In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you to the family of EXO’s leader, Suho. So, keep reading, everyone!

Rumored of Being a Chaebol

Since his debut, Suho has been mentioned as an EXO member born of a well off family. Even though he is not a chaebol, his family’s economic condition is in the top class. Suho several times tried to remove the image from him, saying that he comes from an ordinary family. His father is a professor and his mother is a retired teacher and housewife. However, other EXO members have denied this. In a variety show, it was revealed that Suho’s hobby was golf. He has been playing golf since junior high and continues to pursue it until now. In South Korea, playing golf is a hobby that can only be enjoyed exclusively by the upper class. Not only that, but Kai also added that Suho had spent 800,000 won (~$705 USD) to treat all EXO members when eating together. However, this information was denied by Suho, saying that EXO members who often treat them are Chanyeol and Suho rarely spends money.

EXO’s Suho Cleared Up Rumors of Being a Chaebol

EXO‘s Suho cleared up the rumors about him being a chaebol. On July 1st, 2013, EXO’s Suho, Chanyeol, Chen, Kai, and Luhan along with Ivy were guests on Mnet’s Beatles Code 2, where they shared various stories. During the episode, the MCs asked Suho, “They say that you’re a chaebol-dol,” to which Suho answered, “That’s a misunderstanding.” But then, Kai added, “His hobby is to go golfing.” (A “chaebol” is a wealthy conglomerate and in Korea, golfing is almost exclusively enjoyed by only wealthy people.) After Kai’s comment, the MCs quickly asked, “Where do you live? What do your parents do?” Then Suho answered, “I live in Apgujeong. I live next to the senior’s Choi Si-won‘s apartment. My father is a professor and my mother is a housewife but she used to be a teacher.”

Get to Know Suho’s Family


Suho’s father is named Kim Yong-ha. He is one of the professors at a reputable university in South Korea, Sungkyunkwan University. He also actively participates in discussions about changes that govern the retirement of South Korean civil servants.


Suho’s mother is named Choi Tae-ryeon. Suho’s mother is a retired math teacher in one of the high schools in South Korea. Now, his mother is a housewife. There is not much information that can be obtained regarding Suho’s mother.


EXO’s Suho has an older brother who is 4 years older than him. Suho’s brother is Kim Dong-kyu. Not much is known about Suho’s brother, especially regarding his work and personal life. But, like any other siblings in general, Suho is very close to his brother even though sometimes Suho and his brother also get into arguments. When Suho was in middle school, Suho had a big fight with his brother that even caused Suho to ran away from home and stay at the Sauna. That was all the information about the family of EXO’s leader, Suho. Please, don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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