But, hey, instead of the lead actor, do you know that there are also some supporting roles in Korean dramas that have managed to steal our attention? Wait, what? Is it possible for supporting roles to catch our attention and steal our hearts? Well, of course, yes! One of the examples of a supporting role actor that has a good charm and is quite charismatic is Lee Ji-hoon who has appeared in some popular K-Dramas. However, Lee Ji-hoon’s roles are not usually the center of the story. He usually is the second lead or the side role who appears only a little in every episode. But still, it would seem that the viewers can’t easily forget him and his character. Lee Ji-hoon has brilliant acting skills and he often gets roles as a side character. He started his acting career by playing in School 2013, a Korean drama that got Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin as the lead actors. Years later, he got a lot of drama offers and got a chance to play in many Korean dramas along with famous Korean actors and actresses. However, after all this time, Lee Ji-hoon is still entertaining us by portraying supporting roles instead of playing the main characters. But still, that doesn’t mean Lee Ji-hoon cannot steal our hearts with each of his small appearances in every Korean drama that he has starred in. Let’s take a look at Lee Ji-hoon‘s dramas that have made us fall in love with him and want to see him as a lead actor!

Lee Ji-hoon in You Are the Best!

After starring in his first drama, School 2013, Lee Ji-hoon got another role in a KBS drama titled You Are the Best! in the same year as School 2013. This drama tells a story about a girl named Lee Soon-shin who lives a miserable life, especially after her father dies. Lee Soon-shin always finds herself not attractive and unlucky, compared to her two older sisters who are prettier and more successful. One day, Lee Soon-shin meets the CEO of an entertainment agency and gets a chance to debut as an actress. In this drama, Lee Ji-hoon played as Jo In-sung, the right-hand of the lead character, Shin Joon-ho who is portrayed by actor Jo Jung-suk. In-sung is also a secretary of Gabi Entertainment, the entertainment agency in which the CEO is Shin Joon-ho. He is always by Shin Joon-ho’s side when he’s inside the office. In-sung as the secretary of Shin Joon-ho is being asked to look after Lee Soon-shin, the lead female character who is portrayed by IU. In-sung has a playful and humorous character, so he balanced the cold figure of Shin Joon-ho who doesn’t smile or laugh much. In-sung also has a romantic plot with Chan-mi, who is a friend of Soon-shin as well as the personal assistant of Lee Soon-shin after she debuted as an actress.

Lee Ji-hoon in School 2013

This is the debut drama of Lee Ji-hoon where he starred as a student in Class 2. His character’s name is also Lee Ji-hoon, and Lee Ji-hoon in the drama is a bad student who always causes trouble in class along with Lee Yi-kyung (portrayed by actor Lee Yi-kyung) and Oh Jung-ho, the leader of the gang, portrayed by Kwak Jung-wook. The three of them are bullies who like to bully the nerd students in the class. They also like to fight among students and even the teacher. There are days where they skip school just to play around and even smoke. Even though they are the bad characters, but they still have a strong bond with each other. As time goes by, the trio of bullies starts to change into good students little by little. Lee Ji-hoon is the first one who shows his good side among the three. Let’s take a look at pictures of Lee Ji-hoon with Class 2 students in School 2013.

Lee Ji-hoon in The Legend of the Blue Sea

Do you know that the famous drama that had Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun as the lead actor and actress, The Legend of the Blue Sea, is also the drama where Lee Ji-hoon succeeded to steal our attention? Even among big actors and actresses like Lee Min-ho, Jun Ji-hyun, etc., Lee Ji-hoon still managed to keep his character high up and get recognition from viewers. Lee Ji-hoon portrayed the character Heo Chi-hyun, the step-brother of Heo Joon-jae, portrayed by Lee Min-ho. Heo Chi-hyun is the antagonist character of this drama, however, a lot of viewers had their attention turned to him and even claimed that he’s a lovable character despite his role. Hoe Chi-hyun approaches Shim Chung, the lead female character portrayed by Jun Ji-hyun in order to get something from Shim Chung. Some viewers even asked for a love triangle between Heo Jae-joon, Shim Chung, and Heo Chi-hyun. He appears as an ordinary character with a mysterious motive, then shows up as an antagonist instead and that made people amazed. Let’s take a look at a short clip of how Lee Ji-hoon managed to steal our attention by being a bad person in The Legend of the Blue Sea!


Lee Ji-hoon in Your House Helper

Lee Ji-hoon appeared in a drama titled Your House Helper in 2018 where he portrayed the character of a young lawyer. This drama also had Ha Seok-jin, WJSN’s Bona, Go Won-hee, etc. Your House Helper tells the story of Ha Seok-jin’s character named Kim Ji-woon who works as a house helper, he likes to do house cleaning even though he comes from a wealthy family. Same as Ji-woon, Lee Ji-hoon’s character named Kwon Jin-kook also comes from a wealthy family. Not only he became a lawyer at a young age, but he also has a perfectionist character. He happens to meet Sang-ah, a character played by Go Won-hee who is just as perfectionist as him. But seeing the two become closer and develop their romantic relationship is so heartwarming. Kwon Jin-kook, even though he is not good with his love life, he adores Sang-ah so much. The chemistry between Kwon Jin-kook and the other characters is also a reason why you should watch Your House Helper. Lee Ji-hoon has managed to steal our attention once again!

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