Lee Byung-hun’s Net Worth: 20 Million US Dollar

Lee Byung-hun’s net worth speculation is more likely more than 20-25 million US dollars. At the beginning of his career as an actor, he appeared in The Harmonium in My Memory and Asphalt Man in 1991. He becomes more recognized year by year with his acting skill in various films Joint Security, Bungee Jumping on Their Own, Beautiful Days, The Good, The Bad, The Weird, and A Bittersweet Life. Moreover, he also started getting awards as Best Actor in the Busan Film Critics, 52nd Baeksang Award,37th Blue Dragon, 53th Grand Bell Award, and present an Academy award in 2016. This marked the first Korean that could appear in Oscar. After all his dedication to acting, he also did an investment in something that he believe in since the ’90s. His byname of him such as the best-paid actor and the richest actor brings a lot of meaning to his net worth really like. He might get more than 20-25 million and he deserved that.

Lee Byung-hun’s Assets: BH Entertainment, Apparel Shop, House

The successful actor could maintain his net worth by doing more than one investment. Lee Byung-hun has many assets such as building BH Entertainment, the management company which also manages many actors in South Korea. He has also managed an apparel shop called BHNC that sells fashion icons like scarves, hats, wallets, and so on. He is smart enough to start his business empire in the early 90s which bring fruitful results in the era he didn’t much active in the entertainment industry. Lee Byung-hun also owns a restaurant chain, Fat Lee Burger in Seoul, a football team the Seoul Angels, Vodka Pure Wonderlee, perfume With Love from Byung-hun, and clothing line Lee Byung-hun seduction. He married Lee Min-jung and has a big house in Seoul and Los Angeles around Universal Studios. It cost around 2 million US dollars. This is how might he surpass the net worth of 20 million. What do you think?

Lee Byung-hun’s Income Source in 2022: Endorsement, TV, Movie/Series

He becomes a television star in 2018 and Gallup Korea’s actor of the year in 2012 with her five highest-gross films The Good, The Bad, and The Weird, Masquerade, Inside Men, Master, and Joint Security Area. Lee Byung-hun charisma is never blunt, right the incredible cool movie Squid Game succeeds on Netflix just recently. Lee Byung-hyun acted with Park Hae-so, Jung Ho-yeon becomes the frontman of the traditional thriller games. It raise his net worth eventually. Besides, Lee Byung got a highly paid endorsement from Sirius Smartphone. The actor who graduated from Chung-Ang University in Theater and Cinematography also found donated to a children’s hospital around 87,200 US dollars or 100 million won in Seoul. He gives back to the community after all his wealth. On his Instagram, he often shares his new activity in movies and highlighted his career, check it out now! That’s all Lee Byung-hun’s net worth might come from and speculate. Which point made you astonished? Put your comment and share your thought on social media too!

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