In her popular days as a disco queen, Son Dam-bi exuded elegance and sexiness. After becoming actress, she showed another talent, as a melancholic actress. In her own house, she is a completely different person. She is known as Miss Clumsy. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about Son Dam-bi’s normal life and clumsiness. So stay tuned!

Son Dam-bi’s First Appearance on the Show

Son Dam-bi appeared on five episodes of I Live Alone: episodes 328, 333, 340, 341, and 345. Episode 328 was aired on January 10, 2020, and gathered 12.9% ratings. The shooting was done several days after New Year’s eve and several days after the MBC Entertainment Award ceremony. The main host, Park Na-rae, received Daesang from the award ceremony. All the cast members were upbeat about the upcoming year. On the second segment, comedienne Park Na-rae introduced Son Dam-bi as special guest. I Live Alone crews had recorded her daily activities in her home. Im So-hyang, a close friend of Son Dam-bi, already knew that she would participate as a special guest, but the other members didn’t have a clue. Im So-hyang said that the special guest was known for something related with Saturday night. Son Dam-bi made headlines and received huge popularity after releasing her most popular singles, Saturday Night and Crazy. Recently, Son Dam-bi is more popularly known for her acting skill. She performed as the female leading role in the drama When the Camelia Blooms. Im So-hyang, Park Na-rae, and Son Dam-bi are close friends and they know each other very well. However, among all male guests, Lee Si-eon, Kian84, and Sunghoon, she never met any of them before. Sung-hoon quickly asked her about the male actor that she wanted to see in I Live Alone. Son Dam-bi smiled and looked at Lee Si-eon. She said, “I want to see Lee Si-eon since he is an actor.” Lee Si-eon teased her by saying that he knew that Son Dam-bi lived in the Cheonho area and that everyone knew about her in the neighborhood. Son Dam-bi smiled and laughed. It seemed that she was popular for one of her habit. All the members of I Live Alone received and welcomed Son Dam-bi as a special guest, and they quickly became friendly.

A Day With Son Dam-bi

Son Dam-si has been living alone for 12 years. During those years, she had moved three times. Her house is nice and has a high ceiling. It was cozy and well designed. She has lots of books and she loves to read. There are various bits of memorabilia around her house. One of them is a picture of a smiling Son Dam-bi that was painted by her fellow actress and close friend, Jang Ryeo-won. She also kept a disco ball, perhaps to remind her about the times when she was known as a disco queen. Her house is also filled with shoes and perfumes. Her first activity in the morning is stretching in front of her kitchen sink. She said that her body’s condition has deteriorated and became stiff due to years of dancing and walking with high heels. Her spine is twisted because of her early career as a dancer and singer. Viewers can hear the sound of her bone cracking when she stretches. Her neck cracks very loudlt when stretching in the morning. After stretching, she took her mixer out of her kitchen cupboard. Son Dam-bi said that she has been drinking a certain medicinal plant for several years. The medicinal plants helps her in maintaining good skin condition.

Son Dam-bi is well known for her clumsiness and slowness. When she visited Jang Ryeo-won’s house to help her clean, she decided to ride a motorcycle. She proudly said that she had been riding her motorcycle for years. However, she fell from her motorcycle midway to her friend’s house. She fell down to the road clumsily. Luckily, it wasn’t a huge accident. Later she confessed that she used motorcycles only around the neighborhood. She said that she never drove out of her neighborhood on the motorcycle. On her day off, Son Dam-bi decided to buy a used TV for her mother. She bought a new TV and decided to give the old TV to her mother. However, she had problems bringing the huge flat-screen TV from her house to her car. It almost got stuck in the elevator. Miraculously, she was able to bring the TV to the basement. Since it was too heavy, she decided to call her friend to load it in her car. Her clumsiness made viewers fall in love with her.

Son Dam-bi Introduces Her Cats

Son Dam-bi takes care of two cute cats. One of them is a Russian blue cat that she called Egon. The other one is Munchin cat called Munk. She started her day by kissing Egon after waking up in the morning. She named both of her cats for the famous artists Egon Schiele and Edvard Munch. Egon is the friendly and dog-like type, while Munk is the cool type.

Son Dam-bi’s Habit During Her Day Off

Son Dam-bi preferred a calm and solitary day off rather than going out to see friends. She turned on the fireplace and enjoyed a large can of beer. She enjoyed the calmness and warmness of watching the fire burn the logs. However, when she felt lonely, she called friends like actress Jang Ryeo-won and Gong Hyo-jin. She called them to tell about her success in lighting the fire. Her friends praised her and said, “What a great achievement for our clumsy Son Dam-bi. Good Job.” It is good to know that her friends accept her clumsiness and praise her for common achievements.

A Hillarious Day With Son Dam-bi

The funniest scene in Son Dam-bi’s episode is her motorcycle riding scene. She confidently said that she frequently rides her motorcycle. However, wile she was riding, she fell down by herself. She was embarrassed because of the accident. To make it worse, she didn’t realize that the accident resulted in scratches on her motorcycle. Another funny scene is the TV transporting scene. She didn’t prepare anything and did it without even thinking. In the end, she called her friend to help her move her TV. However, no matter how clumsy she is, Son Dam-bi felt happiness in doing everything, She looked the happiest when listening to music. That was all the information about the former singer and disco queen turned actress. Outside of her house, Son Dam-bi showed elegance and sexiness, while inside of her house she is very clumsy and slow. Her character is very fun and warm. Let’s hope that her next acting project will lead to more popularity and more achievement awards.

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