What were Henry and Kathryn’s funny moments or cute interactions of the episode on I Live Alone? In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you more details about Henry Lau and Kathryn Prescott’s moments or cute interaction on the show! Stay tuned!

About The Episodes

Henry joined this variety show on episode 190, with a cover of Bruno Mars’ hit “Uptown Funk”. His presence made the variety show’s ratings increase. In each episode, he did many activities by himself or even with another celebrity. The show’s episodes alternate showing the activities of the celebrities. Some of the episodes that showed Henry’s activities were episode 266 (Henry visits his father in Canada), episode 322 (Henry and Kian84 hang out at his studio ft song lyrics), and also in episode 304, when he got surprised by being presented with the beautiful actress Kathryn Prescott, and also his best friend. The episodes of the two of them in I Live Alone are only numbers 304 and 305, but while they were filming for the variety show, they enjoyed it without missing anything.

Henry and Kathryn’s Reunion

Henry and Kathryn first met when they starred in the American comedy A Dog’s Journey in early 2019. The movie was also Henry’s debut in Hollywood film. In episode 304, he picked up Kathryn at the airport, and she came to Korea without being accompanied by anyone else. When they saw each other for the first time since filming ended a few months before, they immediately hugged each other tightly with happiness, which meant that they were very happy to meet again. Those moments can be said to be their reunion, and they spent their time together with having fun, of course. Kathryn said that she went to Korea to traveling the country that she wanted to see, and also she definitely wanted to see Henry. Not only that, Kathryn’s arrival was warmly welcomed by Henry. Moreover, she was only visiting Korea jfor 10 days and Henry planned to take advantage of that short time by taking her around to tourist attractions in Korea.

Kathryn’s First Trip To Korea

For the American teen-drama Finding Carter, Kathryn Prescott first visited to Korea to meet Henry Lau, and this is was seen in I Live Alone in July 2019. She traveled to Gingseng country by herself, and seemed eager to explore Korea. Henry invited Kathryn to go around to be introduced to Korean culture, for example, recreation, Korean habits, eating some Korean food, learning some of the Korean language, and many more. On that occasion, Kathryn was very enthusiastic to understand and learn about many things from Henry. She even pursued her photography by capturing every moment that she lived, wherever and whenever she could, she’d be take a picture, such as when she visited the Four Gods Temple and she took pictures of the flowers there. The thing that she mostly liked was the Korean language. Kathryn always says that she liked everything in Korea, and she really enjoyed traveling in Korea.

Kathryn’s Trip To Yongmun Area

Henry and Kathryn went to different places besides the big cities of Korea or the most popular place such as Gangnam, etc. Henry engaged her to take the train to Yongmun Station. He chose Yongmun Station because there are so many recreation places with beautiful scenery there. When they arrived at the station, they walked to the first destination. During the trip, the weather was really sunny and they were overheated, suddenly Henry took out something for them to wear with aim of avoiding burning up. Henry gave a sun umbrella (hat-umbrella) to Kathryn to protect her head from the sun, they helped each other to wear the hat. Kathryn said that she wanted to bring it to her country. To get to their destination, Henry chose to use the train, but the train is still old and it’s such as a rail-bike with the old railways. Then they left by pedaling the train quickly, like they were riding a bicycle. Kathryn was very happy to see the beautiful green scenery, she even thought that some of it looked like farms, and she felt the place was a little bit like Switzerland. When they arrived, it turned out they had to walk again to reach the main destination. When they got there, Henry had brought her to the Yongmun Temple which is located near the mountains. The cool and foggy place made Kathryn hypnotized because of the calmness and coolness. She was very happy to be there, so she kept taking pictures in every angle. She also ate some Korean foods, especially the vegetable Korean foods that Henry ordered, and she really loved it and ate it all!

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