Moon Hee-yul gained the public’s attention with her appearance on the variety show The Return of Superman. As many people know, South Korean variety show The Return of Superman, often presents new family members who join the show every few years. On the episode that aired on June 9th, 2019, Moon Hee-jun and his daughter Moon Hee-yul joined the show as new cast members. Throughout the show, people can see how lovely Hee-yul is. She is always able to brighten our day with her funny behavior. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a run-through of the appearance of H.O.T’s Moon Hee-jun and former CRAYON POP’s Soyul’s daughter on KBS’ The Return of Superman. Stay tuned and let’s check out Moon Hee-yul’s cuteness!! 

About Moon Hee-yul

Moon Hee-yul is the daughter of the former leader of H.O.T Hee-jun and former Crayon Pop’s Soyul. She was born on May 12th, 2017, and now she is 2 years old. Her nickname is Jam Jam. The celebrity couple married in 2017, and after several months of marriage, the two of them had been reported of welcoming their first daughter. Hee-yul is an adorable daughter. She has a bubbly and thoughtful personality. Although there is actually a sad story behind her birth that was unexpected by her parents, Jam Jam was born three months after Soyul and Hee-jun’s wedding took place. Even so, Jam Jam is a gift for her parents who are former idols.

First Appearance on KBS’ ‘The Return of Superman’

Following the departure of former SechsKies member Ko Ji-Yong and his son, Seunjae, the production team of the KBS children’s program The Return of Superman announced that Moon Hee-joon and his daughter Moon Hee-yul will join the show as new members. Moon Hee-yul, or also well known as Jam Jam, and her father first appeared on The Return of Superman in the episode that aired on June 9th, 2019, with the title “To you – who taught me how to be happy.” The episode featured Moon Hee-joon and his daughter Moon Hee-yul, Park Na-eun and her younger brother Park Geon-hoo, William and his younger brother Bentley. It was the first time Moon Hee-joon and his daughter Heeyul appeared on the show. Soon after their first appearance, Moon Hee-joon’s daughter Hee-yul attracted the attention of many people with her bubbly, lovely look and being full of energy.

In the first episode of Moon Hee-jun’s family joining The Return of Superman, Jam Jam’s identity was revealed and people were in awe with her cute and adorable appearance and also her beautiful big eyes. At first, she was a little bit shocked to see many tents and cameras at her home. She then started her day by cleaning up her tent and sweeping the floor. During the first episode of the show, Moon Hee-joon introduced his family, wife So-yul and daughter Hee-yul to the public. He said, “I’m the father of Moon Hee Yul, who is now 24 months old.” He also shared his love story with his wife where he met her for the first time. The former idol explained that he first met So-yul on a rehearsal stage at a TV station. Then, about 1 to 2 years after their first encounter, he contacted her. The two quickly decided on an appointment and started dating. Soyul also shared a shocking story where she said that she was the person who proposed first. She proposed marriage after only two days after they started dating. They also recall their memory about Soyul getting pregnant before getting married. To this, Hee-joon calmly responded, “Actually, I was quite surprised. But I did not act hesitant for a second and asked her to marry me.”

Hee-yul Experiences A Lot of New Things

Through The Return of Superman, Hee-yul or Jam Jam has shown her energetic personality and experienced a lot of new things. She spent time with her father without her mother and did so many things with only her father. As you can see from an episode of the show that aired on June 23rd, 2019, people can see how excited Heeyul is when she dances with her father in the morning. After dancing with her father, she then took a first aid box to treat her father’s knee because her father complained of pain from exhaustion after dancing with her. Hee-yul put tape on her father’s knee and gave him a sweet kiss so that her father did not get hurt.

After treating her father’s knees, Hee-yul then went to the bathroom with her father to wash her face and hands in the morning and she then coolly played alone. Hee-yul is really full of enthusiasm and also a strong girl. She can open a kitchen drawer with her shoulder to take snacks. And while her father focused on cooking in the kitchen, Hee-yul took her mother’s moisturizer put it on her body, face, hair, and even her toys. Hee-yul and her father also went to the traditional market. She accompanied her father to buy food ingredients at the traditional market to make walnut cakes for her mother. Hee-yul really cannot stay still and loves to clean up, as she waited for her father cooking, she took a cloth to wipe the floor, her toys, the refrigerator, and items in the kitchen and she also wiped her father’s butt.

In episode 299 of The Return of Superman, Jam Jam cooked pancakes with her father. She successfully flipped a pancake on the pan. Then Jam Jam and her father went to Rhythm Gymnastics class because Jam Jam loves to dance and has a flexible body.

In other episodes, Hee-yul and her father make some gifts for people they are grateful to celebrate Chuseok and she learned how to make kimbap with her father. However, when her father went to the kitchen, she took her mother’s shoes and added sesame oil in them to make them look shiny. 

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