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In 2015, Jinsol debuted as a member of APRIL. The six-member group (Somin, Chaewon, Hyunjoo, Naeun, Yena, and Jinsol) debuted on August 24th with the EP Dreaming and the title track “Dream Candy.”

However, on November 9th, a few months after debuting, the group’s leader Somin, announced her departure from the group. The group remained with five members. APRIL has a “lovely and innocent” style which will distinguish the girls from other groups. The team name is a combination of the highest grade “A” and the word “Pril” which stands for “a girl you can’t help but love.” The members are indeed the most adorable and sweet girls.

“Dream Candy” is an up-tempo house dance number with awesome vocals, backed with sound effects of airplanes, trains, bells, and other sounds in the background which really bring out the fairy-tale mood of the song.


In 2016, Jinsol appeared with the image of a fairy in her group when APRIL released their second EP, Spring. The spring fairies APRIL released their album on April 27th, 2016, and “Tinkerbell” was chosen as the leading single. The girls returned in full bloom, like the flowers that have flourished so beautifully with the season.

During promotions for Spring, Hyunjoo took a temporary hiatus from the group due to health issues, and APRIL promoted as a four-member group. On October 29th, Hyunjoo announced her official departure from APRIL, following a seven-month hiatus, in order to pursue an acting career.  The four remaining members of the group (Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, and Jinsol) continued with the addition of new group members confirmed in November. The new members are Chaekyung, who had previously appeared as a guest member, and Rachel.

APRIL’s second mini-album Spring consists of five colorful tracks all of which have a charming vibe. The songs are telling about APRIL’s story. The songs made people feel happy by dreaming and imagining, and APRIL hopes people will dream about love and imagine themselves in fairy tales, and eventually feel happier by listening to Spring and its tracks.


In 2017, APRIL enlivened the Korean music industry by having several comebacks. On January 3rd, 2017, April released their third EP Prelude as a six-member group with the title track “April Story.”

“April Story” has meaningful lyrics telling about a girl who couldn’t say anything, and even after time, even after the season, she forcefully hid her beautiful heart and prayed for the beautiful pair and for their hearts to never change.

On May 29th, April released their second single album, Mayday along with the title track of the same name. This song, combined with the dance that is shown in the MV is a very happy and cheerful one. Still, a cute concept which suits April’s personalities.

On September 20th, 2017, APRIL’s fourth EP Eternity was released along with the title track “Take My Hand.” 

The album Eternity tells a romantic love story of April with a pure and lyrical sensitivity.  The six girls want to be remembered forever in fans’ hearts and want to give music as a gift that many can feel empathy by singing more various stories and emotions of love with a deeper sensitivity.


In 2018, Jinsol and her group’s member Naeun released a song as a subunit NaeunXJinsol. On February 1st, the subunit released a song titled “My Story.”

“My Story” is a rhythmical acoustic ballad with the clear voice of Naeun and Jinsol. The mixed feelings of sentimentality and sorrow were described with the unique sensibility of Naeun and Jinsol. On March 12th, 2018, APRIL released their fifth EP The Blue. The album was released along with the title track “The Blue Bird.” “The Blue Bird” fits perfectly with the group’s past work, presenting an elegant pop melody at the expense of some of the closeness that characterizes their most addictive songs.

In 2018, the group made their Japanese debut on April 25th, with the release of the Japanese version of their 2016 single Tinkerbell. The single also contains the Japanese version of the b-side track “Yes, sir!” as well as the instrumental version of both songs. 

The single was promoted through TV show appearances and a series of fan-meetings in various cities in Japan.

On October 16th, 2018, April made a comeback with their sixth EP The Ruby. The album’s title track is “Oh! My Mistake.”

After changing the musical concepts in various ways since their debut, APRIL shifted from their image as a pure idol group, becoming confident women. 

Their sixth mini-album The Ruby is describing the feelings of sophisticated and confident women.

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