In Season 3, episode 136-139, charming actor Park Bo-gum appeared on the program and entertained the viewers with his charming smile and spirited determination to win games. The episodes earned the highest ratings, apparently due to Park Bo-gum’s appearance. Park Bo-gum didn’t care about his charming image and was determined to win by all means possible.

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In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed rundown of everything about Park Bo-gum’s appearance in 2 Days 1 Night. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

Welcome by the Cast and Staff

It was a very hot summer day when all the members of 2 Days 1 Night arrived at the shooting location in North Chungcheon Province, Jecheon. Members were surprised to see Cha Tae-hyun had brought a huge suitcase with him while others had only brought small travel suitcases. He made a joke by saying it’s for the clothes of the guest, a lady guest. All members expected to see actress Park Han-byul as a guest. Jung Jun-young said that since there was no van at the location, there must be no lady guest. Since the theme of the episode was free traveling, all the members smiled brightly and expected a relaxed shooting. Before the shooting, all members gathered and they were given questionnaires about their favorite traveling theme. They were teamed up based on their questionnaire answers. Surprisingly, all members wrote different traveling preferences. Chae Tae-hyun who preferred active and physical traveling was teamed up with Defconn and Kim Jong-min. Kim Jun-ho who preferred passive and relaxed travel was teamed up with Jung Joon-young and Yoon Shi-yoon. Kim Jun-hyun, a famous MC of a food-related variety show, appeared as the first guest and joined Kim Jun-ho’s team. Kim Jun-hyun said that before the shooting, in the waiting room, he saw the rival guest and immediately felt downbeat because his rival was younger, handsome and extremely popular at the moment. When the guest for Cha Tae-hyun was called, Park Bo-gum walked into the set with his signature charming smile. Cha Tae-hyun’s team couldn’t believe it because Park Bo-gum was extremely popular and busy at the time. They couldn’t hide their bright smiles and welcomed him to the show. Park Bo-gum stood in the center and introduced himself. Kim Jun-ho noticed that stylists that usually stay inside the car, went out and gathered to see Park Bo-gum. He said that even production staff cheered and smiled brightly when they saw Park Bo-gum. After introducing himself, Park Bo-gum shared mosquito spray to his teammates. He thought that since the shooting was an outdoor trip, he prepared them to repel the mosquitos. The other team looked enviously when Park Bo-gum distributed the mosquito spray.

Game Segment and Concept

The concept of episodes 137 through 139 was free traveling. Each team collected mileages during their free travel. Each team got to choose their destinations and activities freely. The team that collected the most mileages won the competition. The teams collected mileages based on these rules: The first game was the Human Magnet. Two mats were prepared for each team and coins were thrown on each of the mats. Each member transferred the opponent’s coins onto their mat, carrying as many coins as possible using their own body. The coins will be multiplied by three and the amount will be given as traveling money. Because the sun was scorching heat, the coins were hot when the members used their topless bodies to attach them. However, the staff and viewers were slightly disappointed because they couldn’t see Park Bo-gum’s shirtless body. Cha Tae-hyun’s team won the first game because they collected 377.100 KRW while Kim Jun-ho’s team collected 345.300 KRW. The second game was the Human Gas Station. Each team could choose between four beverages, ice tea, cola, ion drink, juice, and drink as much as possible. The total amount will be given as fuel to each team. Park Bo-gum was the first to gulp the beverages. He looked very masculine when drinking the beverage because his Adam’s apple went up and down very fast. He was determined to finish more than 4 glasses of beverages. Kim Jun-ho’s team won the second game because their ace, Kim Jun-Hyun, drank 5 liters of beverages. Their team received 9 liters, while Cha Tae-hyun’s team received 8.25 liters of fuel.

Random Facts

Random facts about what had happened during the two aforementioned 2 Days 1 Night episodes which are somehow so fun and many include:

The episodes were recorded in Jecheon, North Chungheon Province Episodes 137 through 139 were broadcast for three consecutive weeks. Episode 137 reached the highest rating with 19.9% Initially, permanent members expected beautiful actress Park Han-byul to appear on the set Park Bo-gum can’t drink alcohol but he can drink beverages more than 2 liters at once There is a 600-year-old pine tree in the village of Mudori where the episodes were shot The production staff chose Jecheon because it is the connecting hub between Kangwon, Chungcheon and Gyeongsang province

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