It somehow made people curious about their relationship, how did they meet, and who was Lee Dong-hwi’s girlfriend before he dated Jung Ho-yeon. Let’s check out all the details regarding Lee Dong-hwi’s girlfriend and his love story in this article below by Channel-Korea!

Lee Dong-hwi Is Dating Jung Ho-yeon

Lee Dong-hwi is an actor and singer under Key East Entertainment and was popularly known for his role in Reply 1988. Just like the common Korean stars, Lee Dong-hwi is quite ‘free’ when it comes to relationships and he doesn’t hide the whole part of his personal life. Turns out, the actor went public with his relationship. Yes, Lee Dong-hwi has a girlfriend named Jung Ho-yeon. The two of them have been dating since 2016. At that time, the local media reported that both Lee Dong-hwi and Jung Ho-yeon have free personalities and don’t hide their affection toward each other. Lee Dong-hwi’s past agency, Shim Entertainment, also revealed, “He [Lee Dong-hwi] didn’t want to lie about his relationship [with Jung Ho-yeon],” at that time.

Jung Ho-yeon is a Model and Actress

For those of you who have no idea who Jung Ho-yeon is, she is the long-time girlfriend of Lee Dong-hwi and their relationship has remained strong until now. Jung Ho-yeon was initially known as a runway model and she has been working together with various luxury brands as their model such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Miu Miu, and many more. However, she took a challenge within her career path by joining the acting industry in 2021. Jung Ho-yeon made her acting debut through the Korean Netflix series Squid Game. Due to the huge success of the series, Jung Ho-yeon and her fellow cast members received a lot of praise and gained more recognition. Even Jung Ho-yeon was able to receive many awards for her acting, meet a lot of Hollywood stars, she even appeared as a model in Hollywood singer, The Weeknd’s music video titled “Out of Time”.

Lee Dong-hwi and Jung Ho-yeon’s Moments

Although Lee Dong-hwi and Jung Ho-yeon are busy with their schedules nowadays, the couple is taking some time to have quality time together. In one of Jung Ho-yeon’s interviews, she revealed that Lee Dong-hwi was very caring toward her, he even asked her to stay healthy and return home safely whenever she would go abroad. Before Jung Ho-yeon was well-known as an actress, the couple were spotted together many times, even Lee Dong-hwi also posted their picture together on social media. Just like ordinary couples, they have dinner together, walk around to spend time together, even Lee Dong-hwi went to watch Jung Ho-yeon while she was on her runway.

Lee Dong-hwi’s Other Dating Rumors

Very often, Korean actors get involved in dating rumors with their female co-stars. Especially after they have developed such amazing chemistry in the drama and how they made people desire their chemistry even more in the real life. Things are quite different with Lee Dong-hwi because he hasn’t been involved in any dating rumors throughout his career so far. Since his relationship with Jung Ho-yeon went public in 2016, their relationship has remained solid until now. Even before he dated Jung Ho-yeon, the actor was never linked to other female celebrities. That’s everything about Lee Dong-hwi and details about his girlfriend. He has made everyone amazed with his long-time relationship with his girlfriend, and we hope that their relationship will last forever. Don’t you also think that Lee Dong-hwi is kind of a loyal boyfriend? Leave a comment with thoughts in the section below, and don’t forget to kindly share this article on your social media!

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