Many people, from all circles of life (whether an ARMY or not), love and enjoy BTS songs. This is because the songs that BTS brings have a deep meaning and are not just about romance like most other groups. They talk about social issues, the life of youth, about worries, fears, and many other things. Apart from that, many people (especially ARMY) love BTS because of their personalities and their groups’ atmosphere. Because of the fans’ love for BTS, many fans have been generous in giving them gifts. As BTS, themselves, are also generous about gifts, they often give gifts when there are members who have birthdays. They like to exchange gifts on any number occasions, not only for fun, but sometimes they prepare deeply meaningful gifts for each other. Are you curious about what gifts have they given and received? Keep reading to find out more!

BTS Got A Massage Chair From ARMY

In order to celebrate its first birthday on August 1, 2016, V Live held an event where it would distribute prizes to chosen V Stars. V Live asked fans to participate by recommending their favorite artists, as V Stars, along with the gifts that fans wanted to deliver. From July 22 until July 31, fans recommend their favorite idols and the gifts they wanted to give in the V Live. On August 4, the results were revealed on its Facebook pages, and they announced the five V Stars who got the most recommendations. On October 13, 2016, which was also Jimin’s birthday, BTS did their V Live as they received the gifts. The broadcast was opened by RM and V, and then shows the other members, including Jimin sleeping in the massage chair. They explained why there was a massage chair in their practice room. They said, “It been one year since we were on VLIVE, as a 1-year anniversary gift long-awaited full-body massage chair our fans wanted, we have it now.” Suga heard there were a lot of options other than a massage chair, like a doll that was worth about as much as a massage chair, a stone (pun), a gold bar, some expensive land in the Gangnam district, handcuffs-because you stole my heart (lol), and “Anywhere Door” of Doraemon. But, in the end, they received a massage chair because so many fans suggested gifts like the latest massage kit, the finest massage machine, full-body massage chair, luxurious massage machine that rejuvenates your tired muscles. They said that they had wanted a massage chair for a very long time, but they couldn’t find a place to put it. BTS really appreciated the gift, and gave ARMY their thanks. An ARMY said “I guess you must be exhausted due to a hectic schedule. Thank you for managing it and enjoying on stage, if you get our gift, I hope you guys won’t fight and have a relaxing time together.” Jungkook said, “Since you sent it to us, we’ll take care of ourselves using it.” They also promised not to sit in the chair when they were covered in sweat. Before the video ended, they said thank you to V Live becauseit gave them a way for their global fans feel close to them, and they believed they would perform better thanks to this chair. The group also talked a little about the first stage of their comeback.

Christmas Celebrations Through the Years

When you’re talking about giving and receiving gifts, the conversation is not complete if you don’t talk about Christmas, a season that’s full of joy and happiness. Not only do we celebrate Christmas, our boys do, too! They never forget to give us (ARMY) Christmas gifts. Here are some beautiful gifts that they given to us through Christmas every year.


Christmas in 2014, BTS gave ARMY a present by uploading selfies and wishing ARMY around the world a merry Christmas. Here are their posts on their Twitter, @BTS_twt on December 25, 2014! Start with the maknae, Jungkook! @BTS_twt: 여러분들이 흰색 니트를 좋아하신다는 소문을 듣고 셀카 한장 찍었어요! 오늘도 힘찬 응원 짱이였어요! [정국] Trans @BTS_twt: After hearing a rumor that you guys like white knits, I took a selca! Your strong cheers were the best today as well! [Jungkook] Here is the cutie-pie J-Hope! @BTS_twt: 사랑하는 내 사람들 메리크리쓰마뜌 #홉이사랑 #아미사랑 #오글오글 #즐거운성탄절 [J-Hope] Trans @BTS_twt: My dear people, Merry Christ #Hope #ARMYlove #OgleOgle #HappyChristmas [J-Hope] And also from the oldest, but the cutest! @BTS_twt: 메리크리스마스 아미들 원래 절대 분홍옷을 입지 않지만 크리스마스니까 아미에게 이뻐보이려고 입어봤습니다 하하 [진] Trans @BTS_twt: Merry Christmas ARMYs. Although I normally never wear pink, I tried to look pretty for ARMYs since its Christmas haha [Jin] From this small kitty! @BTS_twt: 안녕하세여 슈간데여 크리스마스인데도 저희를 보러와주신 아미분들… (눈물을 훔친다) 감사해요 이제 남자친구 만나러 가실꺼죠?^^ (나도 울고 아미도 울고 엠넷도 운다) [SUGA] Trans @BTS_twt: Hello, this is Suga. ARMYs who came to see us even though it’s Christmas… (Wipes tears)  Thank you. You’re going to meet your boyfriends now, right?^^ (I cry, you cry, and Mnet is crying too) [SUGA] And the powerful leader, Kim Nam-joon! @BTS_twt: 여러분들이 검은색 고딕을 좋아하시든 아니든 셀카 한장 찍었어요! 오늘도 힘찬 응원 짱이였어요! [Rap Monster] Trans @BTS_twt: Whether you like black gothic or not, I took a selfie! Your strong cheers were the best today as well! [Rap Monster]

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