In this article, there’s a piece of detailed information about Eric Nam and his family, especially his 2 brothers. Do you know about Eric Nam’s siblings? If you don’t know much about them, let’s find out all the details about Eric Nam’s younger brothers from their identity, occupation, and their closeness together, in this section below.

Eric Nam’s Brothers Are Eddie And Brian

Eric Nam was born in Atlanta, on November 17th, 1988. He made his debut in 2013 with a pretty good career and was able to survive in the entertainment industry with the songs he had released. Not only that, but Eric Nam was also very active appearing in different variety shows and becoming an MC of some programs, too. People might not have noticed that he’s also working with his brother when it comes to his career in the entertainment industry. Apart from that, Eric Nam also has 2 supportive brothers, Eddie and Brian. As a family, they’re not only working together but also sending support to each other to keep going in a positive way when it comes to their respective careers. The nickname Family Man really suits Eric Nam, right? You can also watch the full information about Eric Nam and his brothers in a special episode of DIVE Studio, in this podcast below:

Eddie Nam Is Working as Eric Nam’s Manager

Eddie Nam is the second brother of Eric Nam and he’s currently working as Eric Nam’s manager. He is also working as the co-founder of Mindset & DIVE Studios and founder at EN Management. Eddie Nam’s background is in music, talent management, music and media, so he can manage Eric Nam as a singer very well. Eddie Nam graduated from Northeastern University, Wofford College, and UCLA. Aside from being his older brother’s manager, Eddie Nam is the CEO of EN Management, which houses several top artists and Grammy-nominated producers and songwriters. The company itself also provides record labels and consulting services. Eddie Nam works with his brothers to manage DIVE Studio, which is a K-Pop media company that successfully attracted so much enthusiasm from fans. In 2021, Eddie Nam worked for MINDSET by Dive Studios where they focused on talking about mental health, wellness, and creating a positive mindset for many people. Eric Nam used to be a singer under Stone Music and also signed up under Paradigm Talent Agency with Girls Generation’s Tiffany in 2018. However, Eric Nam still appoints his younger brother, Eddie Nam, to manage all his personal schedules when it comes to professional work as a singer. He has no other managers besides his younger brother whom he can trust to take care of all of his needs as a singer.

Brian Nam Is Working as Dive Studio Co-Founder

Brian Nam is Eric Nam’s second younger brother. He is also the co-founder of DIVE Studio with his older brothers, Eddie and Eric. Brian Nam is a graduate of Columbia University and attended The Westminster School. During an interview with The Korean Herald, Brian Nam, as one of the Nam Brothers, was a spokesman who revealed information about DIVE Studio. He said that he wanted to choose a job that he wanted to do all day long and interesting, which is to build something with K-Pop. Besides that, Brian Nam also shared that he has Eric Nam as one of the popular K-Pop singers and background as a very good interviewer. Through DIVE Studio, Brian Nam wanted creativity that could bring K-Pop artists to channel their insights and be part of the promotion. Not only that, but Brian Nam also formed the first-of-its-kind podcast for Eric Nam’s EPIK HIGH’s Tablo and they transformed into a bigger platform after that. He also made podcasts since he has a hobby to listen to many podcasts, so he convinced Eric Nam to finally make one.

The Nam Siblings’ Story About Each Other

These 3 brothers, Eric, Eddie, and Brian are really smart boys since they were at school until graduating. You can say that they learned very well during school until college and excelled academically. But did you know that the three of them can be said to have different jobs from their current job right now? Eric Nam graduated from Boston College and he used to work at Deloitte after graduating, but he decided to drift away and ended up becoming a K-Pop idol. So their father advised Eric’s younger brother not to do the same thing, since it’ll take a big risk. Their parents have a different perspective, but they are quite supportive as a family as they can work together with their family business. As siblings, Eric, Eddie, and Brian know that they have differences when it comes to mentalities, strengths, and weaknesses, but they still help each other. Watch the full stories of the Nam Siblings, here:

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