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Don’t worry, in this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with information regarding the American remake of Train to Busan along with its release date and title. So, keep reading this article!

Train to Busan Remake Hollywood Version

In early 2021, there was a piece of news that electrified the world. It was reported that Train to Busan would be remade into an American (Hollywood) version. This news emerged on February 22nd, 2021, on one of the online media. Even though they had already released the official information about the remake of the movie, until now there’s no clue about the actors.

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Train to Busan Remake Release Date

This movie is currently still in the process of production. After making people curious about the story and even the title of this remake, in November 2021, information about the title emerged, and the movie’s title has been set to Last Train to New York.  This movie will tell the story of Americans taking over when the zombie virus spreads among the public. After introducing the title of the movie, still, no news regarding the release date has been issued. It is certain, however, that this movie is still in production and filming, and also the actors are still being kept a secret.

Train to Busan Remake Reaping Pros and Cons

After hearing about the remake of Train to Busan, it turns out that there are many people who disagree and are against the plan. This remake has already encountered many problems before the production or filming process. Efforts to make Train to Busan into a Hollywood version have sparked disagreement on social media, especially on Twitter. They were mostly thoughts that the remake version wouldn’t be as good as the original, Train to Busan. Also, they were worried that the remake version would break the story and image of the original movie. Many scathing criticizing words have been written by netizens, for example: “Who dares to propose this? Train to Busan has been created and good.” “Train to Busan doesn’t need a remake. Watch the original and use the subtitle, it’s very fantastic. Problem solved.” “Train to Busan is the best zombie-themed movie and has moral messages for the public, it’s good to be remade, just let it go.”

Director of the Remake of Train to Busan

Based on the news spread, the director of this remake project movie is Timo Tjahjanto, an Indonesian director. He is known for his horror movies such as May the Devil Take You, and also has a rich filmography including The Night Comes for Us (2018), V/H/S/2 (2013), and more. In 2021, he directed the Last Train to New York. He also responds to the protests by saying no one can beat Train to Busan, the horror movie that made me cry (unheard of since Amenabar’s The Others). Timo also said: “Therefore, James, Gary, and I made an absolute oath never to disrespect and disappoint all the fans.” So, since he had already given his statement, let’s pray for the project. Well, that’s all the information about the Train to Busan remake movie in a Hollywood version. Please, don’t forget to kindly drop a line with your thoughts about this remake movie project in the comment section below. Also, follow our Twitter @CKoreaOffical to get closer to us!

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