She is known for her lead roles as a woman with solid chemistry with her partner in dramas, but do you know about her love story? In this article, there’s detailed information about Oh Yeon-seo’s boyfriend and find out more detail about her relationship status, ex-boyfriend until dating rumors that you should know!

Oh Yeon-seo Is Single And Doesn’t Have Boyfriend

The actress who appeared in K-Drama ‘Jang Bo-ri is Here!’ is currently single and doesn’t have a boyfriend. She might be involved with several dating rumors and publicly dating, but she is not having a romantic relationship with anyone right now. Instead of dating, Oh Yeon-seo focuses more on her career and takes an essential role in K-Dramas. On the other hand, she’s also a talented actress that can make the fans proud with her because she has great acting skills especially when it comes to romantic dramas or movies. Let’s keep sending a lot of love and support to Oh Yeon-seo, hopefully, in the future, she will find a man who loves her and can announce dating with a positive response from the public!

Oh Yeon-seo’s Ideal Type And Thoughts About Dating

Oh Yeon-seo’s ideal type is Gintoki Sakata, in the anime and manga titled Gin Tama. Even though it’s a fictional character, Oh Yeon-seo has her ideal type and has mentioned some Korean male celebrities that would fit her type. When it comes to personality, Oh Yeon-seo said that she likes someone with whom she can easily talk and have a good connection with each other. She likes bad boys that can be gentlemen to her. “In the past, I used to look at someone from their appearance, but now I see men more by their personality. I like them if they can have a good conversation. It will be half and half between the ‘bad boy’ type, but he can be a gentleman too,” Oh Yeon-seo said. ‘Cheese in the Trap’ (2018) is one of the movies that has received good enthusiasm from the public. The movie is based on a popular webtoon and has been made into a drama version, starring Park Hae-jin and Oh Yeon-seo. “I want a man who is like a combination of Park Hae-jin and Park Ki-wong. My ideal type is a man who is sweet and warm,” she continued.

Oh Yeon-seo Reveals Jung Woo-sung And Lee Joon As Her Ideal Type

The actress, who was born in 1987 doesn’t talk much about her ideal type but has been dating in her past relationship. She also met Jung Woo-sung and said he had such a strong impression. In the other side, Oh Yeon-seo and Lee Joon had become husband and wife in ‘We Got Married’. When the two of them appeared as a couple, the news of Oh Yeon-seo and Lee Jang-woo’s relationship was crowded for public consumption. Even though fans understand that Yeon-seo and Lee Joon’s relationship was just a fabrication in ‘We Got Married’, they are still disappointed after their episodes finally come to an end. After the news, ‘We Got Married’ also decided that the couple Oh Yeon-seo and Lee Joon left the show on February 2, 2013.

Oh Yeon-seo’s Ex-Boyfriend: Kim Bum

On March 29, 2018, Starship Entertainment as Kim Bum‘s agency revealed that they met at a close friend gathering and naturally became a couple. “They are in the early stages of their relationship,” the agency concluded. “Congratulations to Kim Bum and Oh Yeon-seo!” Oh Yeon-seo and Kim Bum admitted their relationship in March 2018, right after the end of the tvN drama “Hwayugi”. They became close until they decided to date after being introduced and often went out together. Both agencies are finally happy to announce the surprising good news for fans. However, on February 12, 2019, the two were reported to have ended their relationship. The news of Kim Bum and Oh Yeon-seo’s breakup was immediately confirmed by their respective agencies. “Kim Bum and Oh Yeon-seo broke up late last year,” King Kong by Starship (Kim Bum’s agency) and Celltrion Entertainment (Oh Yeon-seo’s agency) told Newsen. Despite confirming the breakup news, both Kim Bum’s and Oh Yeon-seo’s agencies refused to provide detailed information regarding the reason. “It’s the artist’s business, so we don’t know anything,” the agency said.

Oh Yeon-seo’s Dating Rumor With Kim Min-suk

The dating rumors between Kim Min-suk and Oh Yeon-seo started because they were spotted watching a movie together on a date. However, according to the agency, the two do not have a special relationship. Reporting to South Korean media, the two were seen dating in the corner of a cinema in the city of Seoul. However, no photos are circulating yet, the media reports that the two are wearing simple clothes and look close to each other. There is no detailed evidence about their dating that can be confirmed, and the two agencies also did not give any response about Oh Yeon-seo and Kim Min-suk’s relationship. Hearing this dating rumor, it didn’t take long for Yeon-seo’s agency to confirm it. “We didn’t know this. We were very embarrassed to hear this news,” the agency representative said.

Oh Yeon-seo’s Dating Rumor With Lee Jang-woo

In early 2013, several photos showing the closeness of Oh Yeon-seo and Lee Jang-woo quickly received mixed responses from the public. Shortly after, Oh Yeon-seo admitted that they were indeed dating. However, not long after admitting to dating, news of the two breaking up appeared to the public. “Oh Yeon-seo and Lee Jang-woo have broken up,” said a source. “Even though they can’t continue as lovers, they are still in a senior-junior relationship. Oh Yeon-seo admits to this dating scandal, but Jang-woo’s side is passive and silent on the media,” continued the source. The conclusion is, that their dating rumor is true and both of them admit their relationship in public.

Oh Yeon-seo’s Dating Rumor With Lee Seung-gi

Oh Yeon-seo and Lee Seung-gi became a couple who attracted much public attention. Thanks to their actions in the drama ‘Hwayugi’, many fans have made the two of them their favorite couple. Oh Yeon-seo admits herself. She is comfortable being friends with Lee Seung-gi. Oh Yeon-seo also revealed, “I was born in 1987, and Seung-gi was born in early 1987.” “We might feel more comfortable if we met at school, but because we met in a business environment, we had a strange relationship where we referred to each other regularly. formal and chatting with a mix of formal and casual,” Oh Yeon-seo said. Well, that was all for the information about Oh Yeon-seo’s boyfriend and the truth about her relationship status that she’s still single. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for other interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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