Yi-san is a Crown Prince who is known as a King Jeongjo later. He falls for a Court Lady who later turns into his concubine, Seong Deok-im. The couple has portrayed such beautiful chemistry, even the viewers can’t get over them although the drama has ended. It does the same with Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho who became the drama’s lead role. In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about that, so keep on reading!

Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho’s Romantic Scenes as Seong Deok-im and Yi San

As we have explained before, Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho are a couple in the sageuk drama, The Red Sleeve. From the first episode to the last episode, their character has shared many beautiful moments, but Channel Korea has summarized some of them for you. Check out the details here:

Seong Deok-im is a cheerful yet smart girl despite her background as a girl from a humble family. With her charm, she can make Yi-san who is known as the King falls for her. Even when Deok-im trying to avoid Yi-san, the King has done everything to reach her instead. Indeed, every woman would melt with Yi-san’s gentle actions in many ways!

Aside from romantic scenes, there were also funny yet adorable scenes between Deok-im and Yi-san. It happened when Yi-san started to attract to Deok-im and wanted to tease her a little bit. On the other hand, Deok-im couldn’t do anything but get mad because of Yi-san’s annoying yet funny order toward her!

After Deok-im officially becomes Yi-san’s concubine, the couple’s love has become stronger than before. The moment when Yi-san found out that Deok-im was pregnant with his child might be one of the most touching scenes of The Red Sleeve. It was a mixture of happiness, emotional, yet beautiful at the same time!

Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho Interactions During Off-Screen Time

Don’t miss out on Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho’s moments and interactions during the off-screen time here:

If you have watched The Red Sleeve drama, you might think that the drama was very emotional yet touching. However, your assessment might be changed after watching the couple behind the scenes! Both Lee Se-young and Junho were shared many hilarious moments. They were looked very comfortable with each other, even they could playfully tease each other as well. But once the director said, ‘Action’, Lee Se-young and Junho instantly immerse themselves within their character and hypnotized the people surrounding them. Aside from that, Lee Se-young and Junho can be as adorable as Deok-im and Yi-san. They had an adorable pose with the finger hearts, casually hugged each other while exercising a scene, even shared many jokes!

Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho on ‘Radio Star’

After The Red Sleeve finished with 17 episodes, many fans still can’t get over the chemistry between Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho. Luckily, they got the chance to reunite again by appearing together on MBC‘s Radio Star as the guest star! Throughout the show, Se-young and Junho have talked about The Red Sleeve, even the ‘couple’ have teased each other very often. People can finally get a secret thanks to Lee Se-young’s confession: the actress has used 2PM’s Junho’s picture as her phone screen during the filming of The Red Sleeve!

She explained the reason why she did that was that she wanted to got immerse even more in Seong Deok-im’s character, especially her love for Yi-san. Aside from that, the drama couple told the hosts that they were filming a lot of kissing scenes together, and it also made every staff in the filming location get excited to see them filming that scene. Well, it seems like we aren’t the only ones who can’t get over Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho’s chemistry, right?

Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho Talk about Each Other

It seems like Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho are also acknowledged their chemistry while portraying the character of Seong Deok-im and Yi-san. While filming the drama, they have spent much time together until the stage where they jokingly that it felt as if they were ‘family’. Both Lee Se-young and Junho have also shared their thoughts on each other. According to Lee Se-young, she was considering Junho as the greatest partner while filming The Red Sleeve. “Our chemistry [in the drama] was very good, and I’m happy to be working with him [2PM’s Junho]. He is an actor that I have trusted since the beginning.” Meanwhile, Junho also explained that he got closer to Lee Se-young quickly. “We had gotten too close already [during the filming]. We felt too much like family.”

Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho Aren’t Dating, But Their Chemistry Are Incredible!

No matter how often people are desired to see Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho, it just can’t happen for now. Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho never dated in real life, but they deserve all of those compliments and attention for their amazing acting and chemistry through The Red Sleeve drama. Whether it is on-screen or off-screen, Lee Se-young and Junho have shared a lot of pleasant moments as co-stars and friends. No wonder, both of them have prepared for a long time before they got to star in the drama, and all of their hard work eventually paid off: The Red Sleeve successfully achieved a two-digit rating, even the drama also add 1 additional episode! That’s everything about Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho’s chemistry as a couple and their interactions in real life! Although both of them aren’t dating, we must agree that their chemistry is on another level. Let’s hope to see them in another acting project! Don’t you also think that Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho look good together? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and you can also share this article on your social media!

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