If you already know who she is just by knowing those hints, well, you’re right. She’s Cheng Xiao from Cosmic Girls, also called WJSN. Cheng Xiao is one of the 13 girls from Cosmic Girls or WJSN that debuted under Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment. Not only is she popular for her pretty doll-like face, but she also has awesome dancing skills. She’s also popular with her flexible body! Cheng Xiao debuted at a very young age, but she already got her name big not only in Korea but also in her home country, China. Let’s dig in more about Cheng Xiao in the next sections below!

Cheng Xiao’s Full Profile

Before we go further into getting to know Cheng Xiao, let’s learn about her profile first. She probably shares the same zodiac as you or has the same blood type as you. Knowing basic things about Cheng Xiao is indeed the first thing you should do! Well, let’s see the profile right here! Full Name: Chéng Xiāo Chinese Name: 程潇 Korean Name: 성소 Stage Name: Cheng Xiao Nicknames: Chunri, Xiao Xiao, Xiaomei, Jigxiao, etc. Birthdate: July 15, 1998 Birthplace: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Zodiac Sign: Cancer Education: Shenzhen Martial Arts Academy, Seoul of Performing Arts High School Position: Center, sub vocal, main dancer Occupation: Singer, idol Blood Type: B Height: 166 cm Shoe Size: 225mm Weight: 51.2 kg Debut: 2016 Family: Parents, 1 little sister (Chéng Chén) Unit Group: Wonder and ενύπνιον Agency: Starship Entertainment, Yuehua Entertainment Instagram: @chengxiao_0715 Weibo: Cheng Xiao’s Weibo

Cheng Xiao’s Pre-Debut

Before successfully debuting as an idol, Cheng Xiao was only a little girl from Shenzen, Guangdong, China, who had a big dream. She learned Chinese dance for almost ten years. No wonder her body is really flexible. Cheng Xiao also learned martial arts when she moved to Korea to be a trainee. Cheng Xiao who is the firstborn in her family left home to be a trainee at a very young age, 16 years old. Thanks to her talent in dancing, she made it to be a trainee in big agencies such as JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment. It’s the same agency as her role model, Victoria Song from f(x). But, her destiny wasn’t for there. Cheng Xiao left the agencies for others for some years. Luckily, she still got to learn new things in each company that she went to. Finally, Cheng Xiao signed with Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment. The agency included her in the line-up of a girl group called Cosmic Girls.

Cheng Xiao’s Debut in Cosmic Girls

Cosmic Girls or WJSN officially debuted on February 25, 2016, right after they released their debut song “MoMoMo.” Cheng Xiao and the rest of the girls were introduced weeks before the debut date by releasing teaser photos one by one. It turned out that the girls that would debut in Cosmic Girls came from both South Korea and China. Cheng Xiao is one of the Chinese girls in the group along with Mei Qi and Xuan Yi. Due to her amazing dancing skills, Cheng Xiao became the main dancer of the group. She also became the center of the group. No wonder, she has a beautiful face that won’t let anyone forget about her. Let’s see the first debut stage of Cosmic Girls or WJSN on Mnet Countdown!

Let’s not forget the music video of “MoMoMo.” Cheng Xiao even became the thumbnail of the video!

What do you think about Cheng Xiao when she had just debuted with Cosmic Girls? Do you think she was cuter back then? Well, share your thoughts in the comments.

Cheng Xiao in Cosmic Girls: Dance Skills, Flexible Body, Etc.

We mentioned a lot of times that Cheng Xiao has a very amazing skill in dancing despite her young age. What are her dancing skills like, you may ask? Well, let’s figure it out one by one. Cheng Xiao has a flexible body. It could be because she learned dancing since she was a little girl. She also said that she has been learning Chinese dance for around ten years. Can you imagine how young she was when she started to dance? No wonder she has a flexible body, she trained for dancing when her body was still little. Cheng Xiao can also dance ballet. She joined a reality show called Swan Club in 2017. She’s a beautiful ballerina in a ballet dress!

Cheng Xiao also did a cover of “Let it Go” from the Frozen movie with a ballet dance. She’s really talented!

Despite being the youngest member of the show, Cheng Xiao really had a talent for ballet. Look at her flexibility!

Not only having good dancing skills but Cheng Xiao also has wonderful skills in rhythmic gymnastics. She won the gold medal in the rhythmic gymnastic category in ISAC.

Cheng Xiao is so talented, and all the dancing dresses make her look like a Barbie doll. Don’t you agree?

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