In this article, Channel-Korea will give you a rundown of everything about Minho’s appearances on Running Man He[‘s been on episodes 75, 129, 254 (as The Finale Gatekeeper), and 323, and we’ll also take a look at Minho’s latest news.

Episode 75

Running Man episode 75 was broadcast on January 1, 2012, with special guests from various idol groups. There was Sulli (F(x)x ex-member), Sohee (Wonder Girls ex-member), Hyorin (Sistar ex-member), Shinee’s Minho, and Super Junior’s Siwon. In this episode, PD Nim made a New Year special race, called ‘Mathematics Race’, in which the Running Man cast members would be partnered with idol guests. They were divided into four teams. Sulli’s team (Haha, Sulli, Gary), Sohee’s team (Yoo Jae-suk, Sohee, Kim Jong-kook), Hyorin’s team (Ji Seok-jin, Hyorin, Lee Kwang-soo), and Ji hyo’s team (Siwon, Ji hyo, Minho). Before the race started, everyone had been gathered at Gimpo Airport, South Korea and the teams were sorted out. After the teams were formed, they started the race, walking to the parking area and running to find the Running Man flag to choose a two-digit number and drive to the next location. The next location was Aiins World Theme Park, in Bucheon. At the theme park, each team had to go around the world (map) and answer PD Nim’s questions correctly to pass and continue to the next location. The third location was a restaurant, and the group was divided into two teams, with one group going to a Vietnamese restaurant, and the other going to an Italian one. The race would end with the final mission in the last location, which was at Deungchondong Broadcasting Hall SBS. In the final mission, each team had to find math symbols that were hidden by Running Man staff. The answer to the last question must be equal 1 if they match with the symbols. Finally, Sulli’s team became the winner of the race. During the race, Minho was partnered with his senior and label-mate, Super Junior’s Siwon, and Running Man member Song Ji-hyo. They were a perfect team and the funniest of all the teams. Minho was close with his teammates, without being awkward. He even made a joke with Ji hyo, and cautiously asked how old she was. She answered that they were a decade apart (she’s 31 and he’s 21), and her two princes exclaimed, “What, you’re not in your 20s? You definitely don’t look like [you’re in your 30s].” They added that they especially wanted to be on her team.   Minho, Ji hyo, and Siwon united well as a team. In the second mission, when two members had to carry the third member on a doll boat, Minho and Siwon carried Ji hyo. She kept apologizing to both of them because the famous hallyu stars should be carrying her on their shoulders along with the doll boat. However, the guys told Ji hyo that she was very light, and were joking with each other. How cute they are. Minho’s personality is high-spirited and he doesn’t like to lose a game. He would fight and give his best to be a winner, such as during the last mission in this race, when he approached Kim Jong-kook without hesitation. Did Minho just overtake Spartakooks? The other teams crowded in, picking off clues like a pack of hungry hyenas, leaving Jong-kook vulnerable. Just like that, Ji-hyo’s team’s luck turned around as Minho hunted down clues all across the building. At the end of the game, Ji hyo’s team was almost the winner, before losing their chance in front of their nose. The PD belatedly told Ji-hyo’s team that they could have won (by simply moving a parenthesis) and Minho exploded at the victory stolen from under his nose. However, Minho, Siwon, Ji hyo, and other teams enjoyed the race very much.

Episode 129

Running Man legend race is back! One of the best races ever on Running Man was The RM Team vs The Idol Team. Broadcast on January 20, 2013, The Idol team was back to face the Running Man team in the 2013 Running Man Winter Olympics. In this episode, seven idols came to compete with RM’s team. The guests were Ze;A’s Kwanghee, Shinee’s Minho, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, CNBLUE’s Jonghyun, F(x)’s Sulli, MBLAQ’s Joon, and Infinite’s L. The filming started at Gimpo Airport and introduced the idol guests right off the bat. When Kwanghee appeared, the Running Man teased him with disappointed expressions, then the second guest, Minho, appeared, making Jihyo love it so much, as opposed to the male members of the Running Man cast, who looked like they were ready to burn up. But his welcome was nothing compared to Sulli’s. Then it was Minho’s turn to grumble about his lack of fanboy fanfare. Kwang-hee told him that he was practically scolded when he arrived.   The idol guests continued to arrive, and when Jonghyun and Joon appeared, Haha shouted out that they (Running Man Team) would be the winner. So crazy funny. Then there was Yonghwa, and L to round out the rest of the idol team and make it complete. The Olympic torch was lit by resident figure skating star, Maknae FD, to commemorate the start of the Running Man Winter Olympics. They started the race with a ski-sled relay race, and it was down to Minho versus Jong-kook. They were neck and neck as they approach the final turn, but Jong-kook miscalculated and turned too late at the corner. He nearly skidded out of control just as the finish line was within reach, and Minho slid past him for the win.

PD Nim introduced their the second game as an ice hockey match. But it wasn’t so much ice hockey as it is hard floor hockey, and the puck looked more like a robot vacuum. The race was led by Running Man team at first, with a score of 2:1, but L and Minho work together to tie the score again. Even though the idol boys put in their all in the final minutes, the Running Man team won the match. However, competitive Minho said that he couldn’t acknowledge Kwang-soo’s goals. Then, they headed to the next race. The game was set to take, place at a swimming pool and they had to do either a ski jump or diving jump. The teams were pretty close by the time they got to their final contenders. But Jong-kook didn’t set up a wide enough gap, and they anxiously waited for Minho’s jump. Minho looked totally determined and Jae-suk joked, “We’re filming Running Man, but it looks like he’s on Dream Team!”. Minho made an impressive jump, but the Idol team still lost, by a mere 20 cm. The teams headed inside for the day’s finale: Hide-and-Seek, Olympics style. As a reminder, the teams would have to switch off every 10 minutes between being hiders and seekers. They were started with the Running Man team being the ones who do the seeking and Idol team having to hide. Minho and Sulli made a run for it as soon as the speakers announced the switch, leaving Yong-hwa to fend for himself. But then, SpartAce (Jongkook and Jihyo) searched for Minho and found him behind a display. They quickly took him out. The jailed players were surprised to see Minho join them, and they all marveled over Jong-kook’s keen ability to hone in on his opponents. Minho confirmed that the idols’ original plan was to take Spartakooks out first, but he was nowhere to be found. Although the Idol team had been giving their best to be the winners, at the end, the Running Man team were the real winners and received the prize. As with the previous time he appeared in Running Man, Minho was known well as someone who liked sport a lot and was a fierce competitor who enjoy the race in this episode, too. He competed with so much spirit, fighting in all the races and trying his best.

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