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The food that all BTS agree to love is ramyeon and meat. It’s well known that South Korean an avid consumers of ramyeon and meat and BTS prove that they are proud Korean with their love of ramyeon and meat. Aside from meat and ramyeon, BTS’s members have the food they go crazy for, or even they avoid. Check out the list here: Let’s find out what kind of food each BTS member is fond of!

BTS’s RM Favorite Food: Samgyeopsal and Kalguksu (Korean knife noodles)

BTS’ RM‘s favorite food is samgyeopsal and kalguksu. To those who aren’t familiar with samgyeopsal, samgyeopsal is a grilled pork belly that became several types of grilled food or gui in South Korea. As for kalguksu, it is a Korean noodle dish made from handmade, knife cut flour noodles that serves in large bowls with broth and other ingredients. Kalguksu is considered a seasonal food and is often consumed in summer.

BTS’s Jin Favorite Food: Lobster, Meat, and Naengmyeon (Korean Cold Noodles)

The oldest BTS’s member, Jin also fond of meat. But aside from meat, he also likes to eat seafood, especially lobster. Jin also mentions that his favorite food is naengmyeon. Naengmyeon is also known as cold noodles as it serves in the iced broth along with various ingredients like cucumber, Korean pear, radish, boiled egg, or slices of beef. It can also eat with mustard sauce and vinegar before consumption.

BTS’s Suga Favorite Food: Meat

Suga‘s favorite food is meat, whether it’s beef or pork, he goes all in for it. Actually, Suga is the type that is not picky about his food and is open to enjoying new kinds of food. But still, the food that he likes the most is meat!

BTS’s J-Hope Favorite Food: Kimchi, traditional Korean dishes

J-Hope‘s favorite food is kimchi, the food that he has been eating his whole life. For J-Hope, kimchi is also best eaten as kimchi fried rice.

BTS’s Jimin Favorite Food: Stew, Chicken, Duck, Fruit

Korean food has many variety of stew, no wonder Jimin’s favorite food is stew. He likes kimchi jjigae, budae jjigae, sundubu jjigae, or dwaejigogi hobak jjigae. Beside stew, Jimin also likes to eat duck, and chicken, and enjoys eating fruit.

BTS’s V Favorite Food: Meat and Japchae

Once again, V‘s favorite food is just like other BTS members, which is meat. Beside meat, he also likes japchae. Japchae is a savory and sweet dish made of stir-fried glass noodles with a variety of vegetables in it. Japchae is often served as banchan or a side dish but most people also enjoy eating japchae as a full meal.

BTS’s Jungkook Favorite Food: Pork Soup Rice, Sashimi, Flour Based Food

Jungkook‘s favorite food is pork soup rice also known as dwaeji gukbab. Beside that, he also likes sashimi and other flour-based food like bread.

Foods That BTS’s Members Dislike

BTS members have some foods that they don’t like. Here are some foods that BTS members are not really fond of.

RM is known to not like seafood. Though Jin loves seafood he dislikes eating an oyster. Jin also dislikes chocolate but he is fine to eat chocolate food flavored. Suga, he doesn’t have particular disliking specific food so he can chew any kind of food. As for J-Hope, he specifically dislikes ginger. Meanwhile, V, he dislikes eating soybeans or red beans, and cucumber. He also doesn’t quite fond with coffee and alcohol. For Jimin, though he likes to eat fruit he dislikes mango and also seafood. Jungkook as maknae doesn’t have any specific food he hates so he is open to eating anything.

BTS’ Members Food Allergy: Only Jin Who Is Allergic To Certain Foods

BTS’s member doesn’t have food allergy except for Jin, he is allergic to garlic and potato. Jin has revealed that he got an allergy results and the doctor tells him to cut some garlic after he’s feeling itchy all over his body, the same reason makes him quit his hobby of cooking because many food seasons include garlic in it. Another food that Jin allergic to is potato so he’s also trying to avoid eating it. Food is one common thing we can relate to each other and BTS’s love for food is immersed. Among all food BTS likes, is there any food that also became your favorite?. So, let’s enjoy our favorite food while reading the BTS article in Channel Korea. And if you like this article, share it on Twitter so more people get to know BTS’s favorite food!.

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