About The Show

King of Mask Singer is a South Korean variety music show. The King of Mask Singer broadcast on MBC is part of their Sunday Night line-up becoming one of the most favorite variety shows in South Korea. Each competition in King of Mask Singer lasts for two episodes, with the singers competing in one-on-one battles in three elimination rounds. The contestants are given unique masks to wear in order to conceal their identity, which are made by designer Hwang Jae-geun to remove factors such as popularity, career, and age which could lead to subjective voting. For the judging part, in the first round, both contestants sing the same song, while in the second and third round, they each sing a different song. The winners of each pair are selected by the audience and panel of celebrities through instant live votes. For objectivity reasons, the identities of the singers are not revealed until they have been eliminated. The winner of the third round challenges the previous competition’s “Masked King,” and is either eliminated or becomes the new “Masked King.”

1st Round

In the first round, both contestants sing the same song. The contestants in the pilot episode were Jo Kwon (2AM), Kim Ye-won, Lee Deok-jin [ko], K.Will, Shin Bora, Solji (EXID), Won Ki-joon, Hong Jin-young. In this first round, Solji was singing together with Shin Bora the song “Don’t Touch Me.” In this episode, nobody could even guess who it was under the mask. Starting from the very first episode of the show, Solji, the main vocalist and leader of EXID, who was also a former vocal trainer of the group, competed and took the win of this now long-running show.

Comments From the Panelists

The Panelists in this round were not aware who is behind the mask. They sort of guessed but no one could guess right. They were amazed by her voice, especially when she sang her duet with Shin Bora. Solji was chosen as the winner of this first round.

2nd Round

In the second round, she sang “The Reason I Became A Singer.” This song showed her skills in a ballad song.

Comments From Panelists

They were still surprised by Solji’s voice and they were unable to guess correctly who is hiding behind the mask.

Final Round

In the final round, she sang “We Should’ve Been Friends.” Again, Solji was able to steal the judges’ and people’s hearts with her skills in a ballad song.

Comments From Panelist

They were really amazed by her vocal skills. Solji enchanted people who were listening to her graceful singing.

Opening Performance

Solji’s performance in King of Mask Singer when she took off her mask was a solo song titled “Maria.” This song is a ballad pop, showing her high notes abilities.

Taking Off the Mask

When the panelists saw the person behind the mask they were somewhat surprised but not really shocked as the winner was none other than Solji from EXID, who used to be a vocal trainer before joining the popular duo EXID.

Episode 163

Solji made another appearance on the stage of King Of Mask Singer singing “How Do You Like.” She covered her real name with the nickname “Dongmakgol girl.”

Episode 164

In episode 164, she was singing “In a Dream” which is a ballad song that has become her specialty.

1st Round

Solji came again to King of Masked Singer, as Dongmakgol girl as her stage name. She sang “I Will Show You” on this defensive stage or round.

Comments From Panelists

Her beautiful voice managed to astonish the panelists again. She made a huge impression on both the panelists and the viewers. To some people, her gesture when she hit high notes was very stylish, raising her left hand.

2nd Round

Solji made the panelists get emotional to her voice. Solji was singing “I can’t.”

Comments From Panelists

The Panelists responded very well to the “Dongmakgol girl.” They believed her voice is superb and has intimation singing from the heart.

Final Round

This song “Dream Lover,” sung by Solji from EXID increased people’s curiosity about finding out who is hiding behind the mask.

Behind the Mask

In this episode, Solji finally revealed her face, she greeted all the people and said long time no see since the first episode of the show when she performed in King of Mask Singer. She said King of Mask Singer has become part of her life, she keeps thinking of coming back to King of Mask Singer after her hiatus in the music career.

Latest News

Solji came back to King of Masked Singer after a hiatus in her music career of two years. She was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid syndrome due to which she had to rest and postpone her music activities in 2016. After two years, she showed again on television through King of Masked Singer. She even became emotional after singing on this variety show, she felt like she was reborn and started again. A lot of people enjoyed her performance during her first stage in King of Mask Singer, so she wanted to send her greetings and thank her fans on this show. She thought a lot about coming back to this show again, now it was a good opportunity, so she did it. She admitted about her health that she has been recovering and now she is well. She was ready to come back with her group EXID and debut as a solo artist. Channel-Korea supports Solji in her upcoming career and her music. Keep going Solji! To all the Solji fans, let’s keep supporting her and wish her good health. That’s everything about Solji’s appearance on MBC’s King of Masked Singer. Don’t forget to kindly share your comment and share your thoughts in the section below!

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