In this article, Channel-Korea will be providing you all you need to know about ex-Hello Venus’ Alice’s activities after she left the group. So, stay tuned!

Departure From Fantagio Entertainment

On April 26, 2019, by way of an official statement, Fantagio Music revealed that Hello Venus’s members were going their separate ways to pursue their individual careers, including Alice. The statement reads as follows: Hello. This is Fantagio Music. First of all, we express sincere gratitude to the fans who have cherished and loved the group Hello Venus for a long time. The exclusive contracts of some members of Hello Venus (Alice, Nara, Lime, Yooyoung, Seoyoung, Yeoreum) with Fantagio Music will expire on May 8, 2019. After much discussion with the members about Hello Venus’s future activities, we came to the agreement to show support for each other in each individual’s desired activities in various areas for the futures of the members. Although the Hello Venus members still have a special relationship, we would like to cheer them on for each other individual paths. Seoyoung and Yeoreum, who joined as Hello Venus members in 2014, will continue activities under our agency, and we are positively discussing with Yooyoung and Lime about contract renewals. Lastly, Alice and Nara made final decisions to [leave] on a positive note to chase their new dreams, and we have decided to respect those decisions. We express our gratitude to the six members of artist Hello Venus, who have always shown their best from their debut until now. In addition, we will cheer on and support the desired individual paths of each of the members, and we will do our best to help so that they can grow in the future. We express our sincere gratitude to the many fans who have sent constant love and support to Hello Venus over the past seven years, and we ask for your warm interest and support for the members who are awaiting new beginnings. Thank you. Here’s what Korean netizens commented on the subject of the group’s disbandment, as reported by Netizenbuzz: [+358, -10] They lasted for a long time for seven years… [+246, -10] Don’t know who they are except for Kwon Nara… 4. [+14, -4] They had a lot of good songs.. but went downhill after Yoo Ara left [+13, -2] A seven year contract is pretty much the entire life span of an idol group. Seems most groups disband and part ways at that point. Sad to see them go… they had the support of a lot of male fans. [+11, -2] Nara should go into acting~ [+10, -0] It’s better for Nara to go off alone [+8, -0] Seems like it’s difficult for most girl groups to survive after the five or six year point. Most transition into acting or are basically kicked out of the industry. And this is what international fans on Twitter had to say about the same topic:

— ju⁷♡fer luli may zarmin gata chu lua lena kai juni (@kwonsohyun) April 30, 2019

But at least I am at peace knowing this now rather than left wondering. I am thankful to have followed them all these years. I don’t regret it. — ⋆ 데일리 윤조 ⋆ (@dailyoonjo) April 26, 2019 What a piece of heartbreaking news to hear about girl-groups being disbanded one by one. Let’s hope the best for all the members in their careers, and, hopefully, we will see them more in another project in the future!

Drama Musical Youth Rise

Actor Lee Si-gang celebrates the theater festival stage, and Alice, using her real name, Song Ju-hee, also joined the cast! Lee Si-gang will perform as Park Jang-ho, an energetic young man at the ‘Adolescent Eruption Exhibition’, a theater production at the theater festival ‘Exit No. No. 1 ‘ Festival, which will be opened at the Dream Art Center at Seoul University. Lee Si-gang plays the role of Jang-ho, a hot-blooded young man who runs away from a rich home, where he cannot stand injustice at the expense of his own injustice and respects his truth. “I will play an annual drama,” he said. “When I first found this job at the invitation of actress Jung Ae-yeon, I thought that the background of the drama might be a bit heavy, but I became fascinated by the story of balancing the game with the energy of young people and not telling the story too heavy or too light. Indirectly there is a part to participate with the audience, so please come and heal.” Lee Si-gang plans to release the web drama ‘Mongdang, Fall Out‘ this month. The drama ‘Youth Rise’, starring Lee Si-gang, Jung Ae-yeon and Song Ju-hee (Hello Venus’ Alice), was performed at the Daehakro Dream Art Center from 21-25 of August, 2019.

Support From Hello Venus Members

It’s good to know that the Hello Venus members came to support Alice in the theater! As we mentioned before, Alice joined a drama musical and performed at Daehakro Dream Art Center, and her former band-mates came to watch her and give her the warmest support. What a lovely friendship they have! Let’s see what netizens commented about this: [+2] thank you very much it’s a beautiful moment [+2] thought never see her again. fighting [+2] alice hellovenus fighting! ❤️ It is a beautiful moment, indeed.

Alice’s Latest News

Alice is active on Instagram, where she connects personally with her fans and posts her latest selcas or recent projects. You should definitely follow her account to keep up with her updates on her life: @hv_alice. She already has more than one thousand followers and more than two hundreds posts. Let’s check out her posts! Alice posted this photo on her Instagram on July 28, 2019, with a long, wavy hairstyle and a fresh smile. In particular, her innocent visual captivates the viewer. The netizens who saw the picture left comments such as “fighting,” “I love you,” “How long is this,” and “It’s a very precious picture.” That was all the information about Alice’s whereabouts since her departure from Hello Venus. Let’s keep supporting her for her future projects! And don’t forget to kindly leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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