F-iv is also famous for several singles such as “Girl,” “Ring,” “I’m Sorry,” and “Thank You.” For those of you who want to know more information about F-iv from their full profile, career journey, stage performance, until latest news, let’s scroll down and find out more detailed information in this article below!

F-iV’s Group Profile

F-iv (Hangul: 파이브) is a South Korean boy group that debuted in 2002, but previously, they were formed in 1999 and managed to become one of the Korean boy groups in the R&B ballad genre that was popular in the early 2000s. Many think that F-iv had 5 members, but they actually had 4 original lineup members such as Seo Ji-won, Chang Hae-young, Woo Jung-tae, and Kim Hyun-soo. Let’s learn more about F-iv’s member full profiles in this session below:

F-iv’s Seo Ji-won’s Full Profile

Real Name: Seo Ji-won (Hangul: 서지원) Birth: February 23, 1980 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Height: 177 cm Weight: 60 kg Position in the group: Leader

F-iv’s Kim Hyun-soo’s Full Profile

Real Name: Kim Hyun-soo (Hangul: 김현수) Birth: June 6, 1980 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Position in the group: Composer, Vocals

F-iv’s Jang Hae-young’s Full Profile

Real Name: Jang Hae-young (Hangul: 장해영) Birth: April 26, 1981 Zodiac Sign: Taurus Height: 174 cm Weight: 64 kg Position in the group: Main Vocalist

F-iv’s Woo Jung-tae’s Full Profile

Real Name: Woo Jung-tae (Hangul: 우정태) Birth: February 25, 1981 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Height: 175 cm Weight: 60 kg Position in the group: Vocals

F-iV’s Career Journey

F-iv had faced difficulties several times over the past 7 years before it finally debuted. It was very rewarding as the members had been preparing and waiting for a long time. Seo Ji-won, Jang Hae-young, Kim Hyunsoo, and Woo Jung-tae were a four-member group and debuted as F-iv. The group name is Five, but, in fact, the meaning of the team name is the combination of the ‘F” for Fan and the Roman numeral “iv” for s4 and 4, so F-iv. The reason why it should be read as “five” and also can mean “5” was that the other one meant fans. Seo Ji-won once started his career as the guild master of Ultima Online‘s Korea Guild 815. Among online games, Ultima Online is by far the best. He said, “I enjoy games such as Tactical Commanders and Dark Age of Camelot, but I advise that Dark Age of Camelot is somewhat burdensome for younger players to enjoy, so it would be better to release it as a PC game.” Jang Hae-young is a former member of the male duo Kid who also has an excellent singing ability. In particular, his eldest uncle is the late Jeong Jeong-jin, a human cultural property of Pansori, and his cousin is Jeonghwa-cheon Jeong, the current head of the National Gugak Center Changgeuk. Born in a prestigious family of Korean traditional music, he started Korean dance at Seoul Traditional Arts High School and majored in Korean dance at the Korea National University of Arts, where talented art talents attend. Although he had a desire to succeed as a male dancer, he was second to none in singing and dancing. He wanted to spread his talents in various fields. “I wanted to impress the audience with a song, not a dance, on stage. So, the path I chose was to become a singer,” Jang Hae-young said. Woo Jung-tae also boasts that he is a game fanatic no less than Seo Ji-won. “I enjoy all games regardless of genre, but I especially like Count Strike and Land of the Wind. Also, there was a time when I almost fell into a game saga with the PS2 game Tekken and almost ended up being a dead man.” He had dreamed of going to medical school until high school, but when he was in high school, he received an offer to become a singer from the president of his agency, which he had never thought of before. “My parents strongly opposed it, saying ‘live normally,’ but as soon as I entered college, I decided to join F-iv as the last of the members. My parents’ objections are still the same,” Woo Jung-tae said. Kim Hyun-soo’s specialties are singing and dancing. He has a quiet and reserved personality. In the third year of middle school, he experienced his first love with his first-year junior. But, after he left to study in England, the story of his first love for a year came to an end. The ideal type he likes is a woman who has no double eyelids and is taller than him. Kim Hyun-soo wants F-iv to become a group loved by all ages from young children to grandfathers, and his greatest wish is to create a song that everyone wants to sing along to.

Debuted in September 2002, the second album was released in 2004, but the group’s activities were suspended due to the members’ military services. Several songs include “Girl” (2002) which is the debut song of the first album and attracted attention for its sophisticated sense at the time, “Ring” (2002) which was a hit as a proposal song, and “I’m Sorry” (2004) which is the R&B title song composed by Bang Si-hyuk of their 2nd album and a sad ballad that contrasts with the title.

They also released a song titled “Merry Christmas” and many more. Kim Shi-dae, who produced the group, is currently the CEO of Starship Entertainment.

During the 2nd album, F-iv’s main vocalist Jang Hae-young performed the follow-up song “Merry Christmas” on a music show alone, but at that time, the members were unable to attend due to military enlistment problems due to preparations for the enlistments.

In 2012, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut, they released the new song “Thank You.”s

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