As we know, all MAMAMOO members have great and outstanding vocal abilities, but as for Hwasa, she has this really strong vocal color that stands out the most in the group. Her voice can be easily distinguished, even by a non-MOOMOO (MAMAMOO’s official fan club name). Because of her unique voice, Hwasa got a chance to collaborate with Dua Lipa. Are you curious about the song that they made together, and how spectacular their collaboration performances are? Well then, without any further ado, let’s get into our topic for today!

2019 MAMA Collaboration Performance

Every December, Mnet holds a large year-end ceremony called the MAMA Music Awards. As for the 2019 MAMA, they also invited several foreign artists and one of them was none other than Dua Lipa. However, she didn’t perform by herself; she made a spectacular performance collaborating with a member of MAMAMOO, Hwasa. Hwasa was the first to go on the stage, she sang Dua Lipa’s hit song “New Rules.” And for the second performance, it was Dua Lipa’s turn. She sang her most recent song titled “Don’t Start Now.” Here is the full performance for you guys, click this video below!

Dua Lipa x Hwasa For “Physical”

On March 16th, 2020, MAMAMOO’s agency RBW Entertainment confirmed that Hwasa will collaborate with popular American singer and songwriter, Dua Lipa. The collaboration was scheduled to be released on March 18th, at 12 P.M. KST, and according to MAMAMOO’s official Twitter account, it would be featuring a remix of Dua Lipa’s song titled “Physical.” The song itself was part of Dua Lipa’s second studio album Future Nostalgia that was set to be released on April 3rd. Fans had actually already speculated about the collaboration a day earlier, when it was discovered that Hwasa was also credited as a featured artist in “Physical” on various online platforms. Here is MAMAMOO’s official Twitter update:

✔ 2020.03.18 Wed 12PM(KST)#HwaSa #두아리파 #DuaLipa #Physical #FutureNostalgia — 마마무(MAMAMOO) (@RBW_MAMAMOO) March 16, 2020 Finally, on March 18th, “Physical” was released on several music platforms. Here is the official audio from Dua Lipa’s official YouTube channel. Enjoy the song!

The song itself is about a couple that rather than a common love would prefer something different and special. Wherever one of them goes, or whatever one of them does, the other one will always be there for the person they love. Rather than having another life, they choose to be stuck in the current moment and be more ‘Physical’ with each other.

Stories Behind Dua Lipa and Hwasa’s Collaboration

On March 23rd, Dua Lipa went live on her personal Instagram account. The singer talked about her collaboration with MAMAMOO’s Hwasa. She admitted that she knew MAMAMOO way before the 2019 MAMA in Japan. This made the fans excited and proud of the group’s potential international exposure. Dua Lipa says that after the performance, both of them hanged out together and she was so drawn by Hwasa’s positive energy. She says, “She was so sweet, so fun, so charismatic and just completely took the song and made it her own.”   The singer says that since she loves to collaborate with other artists and try new things, it felt like a ‘no brainer’ to reach out to Hwasa. Dua Lipa said, “Our energy is just really good together.” She hoped to create some ‘different dimensions with different songs” and believed that collaboration with Hwasa could be the right way. Hwasa appeared as a guest in a show titled Home Alone/I Live Alone in ep. 341. The MCs asked about her collaboration project with Dua Lipa. Here is the clip from the show. Let’s check it out!


Hwasa announced her first comeback as a solo artist! On June 22nd, 2020, RBW Entertainment revealed the title track “Maria.” The album has a total of seven songs, including “Maria” and a new song that was produced by famous rapper also an ex-member of Block B, Zico, titled “Kidding.” There’s also a song featuring DPR Live, who’s also a rapper as well. And now let us watch each of the teasers for her solo song “Maria.”

Maria (morte ver.) Teaser

Maria (vita ver.) Teaser

And finally, on June 29th, at 4 p.m. KST, Hwasa released the official music video for “Maria!” Curious about what the MV looks like? Click the video below to watch the MV; don’t forget to stream as well, MOMOOs!

And that was all for today’s article about MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and Dua Lipa’s amazing collaboration. So, are guys satisfied with “Physical?” Kindly share your honest thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share this article with other people so they can also get the latest information about their favorite Korean artists with us, Channel-Korea. Until we meet again in the next article, see you later everyone!

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