Members have revealed their own English names on V-Live while they were in New York for an event by Louis Vuitton. So, here are the details about ITZY members’ English names that you should know!  

ITZY’s Yeji’s English Name: Lucy Hwang

Through their live broadcast on V-Live in 2019, Yeji introduced her English name, “Lucy Hwang”. This name is not official because Yeji just made this name for fun. However, Lucy is the English name form of the Roman Lucia, which is derived from the Latin “lux” which means “light”. This name matches Yeji well, who is the light of ITZY and the other members because she will always be the leader who shows her light for everything. Meanwhile, “Hwang” is her surname.

ITZY’s Lia’s English Name: Julia Choi

Lia is the only ITZY member who has lived aboard, precisely in Canada, for 2 years, so she is an expert in English. Not only she has stayed in Canada, but she also has an English name, namely “Julia Choi”. Lia chose her English name “Julia”; she said that the name sounds like a princess. Furthermore, her stage name “Lia” appears as a shortened version of “Julia”. “Julia” is a feminine version of the Roman family name, namely Julius which is a name that comes from the Greek Mythology for a Roman God, Jupiter. Jupiter presides over the heavens, in other words, he is the “supreme god”. This name suits Lia who is graceful like a royal princess.

ITZY’s Ryujin’s English Name: Joanne Shin

Shin Ryujin also has an English name. When ITZY are in LA, members should call each other by their English names. On V-Live, Ryujin introduced herself as “Joanne”. This suits her quite well. In general, Joanne has the meaning of multi-talented, smart, and adventurous. All these describe her who has many special talents, such as rapping, dancing, singing, and more. Ryujin can also be feminine and pretty at the same time.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong’s English Name: Judy Lee

People nowadays will think that “Judy” is an ancient name or it’s like a grandma’s name. But, Chaeryeong chose the name as her English name. On V-Live, Chaeryeong seemed to be shy to reveal it, because it sounds like an old name. But she confessed that the name was given to her in her childhood by her family. Judy itself is a form of “Judith” which comes from Hebrew and means “Praiseworthy”. This name is a diminutive of “Judith” that was used in the 18th century. In other words, the name has the meaning of attractive and trustworthy.

ITZY’s Yuna’s English Name: Hussey Shin

Known as the “giant maknae”, Shin Yuna has her own English name version, namely Hussey. When ITZY members shared their English names, Yuna revealed her name while laughing. She explained that she chose “Hussey” because she liked the actress Olivia Hussey who portray Juliet in the 1968 ver. of Romeo and Juliet. Well, that was all the information regarding all ITZY members’ English names including their meanings. What do you think about them? Do you have your own English name version for them other than what they have chosen for themselves? Please kindly put your suggestions in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your fellow MIDZYs on your social media, and stay tuned for our other articles on Twitter @CKoreaOfficial or our website!

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