Here’s the list of NMIXX’s MBTI that you should know : So, what are your favorite members and their MBTI? Without waiting any longer, let’s get more details about their character and personality based on their MBTI result in this article below!


NMIXX’s Lily’s MBTI is ENFP. People with this personality type are often enthusiastic, charismatic, and creative. People with the ENFP personality type are also charming, energetic, and independent. She started showing her singing skills in childhood, as her father taught her to sing. The following year, NMIXX’s Lily also participated in ‘K-Pop Star Season 4’, which proved that she has an ENFP character that is very independent and optimistic.


NMIXX’s Haewon’s MBTI is ESTP. She has a generally friendly and enthusiastic character, this MBTI type also tends to be easy to get along with and accepted by those around them. she also has the ability to persuade or influence other people, which made her become a good leader.  

NMIXX’s Sullyoon’s MBTI Is ISFP

NMIXX’s Sullyoon’s MBTI is ISFP. She is an introvert and will get energy when she is alone. No wonder, generally, she will make time to be alone, especially if she has previously spent time in a large group.   NMIXX’s Jinni’s MBTI Is ENFP NMIXX’s Jinni’s MBTI is ENFP. She basically has a personality that has excellent social skills, as she became the close friend of ITZY’s Yeji, although they are a different group. Apart from having a lot of enthusiasm, they also care about other people. They are good at understanding what other people feel.  


NMIXX’s BAE’s MBTI is ENFP. She’s pretty good at generating new ideas, but they sometimes puts off important tasks until the last minute. This talent was figured out by JYP Entertainment since she got cast while walking to school during 8th grade.


NMIXX’s Jiwoo’s MBTI is ESFP. ESFPs are people who like to entertain others, are spontaneous, and are sensitive to their surroundings. They are fun friends because they don’t hesitate to help. People with this personality type are very enthusiastic about living their lives. They like to seek pleasure, even from small things, though.


NMIXX’s Kyujin’s MBTI is ESFJ. she has a very nurturing soul, although she is the group’s youngest member. According to NMIXX’s Lily, Kyujin has the figure as a mother of the group. Despite her young age, Kyujin can also take care of every member very well.   That was all for the information about NMIXX’s members and their MBTI results. Do you think their personality matches their MBTI type? Well, let’s keep sending them a lot of support and love, so their career will shine brighter in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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