He has incredible talent in acting. So, let’s check out Lee Jae-wook’s profile, pre-debut, facts, drama roles highlights, Instagram, and relationship, in this Channel-Korea article below!

Lee Jae-wook’s Profile

Name: Lee Jae-Wook (Hangeul: 이재욱) Birthday: May 10th, 1998 Zodiac: Taurus Height: 187 cm Blood Type: O Instagram: jxxvvxxk

13 Lee Jae-wook Facts

  1. He graduated from Chung-Ang University with a major in drama.
  2. Lee Jae-wook loves watching movies and writing by hand in his spare time.
  3. He likes to draw mind maps with a pen to understand his character in a drama.
  4. He enjoys drinking soju and beer.
  5. Lee Jae-wook’s first drama role was in Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.
  6. He really enjoys the romance genre.
  7. IU is his favorite singer.
  8. Lee Jae-wook likes summer, coffee, beach, singing, and movies.
  9. Lee Jae-wook loves to watch Good Will Hunting.
  10. He likes to enjoy a ski resort while vacationing.
  11. He is a positive person.
  12. His ideal type is someone who has a positive mind and vibe.
  13. Lee Jae-wook signed a contract with C-JeS Entertainment on April 28th, 2021.

Lee Jae-wook Pre Debut

Before getting into acting, Lee Jae-wook used to be a wedding photoshoot model. Look at this picture, so sweet and dreamy ya! He became an actor under VAST Entertainment and debuted in the drama Memories of The Alhambra in 2018. Then, he left the agency on March 22nd, 2021. Lee Jae-wook graduated from Chung-Ang University with a major in Theater Arts, so he technically has both the knowledge and the talent. Moreover, here’s Lee Jae-wook’s photo from his middle school graduation. Looking cute with the glasses and his love sign! This photo even went viral after his amusing acting in some of the dramas he has appeared in.

Highlights of Lee Jae-wook’s Acting in Dramas

Lee Jae-wook was awarded as the winner of the Rookie of the Year Award at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards for Extraordinary You. He succeeded to attract people to his character in the drama. Below are the highlights of Lee Jae-wook’s acting in dramas.

Lee Jae-wook in Search: WWW

In the drama Search: WWW, Lee Jae-wook acted as Seol Ji-hwan, a rookie actor who is loved by Scarlett, a fan of his who turns into his girlfriend. Looking cute! He has a naive and compassionate character that made people feel warm to see his role in this drama. Have you watched it?

Lee Jae-wook in Memories of Alhambra

Lee Jae-wook played Marco Han who is a drug-addicted hacker. He acted this role so different from the usual role he had with red eyes, grimy hair, untidy appearance. Lee Jae-wook as Marco portrayed someone who will do anything to reach what he wants. Because of his acting in Memories of Alhambra, Hyun Bin took him into another project. Cool!

Lee Jae-wook in True Beauty

Lee Jae-wook appeared as a cameo in the drama True Beauty; as Baek Kyung who appeared in Episode 4. He was cast for his role in the drama Extraordinary You with his partner in the drama, Eun Dan-oh (played by Kim Hye-yoon). He was on a date with Eun Dan-oh at the movies, when the lead actor Chae Eun-woo came and misunderstood this couple. You might get curious since it is like an extended scene from the drama Extraordinary You.

Lee Jae-wook in Move To Heaven

Lee Jae-wook acted as Kim Su-cheol in the drama Move To Heaven. He was the best friend of the main character, Sang Goo (played by Lee Je-hoon), who is an MMA fighter. Watching this drama might easily get you absorbed and you are going to deeply feel the emotional turmoil and start crying since the background of the story is about them doing business of arranging goods from deceased people. Life lesson learned and meaningful!

Lee Jae-wook’s Achievements at the Baeksang Art Awards and More

Throughout his acting career, Lee Jae-wook has been considered to be an actor with extraordinary achievements. In a short time, he has already managed to get distinct achievements such as the Excellent Actor Award at the 2020 KBS Drama Awards. Moreover, at the Baeksang Art Awards, Lee Jae-wook got nominated for the Best New Actor-Television Award in Extra-Ordinary You at the 2020 MBC Drama Awards. Cool!

Lee Jae-wook’s Instagram Activity

Lee Jae-wook seems to be quite active on his Instagram account updating his activities. Look at his charming visual on this social media!

Lee Jae-wook’s Relationship Status: Is He Married and does He Have a Girlfriend?

Unfortunately, Lee Jae-wook has not yet revealed his girlfriend. Some of the photos online showing him in a wedding set with a beautiful girl are only part of his work before debuting as an actor. His ideal type is someone who has a positive mindset about life. Sounds so philosophical and sweet! Do you think you are his type? Either way, don’t forget to support Lee Jae-wook in his career all the way. Also, kindly drop a line with your thoughts and opinions below, and feel free to share the article on Twitter!

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