In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with all the information you need to know about K-Pop fandom names and their beautiful meanings. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down this article.

TWICE – Once

First, we have TWICE and their dedicated fans called Once! JYP Entertainment released the official name of their fan club through their official Instagram account on November 4th, 2015. “Once” was chosen as the name of their fan club. TWICE also added a touching message on Instagram, saying, “Many fans like the word ‘once.’ Once & Twice. Once, then twice. They look always together like needles and threads. If you love us even once, we will return your love twice with our love. It’s hard to make a relationship between one person and another, and getting someone’s love is harder than everything. We will work very hard so you can see us once, and fall in love with TWICE. Let’s be together forever until the end. We love you!” It really is a beautiful meaning, don’t you think? Twice is known as a group that carries a cheerful and very girly theme. The ONCE lightstick called “Candy Bong” also has a very cute design. To the surprise of fans, Twice’s official Twitter account uploaded the new design of JYP Entertainment’s group’s lightstick in May 2019. As you know, Twice already had a lightstick shaped like a lollipop. The lightstick received praise from many netizens because it has a pretty unique design. But in 2019, Twice released a new lightstick design that is guaranteed to make fans want to have it. As seen from the photos circulating, Twice’s new lightstick was given the name Candybong Z. Seen in a round shape lightstick with Twice’s official fandom colors namely apricot and neon magenta. In contrast to the earlier, cuter lightstick, Candybong Z is tucked in with black in the middle and the Twice logo. Fans can already buy Twice’s new lightstick starting May 7th, 2019, through the shared link. “So colorful!” said the netters. “Beautiful. From bright candybong to candybong with a dark concept,” said another Netter. “Candybong turned into a dark concept too haha,” added the netters. “The funny thing is, I want to buy too!” another exclaimed. Which version of Candybong do you like better?


Next, we’re going to talk about Seventeen and their loyal fans called Carat! On February 14th, 2015, Seventeen held an exclusive concert titled LIKE SEVENTEEN – Boys Wish where they announced the official names of their fans, after singing “Rock,” “NO F.U.N,” and “Mansae.” After their performance ended, S.Coups as the leader of Seventeen told fans that he and his colleagues have found the right name or fandom for their beloved fans. According to S.Coups, this name was chosen based on voting involving netizens. “We want to announce something. Because you have made us shine so bright, we call you Carat,” said S.Coups, as reported by Allkpop. After the announcement, Seventeen uploaded a post of the concert with the name of the new fandom. “Thank you, Seventeen’s Carat.” On February 3rd, 2017, Seventeen were known to release their newest lightstick, which was named Carat Bong. Before the official lightstick was released, Seventeen briefly launched a temporary lightstick for their concert. Carat Bong is known to have a ball shape in which there is a pink diamond shape. What impressed netizens was what happened when the lightstick was turned on. The virtue of Seventeen’s new lightstick is that the color will be more beautiful when in the dark. Its rays radiate like starlight in the sky. The diamond logo on the top also adds to the impression of a strike. When viewed in the sun, this lightstick looks like a luxurious perfume bottle with its elegantly designed lightstick box.

However, this lightstick has a number of negative comments because it has a design resembling BTS’ and VIXX’s lightstick. What do you think about it? Is it really similar?

Red Velvet – Reveluv

Next, we have Red Velvet and their fans called Reveluv! Celebrating the 1000-day anniversary of Red Velvet’s debut, through their Instagram account, @redvelvet.smtown, the five members of Red Velvet posted their videos announcing their fandom name, ReVeluv! Through the caption, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri explained the matter of choosing the name. “We decided to use that name after gathering ideas from you (the fans) and thinking about it carefully. We chose the name ReVeluv because we wanted it to represent the relationship between Red Velvet and the fans. So let’s love each other and treasure each other for a really long time! “ReVeluv #WeLoveYou #RedVelvet #YouFinallyHaveAName,” they said. Besides these reasons, it turns out there is another meaning, behind the name ReVeluv itself. Not only is the combination of the words “Red Velvet” and “love”, but ReVeluv will also sound like “Level Up” when spoken in Korean. How cool is that? Now, let’s talk about their lightstick! Some time after it was released, Red Velvet finally officially gave a name to their latest lightstick in 2018. This was conveyed by the members of Red Velvet when holding a concert titled Redmare at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium. In a segment, Red Velvet discussed their new lightstick. Then, openly, the members called the lightstick Kim Mab Bong. Apparently, the name stands for Kimchi, Mandu, and Eungwon-Bong, aka dumpling kimchi. Because the shape of the lightstick is considered similar to kimchi dumpling, or Korean dumplings. Interestingly, some time ago, fans had expressed disappointment at SM Entertainment because the Red Velvet lightstick was too ordinary. Well, what do you think about their lightstick?

NCT – NCTzen

Next, let’s talk about NCT and their fans called NCTzen! On Monday, June 12th, 2017, all NCT members (NCT 127, NCT U and NCT Dream) gathered together and did their live broadcast on V Live. Not only they greeted the fans, but they also gave an important announcement, namely the name of their official fan club. NCT members finally called their fans NCTzen (NCTizen) which is a combination of the words NCT and also citizens as the official name of their fan club. Many names were proposed by fans, but it was NCTzen that was finally chosen to be their fan club’s name. NCT surprised fans with the news of their official lightstick in 2018. Starting from Taeyong, Jaehyun to Mark Lee is seen holding a neon green lightstick. This NCT lightstick displays the name of the group that is written “NCT” with a super bright green neon color. Having a square shape, of course, the lightstick will be must-have merchandise for fans. Finally, with an official lightstick, fans also had mixed reactions. Some were happy, but not a few were exasperated with this unique lightstick shape. Moreover, the NCT members were caught on camera looking at their lightsticks with a confused look. “NCT lightsticks can not only be used in concerts but can help when the lights go out or become a hammer for carpenters hahaha,” teased fans. “Why does the NCT lightstick look like Thor’s hammer? And look at NCT’s expression when carrying it, they are like thinking hard what kind of thing that is hahaha,” continued another. “Right, even NCT is confused seeing their lightstick hahaha,” said another. Well, what do you think of the NCT lightstick?

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