How many K-Dramas have you watched with Lee Jin-wook as one of the cast members? In this article, we will discuss Lee Jin-wook’s top dramas that you must watch because the storyline is very interesting. What are you waiting for? Let’s check the details in the section below!

Spy Myung-wol

In 2011, Lee Jin-wook appeared in a K-Drama titled Spy Myung-wol. This drama was broadcast by KBS2 and has other main cast members like Han Ye-seul and Eric Mun. This drama has a total of 18 episodes. In Spy Myung-wol, Lee Jin-wook plays as Choi Ryu. Choi Ryu has a duty and with Han Myung-wol (played by Han Ye-seul), they are both sent by the North Korean government to stop the expansion of the Hallyu Wave that has swept the world by kidnapping Kang Woo (played by Eric Mun) the idol actor. Choi Ryu’s duty is to help Myung-wol so that Kang Woo can fall in love as one of their missions. Meanwhile, Choi Ryu also realizes that he too has fallen in love with Myung-wol. The dilemma between love for the motherland and love for Kang Woo leaves Myung-wol in trouble. If you are interested in watching this drama, you can see how actor Lee Jin-wook who has a serious expression can also play romantic characters.

I Need Romance

In 2012, Lee Jin-wook returned to the K-Drama show broadcast on tvN. This time, Lee Jin-wook was cast as Yoon Seok-hyun in the drama I Need Romance. This drama has a total of 16 episodes. In this drama, Lee Jin-wook also played with several famous actresses and other actors, such as Jung Yu-mi, Kim Ji-seok, Kim Ye-won, and many more. In I Need Romance, Yoon Seok-hyun is said to be a man who had a childhood friend named Joo Yeol-mae (played by Jung Yu-mi). They live close together and have often played until they grew up together. Yoon Seok-hyun and Joo Yeol-mae have also been dating for 12 years and have broken up 5 times. Even though Yoon Seok-hyun has very handsome visuals and a tall body, he made a lot of women happy with his character who is difficult for others to understand. Yoon Seok-hyun actually really loved Joo Yeol-mae and wanted to marry her because they were both 30 years old. One time, Joo Yeol-mae went on a blind date and met another man. However, did Yoon Seok-hyun win the heart of the woman he was with?


In 2013, Lee Jin-wook was present as one of the cast members of the drama Nine which was broadcast on tvN. The actor who had studied at Cheongju University played a character named Park Sun-woo. Nine is a drama that has a genre of romance, time travel and mystery which also has a total of 20 episodes. This drama also has another title as Nine: Nine Time Travels (Hangul: 나인: 아홉 번의 시간 여행). This drama is about a news anchor at a TV station named Park Sun Woo (played by Lee Jin-wook) who is in love with a colleague who is none other than his junior at the office named Joo Min-young (played by Jo Yoon-hee). Min-young admires and loves Sun-woo for a long time, ever since they first met in the recruitment of new journalists. But Sun-woo only opens his heart 5 years later and realizes that he really loves her. Park Sun-woo then meets Joo Min-young in Nepal to propose. Actually, his main mission to visit Nepal is not only to meet his lover Min-young who was covering there but at the same time wants to see the body of his brother who died while climbing the Himalayan mountains. Sun-woo then finds 9 magical incense sticks that are none other than his brother’s. Each incense stick is 30 cm in size which can only be used for 30 minutes of time travel to the past 20 years and if the incense has burned down, then Sun-woo will automatically return to the present time. The nine incense sticks allow him to change whatever he wants to change (his term against destiny), as well as to uncover the mystery of his father’s death 20 years ago.

The Three Musketeers

In 2014, Lee Jin-wook returned to play one of the characters in the K-Drama The Three Musketeers. The drama was broadcast on tvN in 2014 and Lee Jin-wook played the role of Crown Prince Sohyeon. Initially, the drama The Three Musketeers was to be made in 3 seasons, but because the rating was low there is no continuation of this K-Drama. The Three Musketeers is set in the Joseon dynasty in the reign of King Injo. One of the samchongsa or three musketeers turned out to be Crown Prince Sohyeon (played by Lee Jin-wook) and two best friends and bodyguards Heo Seung-po (Yang Dong-geun) and An Min-seo played by Jung Hae-in). The Crown Prince saw the love letter written by young Yoon Seo (played by Park So-young) to Park Dal-hyang (played by Park Chang-ik). Surprisingly, Yoon Seo (played by Seo Hyun-jin) turns out to be the wife of Crown Prince Sohyeon (played by Lee Jin-wook). Park Dal-hyang (played by Jung Yong-hwa) is, of course, very devastated that now his goal of taking the national military exam is gone.

In this drama, the love story between Crown Prince Sohyeon and Crown Princess develops very sweetly and the friendship of the three musketeers is also very silly and funny. It is precisely the character that makes the audience feel a bit upset that is the role of Park Dal-hyang.

The Time We Were Not in Love

In 2015, Lee Jin-wook returned to fame for his presence in one of the dramas that aired on SBS under the title The Time We Were Not in Love. This drama has a total of 16 episodes. In this drama, Lee Jin-wook plays a character named Choi Won. In addition, the actor also collided with several other famous actresses and actors, such as Ha Ji-won, Yoon Kyun-sang, Choo Soo-hyun, Ko Won-hee, and many more. This drama tells the story of Oh Ha-na (played by Ha Ji-won) who is a friend and neighbor from the age of 17 to those 34 years with a man named Choi Won (played by Lee Jin-wook). Oh Ha-na is a career woman who works at a shoe manufacturer and Choi Won is a steward at an airline. Both of them seem to complement each other so there is love present in the midst of the two of them. Spoiler alert from this drama is the happy ending of the relationship between Choi Won and Oh Ha-na because they both eventually get married and are told that they are holding a wedding in front of their home. The theme of this drama is a friendship that ends in love which made it into the SBS Drama Awards nominations.

Goodbye Mr. Black

In 2016, Lee Jin-wook returned to appear as one of the actors in a K-Drama that was broadcast on MBC under the title Goodbye Mr. Black. This drama has thriller and romance genres. The drama has a total of 20 episodes and has successfully aired internationally to various overseas countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and The Philippines. Cha Ji-won (played by Lee Jin-wook) is a navy member who experienced a shocking incident while he was in Thailand. He found his father dead and when he wanted to find out the details of the incident, he was falsely accused of killing someone. He was hunted by the police. Cha Ji-won decides to hide temporarily, where he meets Khaya (played by Moon Chae-won) with whom he then pretends to be husband and wife to protect Ji-won’s identity. In his hiding, Ji-won gives the name Swan to Khaya, while Ji-won himself changes his name to Mr. Black. Cha Ji-won is trying to find the truth about the murder of the father and the disappearance of the younger brother. Not only that, intrigue over the power struggle of his father’s company, also became an exciting story in itself. Even Cha Ji-won during the action didn’t work alone.

Voice 2 & 3

In 2018 and 2019, Lee Jin-wook took on the role of a character that was very different from the characters he had previously played in dramas. He was confirmed to be one of the main actors in the drama series titled Voice which was broadcast on OCN. Lee Jin-wook plays Do Kang-woo in Voice 2 which has a total of 12 episodes and Voice 3 which has a total of 16 episodes. In contrast to most criminal dramas that usually focus on detectives or police chasing criminals, Voice 2 picks up stories from officers who work at the Emergency Call Center 112. Shows the workings of officers in solving criminal problems in the shortest time possible. In each episode, it displays a crime that will make you cringe and increase your heart rate: from sadistic murders, kidnappings, hostages, to the cooperation of officers at the 112 Emergency Call Center and detectives to catch criminals. The drama Voice 2 also features a cool twist plot in each episode. So, 1 hour of watching each episode will not feel long and certainly not make you bored. Although in Voice 1 the main character in this drama is actor Jang Hyuk, in Voice 2 the audience can get to know Lee Jin-wook who replaced his role for several sequels in the future. In this drama, Do Kang-woo has a cold and mysterious personality. He seemed to be a spy on the Golden Time team because he has a dark past that can not be traced. Do Kang-woo also tries as hard as possible to work with the Golden Time team in the midst of his efforts in fighting his own mental problems. In Voice 3, the sequel focuses more on the evil and mysterious people around Do Kang-woo. They are villains who plan many crimes in order to make Do Kang-woo become a villain who will ultimately betray the Golden Time team. In the ending of Voice 3, it is also not too clear if Do Kang-woo died or just disappeared. This drama succeeded in becoming a thriller and action drama that had a large audience nationally and internationally. There are also those who think that the actors and actresses in this series have very good acting, but in the last episode, Voice became is still hanging and many questions from the plot remain open for interpretation. Let’s wait if there will be a continuation of Voice with a Season 4 this year? Well, those are the top dramas starring actor Lee Jin-wook. Although he is not a typical actor who appears in romantic K-Dramas, some of the roles he plays have a very special meaning, and have brought him a lot of praise for his excellent acting skills. Let’s keep supporting and give lots of love to Lee Jin-wook so we can see his performance again in an upcoming drama!

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