There are various ways to learn the Korean language; we can do it by watching K-dramas and memorizing some words from them, or through music like K-pop, for example, but there are easier ways to learn the language, like using Korean children’s songs. The words from the lyrics are easier to understand and absorb than through other methods. Are you guys curious about which Korean kids songs will be on the list? Well then, without any further ado, let’s get into our topic!

The Three Bears

‘곰 세마리,’ known as ‘The Three Bears,’ is the most common Korean kids song that’s been sang by children. Not just that, many variety shows have used this song for some of their game segments. Even the popular K-drama Full House used this song on one of their episodes. The song itself is telling a story about a family of bears, each with their own unique look and personality. They also live together in one home, where the Papa Bear is big, Mama Bear is Slim, and the baby bear is cute and adorable. Here is the full song of ‘The Three Bears’:

Full House Version:

Surprise! One of the BTS members, V, also once sang ‘The Three Little Bears’ in one of their ‘Run’ episodes on VLive. Here is the video for you:

In this song, you will learn all the essentials of Korean sentence structure, that includes word order, roots, and key vocabulary. It’s a fun way, too, for learning a counting system, also basic Korean words and expressions to describe family or other people’s physical appearance.

Mountain Bunny

‘Mountain Bunny’ (산토끼) is another of the popular kids songs in Korea, and it corresponds to the English word ‘Hare’. A Ska Punk band called The Chinkees popularized the song in United States; they performed it on their 1999 recording ‘Peace Through Music’. A musician, Elena Moon Park, also released another version of ‘Mountain Rabbit’ on her 2012 album of East Asian children’s and folk songs, ‘Rabbit Days and Dumplings‘. This song is telling about a mountain rabbit that hops around the hills and hides in the grass to find some chestnuts. Here is the original version:

Elena Moon Park Version:

Jisoo of Blackpink once sang the ‘Mountain Rabbit’ song on one of their VLive brodcasts; at that time, Lisa also joined her. Here is the video:

This song is good for learning various Korean vocabulary. In this song, they also include some onomatopoeias to mimic the sound and actions of a bunny.

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