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American actor Born: July 13, 1997 (age 24 years), Newport Beach, California, United States Height: 1.79 m Parents: Randye Howard, Todd Howard Birthday: July 13, 1997 Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Males Sun Sign: Cancer Also Known As: Leo Richard Howard Born In: Newport Beach, California, United States Famous As: Actor Actors American Men Height: 5’10” (178 cm), 5’10” Males Father: Todd Howard Mother: Randye Howard U.S. State: California City: Newport Beach, California

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Howard was home schooled to accommodate his busy work schedule on Kickin’ It and spent most of his time living in the Howard family’s home in Studio City, California when he worked, but still considered his childhood town of Fallbrook home. While still devoted to his passion for martial arts, Howard has stated that he has become more careful when it comes to “fighting” and “sparring” matches, due to the potential for injuries that could interfere with his obligations as an actor. Howard’s hobbies include cooking, playing guitar and collecting antique weapons, including swords and knives. The centerpiece of his collection being the big “Conan” sword that was presented to him after filming was completed on Conan the Barbarian. Howard has expressed a love for animals and has a pet sheepdog named “Murphy”. He is also interested in veterinary medicine and volunteers at his local veterinary clinic in his free time. Leo Howard is very close to his parents. He loves animals and is interested in veterinary medicine. His hobbies include playing guitar, cooking, and collecting antique weapons. He plays guitar. He is 5’9. He listens to rock and roll from 70s and 80s. He has a phobia of elevators. He loves to collect antique weapons like swords and knives. Conan the Barbarian Sword is in his bedroom as a center piece of his collection. He loves to cook especially chicken dishes and chicken curry is fun to make for him. His favorite musician of all time is Eddie Van Halen. Leo Howard is a certified scuba diver. Leo will try any bizzare or exotic food at least once. He is in the process of custom making his own guitars. He has almost mastered a double back flip. Leo is not a good distance runner. Leo’s real middle name is Richard but some people thought it was Ryan, Leslie or Roger. Leo would want his alter ago to be a superhero. Leo would love to make covers of Hot for Teacher and Erruption by Van Halen on guitars. Leo loves Led Zeppelin. His favorite rappers are Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa. Leo used to love hip hop but rock and roll is his favorite ever since he started playing guitars. Leo has 3 three dogs; his family breeds English and French Bulldogs. He also has English Bulldogs, a Priscilla and a Great Dane. Leo’s family has a condo in LA where he stays with his family when he does Kickin’ It. Leo was in regular school until in 3rd grade; he was homeschooled to make it easier for him because he traveled a lot. When he was 7, someone in the audience told him he should do acting and Leo loved the idea. Leo loves B.O.B and his favorite book series is Harry Potter. He thinks Twilight is cool but he’s not that crazy about it. Leo loves Cobra Starship. Leo has travelled the world a lot with his choreography martial groups sideswipe. Leo feels better performing then competing. When he was 8, he retired from competing in tournaments. Leo’s celebrity crush is Julianne Hough but used to have a crush on Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez. Leo’s family traditions are going to other people’s houses and eating dinner. Leo loves Grinch Decorations. Leo cannot skateboard in real life and has to train for episodes. Leo’s favorite food to eat are Italian and Japanese. His favorite fighters are Brock Lesner and George St Pierre. Leo wanted to be an actor who does Martial Arts like Bruce Lee. When he was young, his favorite actors were Anthony Hopkins and Jack Nicholson. Now he really loves Johnny Depp. Leo’s nicknames are Hazard and Howwie. Leo is an only child but treats G. Hannelius like a sister. Leo is very good with gadgets so whenever his mom gets a new iPhone and something’s wrong, Leo is the one who can figure it out. When Leo was young he was obsessed with bananas and pronounced them nanas as seen here. His phone is always on vibrate. He has extremely large feet and is a size 13. He collects guitars. He likes to listen to Classic rock but has one song on his iPod by Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On.

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