But, how about his love life and dating scandal?

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Lee Seung-gi reportedly dated SNSD’s Yoona in 2014. However, the two of them broke up after almost 2 years of dating. Along the way, Lee Seung-gi was often rumored to date Bae Suzy his co-star in a drama. Then, in 2021, Lee Seung-gi is confirmed to date actress Lee Da-in. Channel Korea will explain the details about Lee Seung-gi’s girlfriend and love life in this article, so get ready!

Lee Seung-gi’s Girlfriend Is Lee Da-in

Lee Seung-gi is confirmed dating his girlfriend, Lee Da-in, in May 2021. Before being caught by the camera, Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in have been secretly dating since 2020. Their agencies confirmed that the dating rumors are true and the two of them started meeting as a senior and junior and began to get to know each other well. Their agencies also asked the fans to support their relationship. However, some fans are against their relationship especially because Lee Da-in’s stepfather was once involved in a business scandal. People who think of Lee Seung-gi’s pure image don’t want him to date Lee Da-in. But, as of now, Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in are still dating. Let’s hope the best for them!

Lee Seung-gi’s Ex-Girlfriend, Yoona

One of the biggest news items that ever came up about Lee Seung-gi’s relationships was when he was in a relationship with SNSD’s Im Yoona. In 2014, they confirmed their relationship status, and some sources said they had already been dating since September 2013. Lee Seung-gi might be the best boyfriend material ever, proven by when he picked Yoona up at her house, and they went to the Han river together. It was just a casual date, just like casual couples often do. From the very beginning, Lee Seung-gi always said that Yoona was his ideal type of woman. When he attended Strong Heart, Lee Seung-gi was even fighting with Super Junior’s Leeteuk and other members of Super Junior to get Yoona, even it was jokingly. Most people said that they were the best couple so far because Lee Seung-gi and Yoona both had pure images, they dated healthily and took care of their privacy, to prevent negative rumors. Lee Seung-gi was already one of the pure idols, without any negative scandals. They were never caught together by paparazzi, except once, in January 2014, when they were spotted by Dispatch. Before their dating scandal was confirmed, Lee Seung-gi never hesitated to admit that he had a crush on Yoona. He said he thought that Yoona was so pretty, and he liked her style. On one occasion Lee Seung-gi said that he only has three female celebrities’ phone numbers in his phone, they were all Lee Seung-gi’s colleagues that were ever in a project with him, and people said he had to put in a lot of effort to get Yoona’s number. Both of their agencies confirmed the relationship. SM Entertainment, Yoona’s agency, announced “Lee Seung-gi and Yoona currently in a phase of getting to know each other,” moreover, Lee Seung-gi’s agency, GiHook Entertainment, said, “We didn’t know the detail because it was a private thing. But it’s true that they’re in a relationship, they’re still young and they’re in good timing to know each other better,” Lee Seung-gi and Yoona were in a relationship for almost two years, but sadly, they split up in 2015. Their bustle was the primary reason why the couple split. When Yoona appeared on OnStyle TV, she was being asked about Lee Seung-gi. She diplomatically said that her girl-group, Girls’ Generation, was more important than her personal love-life, but they ended their relationship in such a good way. The truth of that seemed clear, when Lee Seung-gi got an award in 2017 and made a funny speech, Yoona looked like she was laughing a little when she saw Lee Seung-gi on stage.

Lee Seung-gi’s Dating Rumor with Bae Suzy

Lee Seung-gi was rumored to date Bae Suzy, the former member of Miss A. It was all started after they filmed a drama called Gu Family Book. Their chemistry is overflowing that everyone thinks they are having a relationship. However, the dating rumor is not true and Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy are only senior and junior. This is proven by Bae Suzy that is confirmed dating Lee Min-ho and Lee Seung-gi that is confirmed dating Yoona. Years after that, Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy reunited again by starring in a drama called Vagabond. People are wondering if Bae Suzy who just broke up with Lee Dong-wook will finally be the girlfriend of Lee Seung-gi that has broken up with Yoona? However, once again, their dating rumor is proven not true because Lee Seung-gi is confirmed dating Lee Da-in. But still, the two of them are having a good relationship as friends. That was all the information about Lee Seung-gi who is now dating Lee Da-in. Some sources said that Lee Seung-gi is keeping his ‘pure’ image, so there’s nothing much about his past girlfriends, except for Girls’ Generation’s Yoona. Let’s wish the best for Lee Seung-gi’s love life! Make sure to check out news about Lee Seung-gi and other Korean celebrities on Channel Korea.

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