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In his Running Man debut appearance, Park Bo-gum promised Song Ji-hyo and viewers that he will participate again soon. In the meantime, Channel-Korea invites you to check out his brief appearances in Running Man. So stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

Park Bo-gum’s First Appearance In Running Man

In an episode inspired by the Korean presidential elections in 2016, Running Man members were assigned to gather as many voters as possible for them. Song Ji-hyo had to find a voter who has similar Chinese zodiac and fulfilled his or her wish. Song Ji-hyo knew that the most popular actor at the time, Park Bo-gum, shared the same zodiac. In order to meet him, Song Ji-hyo called his Reply 1988 co-star, actor Ryu Jun-yeol and asked for Park Bo-gum’s contact number. Ryu Jun-yeol teased her and said that he will need Park Bo-gum’s permission before giving the phone number. A few minutes later, she received a text message with Park Bo-gum’s number. She tried to reach him and couldn’t hide her excitement upon hearing his voice. She asked for his address and offered to meet him at his location. A true gentleman, Park Bo-gum said that he will come to her location instead. However, his manager asked her to wait for about half an hour since he was busy at the moment. She was thrilled and couldn’t hide her excitement. As she was waiting for him in a park, she started singing one of Busker Busker’s most famous songs, “Cherry Blossom Ending.” It was a fitting song for the spring season and for a fan girl anxious to meet Park Bo-gum. She had prepared a cup of hot coffee for the busy actor. Park Bo-gum sneaked out behind her back and surprised her with his wide smile. Song Ji-hyo was frightened when he touched her back but immediately screamed with joy when she saw him standing in front of her. Park Bo-gum told her that his wish was simply to take a picture with her and get her signature. She shyly approached him and they took several pictures together. Later, both of them traded their signatures. Before saying goodbye, Park Bo-gum promised to her and to the viewers of Running Man that he will appear in Running Man again soon. It was a brief but warm appearance by a nice guy, Park Bo-gum.

Park Bo-gum’s first appearance in Running Man was aired in episode 293 on April 3rd, 2016.

Park Bo-gum’s Second Appearance In Running Man

Park Bo-gum made a short appearance in Running Man episode 342. Lee Kwang-soo was on a mission to get an autograph from his best friend, Song Joong-ki. He visited Song Joong-ki’s office and received a Descendant of the Sun DVD set with Song Joong-ki’s signature on the cover box. He looked very enthusiastic when receiving the DVD set, as if he is Song Joong-ki’s greatest fan. Out of nowhere, Park Bo-gum peaked from an opening door and flashed his trademark wide smile to Lee Kwang-soo and greeted him politely. Lee Kwang-soo acted cool and greeted him back casually since both are working in the same agency. Since another celebrity appeared in front of him, Lee Kwang-soo requested Park Bo-gum’s autograph. In return, Lee Kwang-soo jokingly asked if Park Bo-gum needs his signature, he will give it right away. Famous for his humble character, Park Bo-gum also requested Lee Kwang-soo’s autograph. Both of them traded signatures with each other. Park Bo-gum was extremely thrilled since he got Lee Kwang-soo’s autograph on his actual name tag. Upon his way returning to the Running Man set, Park Bo-gum generously supplied Lee Kwang-soo with snacks and beverages.

Park Bo-gum’s second appearance in Running Man was aired in episode 342 on March 19th, 2017.

When Kim Jong-kook and Yang Se-chan Failed To Persuade Park Bo-gum

In Episode 412 of Running Man, Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se-chan teamed up to complete a mission. Their mission was to find a celebrity with an 8-ratio figure, a perfectly proportioned body. An 8-ratio figure is a concept of excellent body and head proportion in Korea. It means that if a person’s height is divided into 8 parts, his head occupies 1/8 of the height. For example, if a person’s height is 160 cm, his head size from chin to crown should be as small as 20 cm or 1/8 of 160 cm. Kim Jong-kook called Park Bo-gum because he thought that Park Bo-gum’s head was so small, he could easily be included in the 8-ratio figure. When Park Bo-gum received his call, Yang Se-chan who was sitting next to him was flustered and excited. Kim Jong-kook asked Park Bo-gum about his current location and his current activity, perhaps if Park Bo-gum was free and was close to their place then he can join their team. Sadly, Park Bo-gum was heading to his agency’s company and he was attending a meeting. Kim Jong-kook explained to him about their mission to find a celebrity with an 8-ratio and he thought that Park Bo-gum suited the mission. Kim Jong-kook even went as far as saying Park Bo-gum has a 9-ratio. Being known as humble and a good-natured guy, Park Bo-gum refused to be called an 8-ratio. He was sorry that he couldn’t join the mission and help them. He said goodbye and asked both of his seniors to take care of their health since it was a very hot summer. After finishing the call, Yang Se-han immediately nagged at Kim Jong-kook and complained because Kim Jong-kook talked a lot and he could barely hear Park Bo-gum’s voice. Kim Jong-kook felt irritated because of Yang Se-chan’s constant nagging and their failure to complete the mission.

Park Bo-gum’s third appearance in Running Man was aired in episode 342 on March 19th, 2017.

Possible Full Park Bo-gum Appearance In Running Man

Apparently, it is quite hard to expect Park Bo-gum to appear as a Running Man member. After finishing his recent drama, tvN’s Boyfriend, he is set to appear in another drama about youth in the modeling industry. He will be partnered with actress Park So-dam in the drama Record of Youth. Park Bo-gum appeared as a guest in several varieties shows like Running Man, 2 Days 1 Night, Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast, Infinite Challenge, to name but a few. Although briefly, his appearances were enough to temporarily catapult the rating of the TV shows. Park Bo-gum is currently taking a break and waiting for the premiere of his latest movies Seo Bok and Wonderland. From one successful drama to another drama, it is best to wish him to continue his career in what he does best, acting.

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