Kim Ri-ho (Hangul: 김리호), formerly Kim Jin-sub (Hangul:김진섭) Stage Name: Jinsub (Hangul: 진섭), now changed to Kim Ri-ho (Hangul: 김리호) Birth: January 3, 1996 Star Sign: Capricorn Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs) Height: 181.6 cm (5’11”) Blood Type: B Official Site: Instagram ( kimriho_ )

Boys24’s Jinsub’s Fun Facts

Boys24’s Jinsub’s Visuals

K-pop idols are famous for having very handsome and beautiful visuals. In contrast to the visuals of society in general, K-pop idols have the advantage of appearance and visuals that are unreal and look perfect! This is also true for Boys24’s Jinsub who made his debut after participating in a survival show and debuting as a member of IN2IT. To get to know Boys24’s Jinsub more closely, let’s see his visuals through the session below! One of the contestants who was born in 1996 has certain characteristics when looking at his face. Boys24’s Jinsub has monolid eyes that seem to be one of his charms and makes his appearance a bit different from the others. His nose also looks high and fits in with the standard of K-pop idols just like a celebrity. Boys24’s Jinsub also has a sexy look every time he looks at his fans. The photo above shows the charm of Boys24’s Jinsub who is paying attention to his fans when it comes to fansigning. Besides that, he also looks like a flower boy with this outfit and hairstyle, right? The flower crown on his head also seems to give a sweet and flamboyant touch. Besides that, Boys24’s Jinsub can pull off a fierce appearance. The make-up he wears always seems to match his image. Above, the stylist gave Boys24’s Jinsub smokey eyes to show his more masculine side while looking very manly with this make-up. Who doesn’t melt when they see Boys24’s Jinsub staring at you like this? One of the contestants from Boys24 who made it through to the final round and debuted as an IN2IT member also seems to often upload selcas that show his very cute expressions and poses. Unlike the persona he displayed on stage, Boys24’s Jinsub can look sweeter, funny, and even kind of romantic while taking selcas like this. Boys24’s Jinsub also often uploads new posts through Instagram and shares the latest photos there. If you visit Boys24’s Jinsub’s Instagram, you can also see photos of Boys24’s Jinsub’s daily activities. Of course, he looks more mature and handsome in his latest photos like the picture above, right? What do you think about Boys24’s Jinsub’s visuals? Do you think he is handsome enough?

Boys24’s Jinsub’s Focus Fancams

Focus fancams are usually video footage uploaded by fans to show their favorite idol’s appearance while performing on stage. Focus fancams can also go viral because every idol shown there can look twice as charming! Why can it be said so? If you’re curious, let’s see in more detail the focus fancams of Boys24’s Jinsub in the session below! On August 26, 2017, Boys24’s Jinsub performed “BOOM” on Power Into Tohoku along with several other contestants. You can easily notice that Boys24’s Jinsub has blonde hair in the focus fancam. He looks very playful while performing on stage and is also not shy about playing with expressions that make him even more charming.

On October 29, 2017, Boys24’s Jinsub attended the first fansign after he successfully debuted as a member of IN2IT. Still visible with his blonde hair, Boys24’s Jinsub also looked cute and charismatic as a K-pop idol while at the event. Dressed in an all-black suit, he looked almost like a bad boy but is actually a kind-hearted member of IN2IT.

On May 20, 2017, Boys24 which held a high-touch event to interact with fans who followed the journey of the survival show presented Boys24’s Jinsub and other contestants. Slightly different from his latest appearance, Boys24’s Jinsub looked cute and a bit playful with the other contestants at the event.

On March 18, 2017, Boys24’s Jinsub performed one of the singles of the survival show Boys24 titled “MVP.” He seemed to concentrate while singing the song in front of the fans live and also tried his best to display his skills throughout the performance.

On November 17, 2017, IN2IT as a boy group with members who were final contestants of Boys24 carried out extensive promotions several times and held fansigns to interact with their fans. In the focus fancam, Boys24’s Jinsub seemed to be holding one of the female fans and chatting quite intensely. He didn’t even hesitate to smile sweetly in front of his fans. What do you think about Boys24’s Jinsub’s focus fancams?

Jinsub’s Appearance in Boys24

Kim Jinsub was one of the finalists of Boys24, a survival show that was formed by CJ E&M and aired in 2016. After completing 260 concerts through the journey and eliminating members who got the lowest score, Kim Jinsub made it as a top-scoring contestant through fan votes. He was finally able to become a member of the line-up to debut on October 26, 2017, as a member of the boy group IN2IT.

Jinsub’s Latest News After Boys24

On March 26, 2018, MMO Entertainment confirmed that Jinsub left the group IN2IT. Rumors circulated that Jinsub had long suffered from Meniere’s disease, a disorder of the inner ear that often causes vertigo. It was a pity because at that time he had only been in the group for six months. The agency was also very reluctant to release Jinsub, who they thought was valuable. They hoped he could focus on his health and urged fans to continue to support his healing process. Jinsub also wrote to fans after the announcement that he would no longer be active with IN2IT. “Hello to all IN2U, this is Kim Jinsub. First, thank you so much for loving IN2IT and IN2IT Jinsub. I am very happy that I was able to achieve my dream of debuting thanks to all of your love and support, and I have worked hard to perform better on stage after receiving your support. However, as announced in the official statement, I am now unable to continue as IN2IT’s Jinsub. Since I can’t burden our members who will be doing active promotions, I have spoken at length with the company and members, and this decision came after much deliberation. Even though I won’t be able to continue activities as a member of IN2IT, I will become stronger internally or externally and try hard so that I will definitely be able to stand in front of all of you again soon. Please continue to support our IN2IT members, and I will try my best so that I can see you guys again to become healthier and more mature.” Well, that is all of the information about Boys24’s Jinsub regarding his career journey, being a contestant on the survival show Boys24, and his debut as a member of IN2IT. Even though he decided to continue life as a non-idol for now, let’s continue to support Jinsub who is now better known as Riho! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!

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