She played in the drama along with actor Nam Joo-hyuk, and after it ended, they were confirmed to be dating for more than five months. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last long, because of their busy work schedules. Even though Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk broke up, they are still on good terms as colleagues. Since breaking up with Nam Joo-hyuk, she’s been rumored to be dating other actors. But, nothing is confirmed to be true, so Lee Sung-kyung is single right now. Now, let’s find out more about Lee Sung-kyung’s love life: who Lee Sung-kyung’s ex-boyfriend is, and who she’s seeing now. Check this out!

Lee Sung-kyung’s Is Likely Single

Lee Sung-kyung and her agency have not confirmed that she is dating anyone right now, so she’s likely single. There is a slight chance that she is dating someone behind the camera, but we will never know until reporters caught Lee Sung-kyung dating someone and wait for confirmation. Just like what happened to her confirmed relationship with Nam Joo-hyuk. So, Lee Sung-kyung is publicly single until there is a news release about her dating someone. Let’s wait until she found her new love again!

Lee Sung-kyung’s Dating Experience

In a Radio Star interview, Lee Sung-kyung was asked about her dating experience. Without hesitation, Lee Sung-kyung gave an honest answer when she said, “I didn’t date when I was in high school. I met my first boyfriend when I was 21 years old. He was a friend who went to my church.” She then gave more details, “usually girls tend to be hesitant, but I’m actually more prominent, I think he likes that about me. He is a soldier, and we are dating for a year.” She explained her first love in detail, saying, “when I first met him, he looked good and made me think it would be fine to meet him. There were embarrassing and embarrassing moments, and we also saw the bad side of each other. I thought, ‘Is it okay to meet him?’ but when it was around 3 months, I found myself thinking, ‘What is love?’ That is the first time I say ‘I love you’.”

Lee Sung-kyung’s Ex-Boyfriend, Nam Joo-hyuk

Lee Sung-kyung’s ex-boyfriend is someone who is close to her, Nam Joo-hyuk. Lee Sung-kyung had confirmed dating Nam Joo-hyuk in early 2017 but in August 2017 they ended their relationship. Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk came from the same agency, YG Entertainment. Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk started their relationship by becoming senior and junior. Their close relationship turned into love, especially after starring in a drama together, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo that was filmed in 2016. Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk who have been close before showing great chemistry as a romantic couple in the drama. In December 2016, after they finished filming for the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, they headed out for a date night. Dispatch reports the couple saw each other whenever they didn’t have a drama filming scheduled. In April, 2017, the couple went on a church date. Lee Sung-kyung left home wearing a wig and a baseball cap and, when she arrived at the church, she switched to a bucket hat. Nam Joo-hyuk wore the same type of bucket hat and a mask to disguise himself. However, Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk’s relationship ended less than a year after they confirmed their relationship to the public. YG Entertainment told media outlets, “It’s true that Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk have decided to break up.” The label relayed that they will remain close senior and junior. Well, let’s pray for the best for them!

Lee Sung-kyung’s Dating Rumors

Besides the dating news between her and Nam Joo-hyuk, Lee Sung-kyung had some dating rumors revolved around her. Which one is true? Check out this session to find out the truth about the dating rumors between Lee Sung-kyung and male celebrities!

Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Seung-gi Looks Like a Bride, But They Are Not Dating

Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Seung-gi once fooled people eyes because they look like a real couple, but turns out they are not actually dating. In January 2018, Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Seung-gi became a hot topic because of their amazing chemistry that people think they are dating. They were both selected as MCs for the famous music awards show, 32nd Golden Disc Awards. They became topics of speculation because the clothes they wore looked so much like wedding clothes. Lee Sung-kyung appeared in a white dress with a lot of silver ornaments, while Lee Seung-gi appeared in a black suit with silver ornaments on his left chest. They looked like a couple about to get married. As we know, Lee Sung-kyung broke up with Nam Joo-hyuk, while Lee Seung-gi has also broken up with his last girlfriend, Girls Generation’s Im Yoon-ah. However, the dating rumors are not true because Lee Seung-gi has a girlfriend. Lee Seung-gi is confirmed to date Lee Da-in.

Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Jong-suk’s Dating Rumors: They Are Only Friends

Lee Sung-kyung was also rumored to be dating Lee Jong-suk, but they quickly confirmed that they weren’t, and their relationship just a friendly one, and they proved their friendship. Apparently, they have been friends for 10 years. In one interview, Lee Sung-kyung talked about her friendships with fellow celebrities, especially with Lee Jong-suk. She said, “I hope people won’t say that again. All images of my activities are accessible to everyone online, and it feels like I’m the only one they say has a ‘rich celebrity network’. It’s a shame. Because of this, people seem to think there is something special about me, but I really am no different from other artists. We only become close when working together. And that’s crazy, but there are many cases where I know someone before they became famous. “ She continued, “As you know, I have been friends with Lee Jong Suk for 10 years. We all have one another’s ugliness from the past. I’m also close to Choi Tae-joon, we used to live in the same neighborhood.” She added, “Since high school, I already have many good friends, male and female friends. Even if there are girls who can’t really match people, I will joke with them so they will be comfortable. For some reason, I’m always more comfortable around male friends. I can be a little freer and be less careful with people. Conversations are much more comfortable and there is quality feedback and so on, which I think is better for me. On the other hand, because we are close friends like that, they don’t see me as a woman. I have many male friends, but even in high school, I never really had a boyfriend.“ Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Jong-suk even spent their holiday time at Chuseok.

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We pray that their friendship will continue forever!

Lee Sung-kyung and Eddy Kim’s Dating Rumors: They Are Co-Workers

Eddy Kim has also been rumored to be dating Lee Sung-kyung, although, in reality, they’re just co-workers. They just had a chance to get to know each other a little because of Lee Sung-kyung’s duet with him on his new album, Sweet Kiss Like Coffee. Eddy Kim also admitted that they both often spent time together on the Han River.

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He said, “originally, I was going to put an album out by myself, and I recorded it from beginning to end. However, in the final production, I found it to be good to have a girl’s voice in it, so I requested Lee Sung-kyung.” He added, “at first, I thought of other singers. The timing wasn’t right, and the cooperation is harder than you think. I saw Lee Sung-kyung’s video clip of singing, and I contacted her. I know Lee Sung- kyung personally, as well. Before my debut, I would hang out with Lee Sung-kyung by Han River, where we played guitar and hung out.” So, Lee Sung-kyung and Eddie Kim clearly are not dating! That was all the information about Lee Sung-kyung’s boyfriend, ex-boyfriends, and dating rumors. She’s such a lovely person, hopefully, she will find someone that can love her right. If you’re like Lee Sung-kyung or other Korean celebrities, make sure to keep updated by reading our articles from Channel Korea. Cheers!

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