Simon Dominic’s House


Simon Dominic’s Condition That Worries The Public

In recent I Live Alone episodes, where Simon D is featured, he looks very skinny. It would seem that he has lost his appetite and has also lost a lot of weight. He also doesn’t have enough sleep because he has many thoughts due to his music. Netizens worry about his appearance. Netizens’ commenting about Simon D’s appearance:

[+3313, -121] I hope Simon D can really get along well with the people of I Live Alone… The people he’s mostly meeting right now are all people who do music and because they’re so lost into music I hope he meets the I Live Alone people so that they can have small talks and they can laugh over things that are nothing, I think it’ll be good if they can have meetings like that! [+338, -5] He looks less awkward with the members and Kian also gained another friend, whether he becomes a fixed member or a partial member – I hope Simon D gets healthier so that he can go have fun with them. [+2303, -23] Rather than it (the episode) not being funny, I’m worried about him… it’s not Simon D’s former self, he’s not even throwing back jokes, he seems empty and looks depressed, it doesn’t seem like something to laugh about. [+2152, -40] In the past, Cheetah, Heize, Yook Joong Wan, I liked these artists’ daily lives. Recently, it felt like they were showing a reflection of themselves that seemed really manufactured ㅋㅋ From that, I liked Simon D. That is what I Live Alone is really like, is always meeting up with someone and doing something that people who live alone do ㅡㅡ [+998, -36] Ki Suk-ang… why did you become so thin ㅜㅜㅜㅜ (Ki Suk is Simon D’s birth name).


Simon Dominic’s Parents

In a recent episode of I Live Alone, Simon Dominic also appeared with his parents. His parents weren’t shy at all to openly share their love for co-star and comedian, Park Na Rae! Simon D’s parents talked about how Simon Dominic should get married soon. The parents would prefer someone like Park Na Rae to be their daughter-in-law. Out of curiosity, Simon D’s father asked about Park Na Rae’s drinking habits. He asked, “Does she really drink that well? She even has a bar set up in her house, huh? I think she’s pretty. I like her.” The mom also praised Park Na Rae’s cooking skills. Simon D’s mom wants her son to get married soon because Simon D can’t live by himself well. His mom said, “I want a daughter-in-law just like her (Park Na Rae)… I want you to get married and settle down because, by yourself, you’re a mess.” With the hint of parental approval, Park Na Rae rejoiced in excitement while the other I Live Alone members remained surprised. Later, when Henry dropped by the studio, Park Na Rae introduced Simon Dominic as “Appa (아빠, father)” — as Henry calls Park Na Rae “Eomma (엄마, mother).” Check out the videos below:


Daily Life of Simon Dominic

In Simon D’s episodes of I Live Alone, he seems to be mostly working on his music on a daily basis. He even has a lack of sleep and exercise due to his busy schedule. He sometimes does music until dawn or late morning. He also has lost his appetite and even significantly lost weight. Viewers started getting worried about his health. Check out the episodes of I Live Alone with Simon Dominic below:

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